Invincible Saint – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Past grievances

Translator: Tseirp


We were maintaining a smooth and constant flight speed towards Ebiza.

I had already informed Lionel and the others that we would be staying the night at Ebiza.


I thought that they would be slightly angry since they had resolved themselves that much but they weren’t angry at all.

I was thankful for that.

“If we reached the Empire in this condition, we might be too hasty and end up committing a blunder.”

Lionel smiled as he replied and I could see that the sharp air he had in the morning had calmed down.

Ryina and Nanya exhaled breathes of relief and they talked with Dolan, Paula, and Rician about magic tools until we reached Ebiza.


“Estia, how is Ebiza like?”

“Ebiza? Let me see … when I was there, it was a land with plenty of ruffians.”

“Ruffians … it doesn’t sound like a town I would like to visit.”

“That’s true. But it is also a town with an implicit rule to cooperate and protect the town so as to not let soldiers who flow from the Empire and Kingdom do as they please.”

“It sounds like it is a town that no longer benefits from the protection of the Saint Schull Allied Nations. Your explanation gives me the impression that they are more familiar with fighting against fellow humans instead of monsters.”

“That impression is correct. The mercenaries and Adventurers dive into the labyrinth to level up and also learn to fight against other humans.”

“Did Estia train to fight against humans too?”

“No, I was active as a Healer for a time so … my combat techniques were trained by the Empire.”

“I see … returning to the previous topic, do you know if the labyrinth connects to the Empire?”

“Yes. It’s said that they are connected. I also escaped from the Empire through the labyrinth …”

“I see.”

I don’t know what kind of words should I say at times like this.

But in order to not let Estia who had a lonely smile on her face feel any more depressed, I asked her about the cuisine there and about the people who took care of her in Ebiza as I continued steering this ship.


When I stopped the Flying Ship a distance away from Ebiza, I realized that the mercenaries and Adventurers were closing the entrance to Ebiza.

“They seem to be on guard.”

“Everyone contributes to defending this town after all.”

“You mentioned it just now. Nevertheless, we have to resupply there today.”

After the Flying Ship came to a complete stop, I descended along with everyone and Lionel stored the Flying Ship in his magic bag.


“I don’t wish to fight but please incapacitate them if they attack. Please try your best to not kill anybody if possible.”

“Luciel-sama, can I attempt to persuade them?”

It’s rare that Estia would volunteer for something on her own.

Maybe the feelings she has for the town is quite considerable.

Perhaps it is similar to how I feel towards Meratoni.


“Are you confident in dissolving their wariness?”


I left it to Estia since she nodded without hesitation.

“Then I’ll leave it to Estia but I can’t let you go alone. Can someone accompany her?”

“Then I’ll go.”

“I’ll go too.”

Nadia and Lydia voiced their intent so I left it to them.

“Then, please go ahead. We’ll accompany you all until a distance where we can rush over immediately if needed.”

“Thank you.”

Estia thanked me and led the way towards the town of Ebiza.


We stopped about 50 meters from the town while Estia and the two of them proceeded forward.

I muttered while staring at their backs.

“It somewhat feels like I’m sending them out to danger, I hate this.”

“It would feel much better to go ourselves. I also hate this feeling.”

Lionel answered my murmurings as he kept his eye on Estia and the others.

“Don’t tell me you were always at the front lines because you don’t like this?”

“It’s one of the reasons.”

That’s … just like Lionel.

“By the way, apparently the labyrinth connects to the Empire but did you know about it?”

“Yes, I’ve heard of it. I’ve never been there but it’s recognized as a place to level up if you wish to become a Knight.”

“Does the Empire have any other labyrinths?”

“No, the Empire is originally a small country so I don’t recall any other labyrinths.”

That means the labyrinth Estia spoke of is the one where there is a dragon sealed within.

Well, there’s no rush but I will probably have to come here to release it someday.

While I was lost in thought, I heard cheering.

When I looked in the direction of the cheers, I saw stern looking Adventurers with unbecoming smiles on their faces in a welcoming mood as they surrounded Estia and the others.

” … Looks like it went well.”

“Seems that way.”

I felt relieved knowing that my worries were unfounded.


When we approached after getting Estia’s cue, the faces looking at us gradually turned grim so I had a feeling that I’ll be embroiled in something troublesome.


“Luciel-sama, everyone is extremely happy for your visit.”

Estia happily said to me when we approached them but I couldn’t see the joy she was speaking of.

“I can’t see that but … it’s better than getting attacked.”


Hearing my words, Estia turned towards Ebiza and I guess she understood what I meant.

She had a puzzled expression.


“Good day everyone. I am Luciel. I will not cause any inconvenience so if possible, could you allow us to enter the town?”

A man walked out from the gathering.

That man had a pointed hat on his head, wore a robe and held a cane so he was the embodiment of a magic user.

However, there was a jet black glove on his right hand so it was different from the typical image.


“I am pleased to be able to meet your esteemed self. I am Bazak, the person in charge of managing Ebiza.”

“Bazak!? That abyss mage Bazak?”

Lionel raised his voice.

Does abyss mage mean he has profound knowledge in magic? Leaving that aside, it didn’t look like he has a good relationship with Lionel.

I can only predict that it will be a troublesome issue after all.


“So you remember me. General Sen’oni Lionel from the Elimasia Empire.”

The moment that man called Bazak said that to Lionel, the surrounding mercenaries and Adventurers drew their weapons all at once.


It would definitely turn into a battle if left alone so I immediately stepped in between them.

“Currently, he is my follower and my companion. You all may have past grievances but please let me speak first.”

“We welcome your esteemed self, S-rank Healer, but it is different if you bring along the general of the Empire.”

“First let me correct you. I have already retired from the position of S-rank healer and have become the new Sage. Furthermore, Lionel became a slave two years ago at Ienith and I purchased him so he is no longer the general of the Empire.”

“Slave? Fuhaha. That’s impossible. General Sen’oni is currently making military preparations in the Empire …”

The mage named Bazak stopped mid-sentence and swapped his cane to his right hand and used his left hand to stroke and pinch his goatee.


The place was dominated by silence.

It was a situation whereby speaking then would give others the impression that I am an inadequate person who can’t withstand the silence and lose the confidence of the other person so I kept silent.


The silence continued for a long time and just as the surrounding mercenaries and Adventurers were starting to get numb, Mr Bazak finally looked at Lionel and me and quietly opened his mouth.

“When the Empire’s General Sen’oni no longer appeared on the battlefield, I thought that General Sen’oni had finally fallen but so there was such a thing happening huh.”

“Like Bazak-san just said. You might have a fight to pick with Lionel but could you let us stay in Ebiza?”

“Yeah. Of course. But, I want to clarify a few more things.”

“Regarding Lionel?”

“General Sen’oni and I certainly have things to settle. But, it’s not regarding that.”


“I heard that Luciel-sama became unable to use magic …”

I didn’t really like the look he was giving me but for some reason, it didn’t give me an unpleasant feeling.


“That is just a rumor. Rather, I can treat it if any of you have any injuries.”

“Luciel-sama, regarding this Bazak, I cut off his right arm when I was young.”

If his grudge against Lionel is because he cut off his arm then although it might not completely resolve it, treating him might reduce the hatred he holds towards him.

I decided to heal Mr Bazak’s arm.


“Then I’ll treat that, if you are wearing an artificial arm, please take it off.”

“What, what are you saying …”

Not only Mr Bazak but even the surrounding people were making a commotion.

“I don’t really feel that comfortable being surrounded by these many mercenaries and Adventurers so I want to quickly treat you.”


Mr Bazak couldn’t hide his confusing as Lionel and I continued our conversation indifferently.

But he still took off his artificial arm despite his confusion and I immediately activated Extra Heal on him.

When I did that, light covered Mr Bazak’s body and the light quickly stopped.

“What was that light …… !?”

Maybe he couldn’t feel the healing magic as he asked about what happened before he sensed something different.


“I believe you understand now that I can use healing magic?”

Mr Bazak could only nod without a word but the surrounding mercenaries and Adventurers were gradually making more noise after knowing the effects of healing magic.

“Hey, he’s the real deal.”

“So this is the true ability of an S-rank healer?”

“Just like the Sage of old.”

“That’s right, he called himself a Sage just now.”

“If that’s the case, we can still fight.”

“Quickly gather the people who need healing.”

A couple of men started running into town.


Before realizing it, the gazes they used to watch us since just now changed to the ones they had when they were welcoming Estia and the others.


“Sage Luciel-sama, Ebiza welcomes your esteemed self and your retainers.”

Maybe Mr Bazak came back to his senses when he saw their movements as he took a deep bow and warmly welcomed us.


Even though we could finally enter the town, my premonition that I would be caught up in something didn’t fade at all and I was beginning to regret stopping by this town.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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