Invincible Saint – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Mastermind of the threat

Translator: Tseirp


Among our 5 magic bags, 3 of them had reached their storage limit. They were all completely packed with the corpses of the ant monsters.

Taking that into consideration, you could imagine the unimaginable number we had annihilated.


All the monsters were defeated with a single strike thanks to our equipment and my outstanding retinue.

In the first place, why were we stuck in this position?

My anger welled up against King Rockwell beside me who looked like he was about to die with his pale complexion.


“Have the dwarves deal with the remaining monsters.”

I told King Rockwell.

” … I know. I’ll give the orders when we return.”

As expected, he was reflecting on his actions as visible from his expression and his words.

Aside from that, I could also tell that he could not agree to the fact that he was the only one among us that looked like he was about to collapse.

Though due to him being the only person who does not have 「Aura Coat」 applied on him, he could no longer remain standing due to miasma intoxication.

Then, Lionel and Cathy raised the issue with the Dwarf Kingdom.


“If the problem with the Dwarf Kingdom is not properly dealt with, the root of evil will remain.”

“Eventually, if those 2 people continue on to lead the Dwarf Kingdom, I feel like there would not be a future for the Dwarf Kingdom nya.”

I nodded to that and told King Rockwell.

“As you have it, in the future, I would like it if you stop entangling us in these kind of situations?”

King Rockwell bit his lips and kept silent.


Reluctantly, I spoke to Estia.

“Estia, you’re considerably strong.”

“This is all due to the strength borrowed from the Spirits.”

“I see …”

For some reason, when I look at Estia, I get a sense of repulsion?

I have no idea if it is because I don’t trust her or if it is because of something else. (TL: It’s because she’s a fujoshi xD)


As expected, I don’t intend to continue staying down here so I looked toward the hole in the ceiling for our way back just to realise that the height was roughly about 10 meters.

” … It sure isn’t a distance we can cover by leaping.”

Just as I thought of casting 「Dispel」 on King Rockwell, Lionel spoke to me.

“Luciel-sama, I remember that you have a rope with you?”

“Yeah. You need it?”

I took out the rope and passed it to Cathy instead of Lionel.

Because Cathy had her hand out.

“Cathy, remember to check your surroundings.” (Lionel)

“Yes nya. Lionel-sama.”

The next instant, Cathy rode on the flat side of Lionel’s greatsword that was not clad in flames and Lionel swung her upward.

Cathy kicked off the flat side of the greatsword and crossed the distance to the hole in the ceiling.

“I’ll go too.”

Lionel nodded when Kefin said so and with similar actions, Kefin also disappeared from the cave. At the same time, the rope descended down.

“Ah, that was fast. King Rockwell, can you move?” (Luciel)

“Are you sure you want me to go first?” (Rockwell)

“Yeah. You are aware that your head and your torso would separate if you try to do something like confining us down here right?” (Luciel)

“Hmph, I’ve heard that you are naive but you aren’t that naive.” (Rockwell)

“It’s because those around me are excellent.” (Luciel)

With my smile, he turned his face away and climbed up.

“After he reaches the top, we’ll go with the order of Estia, Lionel and then me.” (Luciel)

“I cannot accept the decision to allow Luciel-sama to be the last person.” (Lionel)

“There’s a reasoning behind it. In the event that I’m confined down here or the monsters appear, Lionel and the others will come to my rescue right?” (Luciel)

When I jokingly said that, Lionel reluctantly acknowledged.

After Estia and Lionel had gone up, the rope was raised with amazing momentum when I placed my hand on the rope.


I firmly grasped onto the rope but I was thrown out into the air at the same time as I felt the pain in my shoulder from that extraordinary pull.


And then the spectacle I saw below was that of the subordinate dwarves that were King Rockwell’s entourage, the former slaves who refused my invitation as well as the figures of the injured Cathy and others and King Rockwell who pulled the rope up.

When I landed, I performed a magic circle chant for 「High Heal」 to cover all the members and restore them in the blink of the eye, causing the dwarves and former slaves to show astonished expressions.

” … What’s the situation?” (Luciel)

“At the same time King Rockwell climbed up, these people came and released magic nya.” (Cathy)

” … King Rockwell?” (Luciel)

“Really sorry. I will deal with this. Sorry but I’d like to trouble you with the slaves.” (Rockwell)


King Rockwell’s son Guraios began speaking.

“Father. You’ve become decrepit. I know of the single man that destroyed Rockford a couple of centuries ago. But, 300 long years after that, that monster has never appeared again.

We will kill father and those humans and show everyone that we can govern the human race from underground.”

” … Guraios, even you will bare your fangs toward me?”

King Rockwell’s words that he squeezed out caused Guraios’s shoulder to tremble … and he began to laugh.


“Fufu. I was the one who gradually warped Aresurei. It was as if father did not notice at all.” (Guraios)

“You bastard, from when! Since when did you begin to have such thoughts.” King Rockwell drew closer to Guraios even during his rage.

“It has already been a couple of years. I’ve just been planning to incite the ants a little more to dig out the underground~”(Guraios)

“Don’t tell me, you …” (Rockwell)

“Yeah. That ant was something I was nurturing. Well, the number became slightly too many and it became troublesome though.” (Guraios)


“Wait a minute. Why are you trying to destroy your own country?”

I could not resist from asking.

“What will come from telling you people who are going to die now? Hey, kill them. I still have something I need father to do for me so don’t kill him.”

When Guraios said so, the dwarves charged and the slaves began weaving their chants.


“Cathy, Kefin, Estia, I leave you all to deal with the slaves. Lionel will be on standby.”

The next instant, Cathy and the other 2 disappeared to nullify the slaves.

I had a single doubt.

The slaves are a separate matter but why do the dwarves not have anxious expressions even though they know of Lionel and the other’s ability?

I was only curious about that one thing.


Even though the slaves screamed out in pain with the tendons of their feet and arms pierced, they did not stop chanting.

“I wonder what kind of order has been given to them.”

I muttered at the same time as I immediately applied 「Dispel」 on the slaves with magic circle chant. At that point, the attack from the dwarves was incoming.

“Knock them out! I leave it to you, Lionel.”

“Understood.” Similar to when he was in the audience with the king, he blew the dwarves away.


“Guraios, what have you done to them!” (Rockwell)

“Hmph, since they weren’t useful, I made it such that they would be useful.”

Even after using 「Recover」 and 「Dispel」, the dwarves could not recover from the miasma.


“Kukuku. It’s meaningless no matter what you do. Kill them along with father! Aim for that robed man.”

When Guraios asserted so, the dwarves came toward me as if possessed. However, I noticed that the dwarves were somewhat daunted to advance when Lionel swung his flaming greatsword around. When I chanted 「Purification」 from the purification magic just to be certain, they all collapsed one after another.


“Wha, what have you done?” Guraios asked me.

“That’s my line. What are you thinking to make your companions into undead.”

I bluntly asked Guraios who converted the dwarves of his own race into undead.


“Undead?!” King Rockwell could not hide his surprise.

“Father, what are you so surprised about? These guys are my servants so it’s not a problem no matter what I do to them.”

“Unforgivable, Luciel-dono and members, I request of you all to deal with these people.”

King Rockwell wielded his fist while looking pale but the next instant, the earth swelled up and pierced through Guraios’s stomach.


” … You idiot!” (Rockwell) (TL: King Rockwell was feinting)

“Eh? Was father always this weak?”

Guraios grinned as he touched the earth blade that pierced his chest and the earth blade crumbled without a trace.

“?! Wha, what?”

“Father, you’re too naive. Is that your full strength … wha!?”

The next moment, Guraios was wrapped in light.

“I will not forgive those concerning the undead and neither will I question anything.” (Luciel)

After I thoroughly dealt with the slaves with 「Dispel」 and 「Purification」, I performed 「Sanctuary Circle」 with 「No Chant」.

Then, after the light that wrapped around Guraios stopped, Guraios collapsed on the spot.

After looking at the slaves and confirming that they were still alive, I continued to release them apart from the infiltrators from the Empire.


“Why, why did you not come consult me?”

King Rockwell approached Guraios and touched his body.

” … Don’t touch me! Why? Because I resent father. And I will continue to do so even after this, forever.”

Guraios announced as his body crumbled like sand.

“To think that a person who can stop me after I swallowed a magic stone to become a demon exists … so unlucky.” (Guraios)


Immediately after Guraios disappeared, leaving behind a magic stone, the couple of slaves who infiltrated from the Empire went into convulsions and died.


“Guraios, Guraios — !”

King Rockwell continued to call out Guraios’s name while in tears.

Thus, while leaving behind an ill feeling in my heart, we had removed the threat toward the Dwarf Kingdom and Rockford.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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