Invincible Saint – Chapter 27

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Chapter 027: Full of cheat equipments (In Luciel’s eyes.)

Translator: Tseirp

The next day after the mini uproar in the Adventurer’s Guild, under tremendous cheers from the large scale expedition ceremony, the Valkyrie Paladin Corps began their journey.

I was surprised by the enthusiasm shown on the faces of everyone from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, but within the cheers I heard things like “Looks like it is Zombie-sama”, “Looks like it is Masochist-sama”, and “Looks like it is Deviant Saint-sama”. Everyone stared at me from horseback with bold smiles as they left on the journey from the Holy City Schull.


“Even though I went to such lengths to tell them to stop using those nicknames. Oh well there’s nothing I can do.”

After sending them out of the Holy City, I went to the labyrinth after multiple meals.


Katria-san was already at the counter reading a book.

“Ah, Luciel-kun, good morning. You are late today.”

“Yeah. I went to send everyone from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps off as I had been in their care lately.”

“Ah~. So you’ll be going into the labyrinth from today? Will you be returning at around the same time as usual?”

“No, I intend to dive in for a little longer. Because it seems like I am not that well regarded by the people around here.”

“I can’t allow you to do something so dangerous.”

“Even though you say that but I only return to go back to my room to sleep anyway, my meals are also packed within this magic bag so you don’t need to worry?”

“That is not the problem.”

“I’ll be fine. In the boss rooms once I defeated all the monsters as long as I don’t open the door monsters can’t come in.”

“You will die if you get complacent.”

“Yeah. I have somehow earned some resentment due to me getting on friendly terms with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps so I wanted to disappear into the Labyrinth.”

“Ha~. If that’s the case then please return here once every week. The items you blackmailed from the Pope would have arrived here by that time as well.”


“Don’t die okay.”

“Yeah. My motto is to not die and survive. I’m off then.”

“Take care and be careful.”

“Yes. I’m off.”


Like that I stepped into the labyrinth.

After chanting 「Aura Coat」, I ran through the first floor and destroyed the monsters.

After defeating them, I collected the magic stones into my magic bag by stepping on them and descended down the stairs.

I looked at the map and memorized the paths before steadily advancing and defeating monsters. By the time I reached the 10th floor boss room my stomach clock rang.


“Somehow I feel like I have amazing stamina.”

I purified the boss room and spread out the bento. After finishing my meal, I drank that stored inside my magic bag, rested for a while and then advanced in a similar method until the 20th floor.”

“Sei, Teiaaaaaa, Eh!? Shit!” 【By the hand of holy healing, return the unclean existence to its original path. Purification】

Using a shortened chant, the MP consumption was larger than usual but I successfully defeated the Specter Knight.


“Fu~. My stomach feels empty so it should be around dinner time. Somehow, to have warm meals within the labyrinth keeps the heart at ease.”

I made a well balanced meal (or intended to) from the food bought from various places.

Following that, I drank Object X and fought with Specter Knight-sensei multiple times, purified the boss room with purification magic, applied Aura Coat and slept with a barrel of Object X placed nearby. (TL: Lol he is using the barrel of Object X like it is insect repellent)


“That’s a ceiling that I don’t recognize. Wait it’s the labyrinth. I don’t know how but I slept like a dead log in such a place, not to mention on such a hard floor.”

While murmuring that, I confirmed that the surroundings did not have any monsters and hence didn’t feel bad.


“Maybe because I applied purification magic to the place. Okay. After eating my breakfast and doing some combat I’ll go investigate the 21st floor.”

In that manner I ate my meal and only fought with Specter Knight-sensei once before starting my exploration.


“Even though it’s already frightening enough with the ghouls, to think that there are even mummies.”

I could still defeat them with just one strike from purification magic. As I lamented the lack of combat potential, I desperately investigated the floor that had expanded in size on an empty stomach before finally finishing my map on a slightly raised area.

“It’s about time I return.”

I returned using the shortest distance, right before the stairs I took out Object X and verified its effectiveness on the monsters chasing after me.

” … Truly just what is Object X.”

The undead monsters maintained a certain distance and totally did not approach me.


After returning the ultra-versatile cheat item Object X into my magic bag, I ignored the approaching monsters as I returned to the boss room, fought with Specter Knight-sensei and had dinner, before I practiced magic and trained with Specter Knight-sensei.

Apart from getting hit in the vitals or getting amputated, I had confidence that I could heal over the illusion.

“Even though it is an illusion, if my limb gets severed it seems like there would be after effects.”

But this is a little strange for an illusion? No, because it is configured exactly like a game that’s why there’s no mistaking it, it’s an illusion.

With that, deep in thought, the 2nd day of exploration ended.


The next day I reached the 22th floor. And the day after that the 23rd floor. Even though I was terrified of my opponents, the exploration somehow proceeded steadily and so 1 week in this world passed thus I returned for the first time.


Upon exiting the labyrinth, Katria-san was already waiting for me at the shop.

“I’m back. Please purchase my magic stones.”

“Thank god you are alright. Also, it’s great that you returned after 5 days. New weapons, armour and also many valuable magic tools of yours were entrusted to me.”

“It was 5 days? Maybe my stomach clock went a bit haywire. Well it’s fine since the timing was just right.”


After that, my magic stones were converted into P and she gave an explanation for the equipments I’ve received.

Mithril Sword: A common looking sword that is easy to channel magic into and if Holy attribute magic is channelled into it, it will display tremendous power against the undead.

Mithril Spear: Easy to channel magic into and if Holy attribute magic is channelled into it, it will display tremendous power against the undead.

Antiheretical Shield: A shield with Light sealed within, hated by those with Undead (Immortality) attribute. Possess high resistance against Darkness attribute.

Paladin’s Armour: An armour blessed with divine protection given to all paladins when they are appointed. A cheat armour that possess high resistance against Darkness attribute, blocks off miasma, reduces gravitational pull (TL: literally reduces/alleviates gravity not item weight), regulates temperature and has self-maintenance function.

Sage’s Gauntlets: Required MP reduced to 2/3 of original costs, magic power increased to 1.2 times.

Boots of the Earth: Different from what’s expected from its name, it is light and if magic is channelled into it, it will become even tougher than steel. It is a first-class items to the extent that if Fighters see it they will be green with envy.

Angel’s Pillow: It is told that if you sleep on this pillow you will experience sound sleep and your fatigue will be gone by the next day. Also, it pulses with Light which monsters hate.


” … Apart from the weapons the others all have outrageous capabilities. Nevertheless, why were so many items assembled?”

“Because of the expectations on you. Well truthfully there are no healers that can equip these equipments. Looks like they were stored for the event when somebody like Luciel-kun who can capture the labyrinth appears.”

“Even so, can’t items like the Antiheretical Shield and Sage’s Gauntlets also be given to paladins and priest knights?”

“That is because there are conditions to equipping them.”


“Yes. Don’t fret the minor details and try putting them on.”


Thus I acquired cheat equipments.


“Ara, it looks good on you. Besides, I’m glad that it looks like you can equip them.”

“Truthfully, what are the conditions?”

“Erm. Apparently, to have defeated more than 1000 undead monsters, to have either Light or Holy attribute, and to have reached a certain amount of skill level.”

“Heh~ I see (What a convenient opportunity thrown my way)”

“Then what do you intend to do after this?”

“I’ll enter again. Before that I wish to purchase some daggers for throwing purposes.”

“Mou. Don’t push yourself.”

“Yes. Of course. In addition purifying the main room mysteriously makes the place settle down.”

“That’s not a great discovery. In the past many people’s physical conditions broke down because of the smell so be careful.”

“Yes. If I start feeling bad I’ll return.”

“Well then please return within a week.”

“Understood. Also regarding the equipment, if you by any chance meet with the Pope could you please convey my thanks?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Well then I’m off.”

“Yes. Take care.”


Thus dressed in cheat equipment, I ran towards the 10th floor boss room while defeating monsters and stayed over at the 10th floor boss room inn. The next day I once again ran towards the 20th floor.

The fact that within the items received the one I was the most happy about was the Angel’s Pillow was my personal secret.


(TL: In my opinion, and foreshadowed by the chapter title, I think what Luciel got were unwanted equipment or reject equipment that were sugar-coated by Katria hahaha … how they compare to other equipment we’ll have to wait and see.)


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