Invincible Saint – Chapter 51

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Chapter 051: Reunion with Meratoni’s largest healer clinic director, Botacyl?

Translator: Tseirp


The familiar nap room was clean as usual.

The layout was exactly the same as when I was using it in the past, and it filled my heart with joy thinking that they maintained the place for me.

“I should quickly go to bed. Tomorrow’s my first day after all.”

I took out my Angel’s Pillow and went to bed.

“Nevertheless, I never would have guessed that the 3 receptionists would all get married within just 2 years. And the new receptionist was fearful of me … oh well let’s sleep.”

I recalled what happened today in that short amount of time before I fell asleep after shutting my eyes.


I was no longer drinking Object X so I invited Broad-shisho, and the Grulga-san Garba-san brothers for a drink.

“We’re going to have training tomorrow morning though. We can have a drink together just before you depart for your journey.”

“That’s right. You’ll be entering the enemy’s territory tomorrow so you shouldn’t neglect your preparations.”

“Well instead of drinking, try out my new dish.”

I was still puzzled why they didn’t want to drink together with me when the new dish was brought up to my mouth, and the taste was terrible.

“Don’t tell me this is … ?”

“Yeah. I wanted to try using that as a cooking spice, but I figured that only Luciel who could drink that can stomach this.”

“Why did you make me eat a dish with Object X mixed in without hesitation when I had already stopped drinking it!”

“Small sacrifices are unavoidable in cooking.”

” … So is that a win?”

“It doesn’t matter idiotic disciple, hurry up and eat it! The smell is gradually getting worst.”

“Hang in there Luciel-kun.”

“Ha~. If you force me to that extent, I’ll show you that I can eat it.”

I bolted down the dish that replaced my favourite barbeque sauce with Object X.

“So, do you think others would be able to eat that?”

” … Impossible. Unexpectedly, the warmth violently amplified Object X’s smelly odour and acridity.”

“If that’s the case, try this one then.”

” … How many more are there?”

“I have 9 dishes.”

” … If Grulga-san gives me the recipe for the dishes that I like then I will try these out.”

“Hoh. If that’s the case then I’ll teach you 1 recipe for each dish you taste. I still have plenty more that I didn’t make so I’m going to enjoy this.”


“Somehow you are showing the same eyes as Shisho?”

“Grulga’s inquisitive spirit has always been strong since a long time ago. I think that since Luciel-kun would be eating his cooking, he will steadily invent more dishes as he feels glad that they won’t go to waste.”

Garba-san told me about his brother’s nature without hesitation, but he didn’t offer to stop his reckless behaviour, only watching on as it was interesting to him.


“Broad-san, Grulga-san, Garba-san, Luciel-kun, we’ll be going off now.”

I turned around and saw Bazzan-san with Nanaera-san, Skyros-san with Melneru-san, and Basra-san with Mirina-san, with their arms entwined with one another.

“Eh? You guys were in such relationships?”

“Yeah. This is also thanks to Luciel.”

“Even I enjoy spending my time in this town.”

“Because Luciel’s speech stirred up the town.”

“I thought you were scary when I first met you but I found out that you are a nice person after talking to you.”

“I wasn’t in the mood for it but after giving it some thought I fell in love.”

“I fell in love with his honesty.”

“There you have it. Even though Luciel you told us not to attach -sama to your name, we still feel indebted to you.”

“I see. But as A-ranks, please don’t attach -sama to my name. I’ll be troubled because people will start imagining weird things about me.”

“Hahaha. You can’t catch a break huh.”

“Well, we, Whirlwind-sama, Immovable-sama and Hermit-sama will take care of this town and guild.”


I saw them off while thinking, would the rabbit be fine in a relationship with a wolf?

“Time passes equally among everybody. I don’t know if I surprised everyone but everyone definitely gave me plenty of surprises.”

“That’s right. But there are some who don’t change as well. For example, Botacyl.”

“I don’t think that your life is being targeted, but be careful of those slaves.”

“The slaves?”

“Yeah. From Garba-san’s report, it seems like the slave leader that has been treated unreasonably is flying the flag for rebellion and orchestrating the revolt. And also it looks like there has been a purchase of medication meant for lowering blood pressure.”

“For Botacyl? So they purchased it from a herbalist after he couldn’t get cured by a healer? I wonder what kind of illness is it?”

“Ah~ He ordered his slaves to purchase it for him but most of the time these people will get betrayed by the slaves they trust. I heard that he collapsed once when he knew that Luciel-kun would be coming here. It looks like they begin buying the medication after that.”

High blood pressure? Or did he faint from anxiety? Or maybe it was anemia?


“But I’m just coming over? Moreover it was the Pope who chose my study destination? Although I didn’t really object against coming here.”

“I’ve known that guy since a long time ago, he was an excellent healer but one day he became extremely obsessed with gold. For better or for worse, it is a fact that he built the healer clinic up until that size.”

“Ohh~ as I thought he was originally an excellent healer.”

“Yeah. We’ve even received his treatment before. But well that’s when we were still adventuring.”

” … I’m interested to hear more about that though?”

“Hah I don’t have a story worthy of Deviant Saint-sama’s time. If you don’t hurry up and go to bed you won’t be able to survive tomorrow’s training.”

“?! … You’re planning to push me so hard from morning?”

“Yeah, didn’t you want to surpass me? If so then as Shisho shouldn’t I teach everything I know to my disciple?”

Up till this day I still regret those words said from my mouth by my ego that brought about this disaster.

There’s no use crying over spilled milk. The welcome party ended with the final conversation between me and the three leading figures of the Adventurer’s Guild.


When I passed by the reception counter on my way to my underground room, I called out to the receptionist but she was shivering in fear and only replied with a bow. I have no idea why the receptionist is so afraid of me.

I finally fell asleep after thinking about all that.


“Fuwaa~. What a nostalgic ceiling.”

I was stretching and doing some magical power manipulation after waking up, when the door slowly opened.

” … What are you doing?”

“Che you’re awake. Looks like you have not been slacking off in your training. Oh well. First, run around the training ground at full speed and then come at me at full throttle, you can use your body strengthening technique as well.”



I was serious about running faster. In my previous life, I wondered how the runners I saw on television spurred themselves on. Why was it that my heart was shaken when I saw them? Although I seriously thought about it, I didn’t understand at that time.


Although I don’t exactly have a clear answer for it now, I believe … that it’s surely because after struggling hard to surpass your own limits, there is something to look forward to.

Even though it’s my own inescapable memories, the fact that the figure of somebody seriously striving for something for a long time appeal to me, meant that I should have something similar to that desire within me.


“I’ll give it my all. I myself determine the limit of how much I swing my arms and how high I lift my legs. There are many cases of ordinary people winning against geniuses. I’ll show my resolution.”


I was determined to grow stronger as I endured Broad-shisho’s gruelling training. And when Grulga-san brought out breakfast, I surpassed my own limits and tried my best to eat more. The taste was of course supremely delicious.


After checking up on Fornoir in the Adventurer’s Guild stables, I arrived at Botacyl’s healer clinic. The 3 floor building was large compared to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Are healer clinics meant to be so large? Maybe there are inpatients?”

“Healer clinics of this size are mostly unheard of. According to the reports, the 3rd floor is entirely the personal living space for the clinic’s director, the 2nd floor is the living space for the slaves and healers, while the first floor is where you go to seek medical attention as well as the room where the mercenary escorts are deployed.”

“Is that common for all healer clinics?”

“I can’t say that it is like that in general, but even if they don’t have mercenaries, many hire individuals that act similar to a bouncer.”

” … So it is commonplace.”

“Although there aren’t any who don’t pay at all after treatment, in the past there were many cases of people who paid less and it wouldn’t be recorded as a crime in their cards. Nowadays that function has been improved but the impact from that time still last till this day.”

So there was a time when there were so many ruffians? Eh? So the healer clinics retaliated because of that? If I don’t take this into consideration for the guidelines and legislation, it will most likely lead to strong opposition.

“In any case, let’s go.”

I opened the door to the healer clinic.


“Hang in there, Master Botacyl.”

“Oi healers do something. He has not finished his payment.”

“Bring the medication over!”


I entered and the inside was exactly like a battlefield. Master Botacyl? In reaction to that cry, I looked over and saw the blue faced unconscious Botacyl carried on something like a stretcher, transported across the 1st floor.

As expected I would be troubled if he dies so I walked towards the medical care area Botacyl was carried to.


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