Interview Attempt

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Hi guys, same as yesterday, this is just a short announcement post by the Author that was kind of interesting so I translated it.

Anyway, volume 1 is out on Amazon Japan and the link can be found here or in the Invincible Saint ToC page 🙂 Do support the author if you are able to as well😀 Thank you and enjoy! (Read til the end for the official sketch of Broad and a rough sketch of Lumina)

Interview attempt

Translator: Tseirp

At the training ground below the Adventurer’s Guild, Broad called out to his disciple Luciel.

“Luciel, it appears that today is the release date for the first volume of Invincible Saint.”

“Eh is that so? But I heard that the author was planning to come over to conduct an interview?”

He tilted his head in confusion as he was originally told that the author would come by to have an interview.

“Ah~ He most likely found it hard to approach due to my intimidation. Since Luciel has been training with me all this time.”

The memory of the suspicious interviewer who came a few days back for an interview surfaced in his head.

“Instructor, why did you do that! To deprive me of my rest time …”

“Hmm? If you wish so dearly for time to rest, then try taking one of my hits.”

“Really? Well then, O Holy Dragon, protect my body. O Wind Dragon, bestow me a barrier that protects my body from all. O Lightning Dragon, bestow me the power to nullify all.  … Eh? It’s not invoking?”

The future where Luciel won against Broad … was a dream that he saw when he had fainted just now.

“Luciel, what are you doing looking half-asleep? Hurry up and continue your training, you beansprout.” (TL: No idea what ヒョロ助 means. :x)

“By the way, Instructor Broad … you’ve aged once again …”

“You sure have the guts. I’ll thoroughly drive you today.”

A blue vein popped on Broad’s forehead and he gave a ferocious smile as he grasped Luciel’s collar.

“It, it hurts, wa, wait a moment. What about the conversation about the book?”

“That will most likely be done by the trembling author there.”

“Wha!? I’ll have the interview now!”

Luciel cried out in a loud voice but the author gave in to Broad’s intimidating aura.

“Well then, here we go.”

Luciel was dragged and brought to the center of the training ground.

Author: Today’s for a special edition on Object X … Ah, it’s useless … today is the release date for the first volume of Invincible Saint~ Salaryman, the path I walk to survive in this other world~!! By the next volume, I’ll somehow …

The author resolved to put together the special report on Object X next time.


Rough Sketch of Lumina


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