DDFYM – Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Arousing his interest

“Xuan Yuan Pavilion’s Young Master? Why would he be here alone?” Sima You Yue asked as she looked at the person who was chased by the wolves.

“That guy is always running around outside all day. Even the people in the Xuan Yuan Pavilion don’t know where he is. Recently, he’s been gone for so long. Who knew that he would actually be here.” Sima You Lin said.

Jun Lin ran over to Sima You Lin while calling out “Awoo- Awoo-” and stopped in front of them. He held on to his neck and said, “Brother You Lin, I actually bumped into you here. We have such fate! You all must have taken a boat here, right. Bring me with you when you leave! I’ve already been on this godforsaken island for half a year and I’ll turn into a savage if I don’t go back soon!”


Sima You Yue looked at Jun Lin who was being so unreasonable with such enthusiasm and looked also at Sima You Lin who was having a hard time keeping a straight face, and immediately laughed out loud.

Jun Lin looked at Sima You Yue and realised that she was a Sima Clansmen he had never seen before and asked, “Eh? Brother? Are you a Sima Clansmen? I’ve never seen you!”

“I just returned to the Sima Clan.” Sima You Yue replied.

“Ah I see. No wonder I’ve never seen you! What are you doing with a black fox? Be careful or he’ll teach you the wrong things!” Jun Lan said.


Sima You Yue now knew why Sima You Lin didn’t like him. Who would like being called a black hearted fox!

“Little Brother, what’s your name? What are you all doing here?” Jun Lin came beside Sima You Yue and naturally held onto her shoulders familiarly and asked.

Sima You Yue swatted his hand down and replied, “I’m called Sima You Yue. Aren’t you the Xuan Yuan Pavilion’s Young Owner? What are you doing here alone?”

The smile on Jun Lin’s face fell immediately when he was asked this and said, “I made a bet with them and I lost. I staked that I would stay here alone for three months and in the end, my ship was ravaged by Sea Beasts. Furthermore, I didn’t have any flying Spirit Beast, So I could only stay here and wait to see if there was any way I could get out of here and say bon voyage. Three months later, I finally met some people.”

“You stayed here alone for half a year?” Sima You Yue looked at this guy with shock.

Wasn’t this place extremely dangerous? He must be super powerful if he managed to live here alone for half a year.

It was as Sima You Lin knew what she was thinking as he said, “It’s not that he’s really powerful. It’s that his ability to escape is first class.”

“Ability to escape is first class?” Sima You Yue looked at Jun Lin. Just now, she saw that he truly was very quick as he was running.

“I wonder how many powers he has harmed, but he has never been caught no matter how many chase after him.” Sima You Li said.

“Really?” Sima You Yue asked.

It was as if Jun Lin was taking this criticism and turning it into praise as he slapped his chest and said proudly, “Of course, at that time, they dispatched quite a few Spirit Paragons as well as a Spirit Saint to chase after me, but I escaped all of them!”

“So powerful!”

“Of course!” Jun Lin held Sima You Yue’s shoulders again, saying, “In the future, when you hand out with Big Brother, I will guarantee you will have this kind of speed.”

“What kind of people did you aggravate that they would even chase after the Young Master of the Xuan Yuan Pavilion!” Sima You Yue said, “If I mix with you, I’d probably have to run for my life within two days!”

Sima You Lin saw that Sima You Yue was interested in Jun Lin at the beginning and was afraid that he would be cheated by Jun Lin. However, he relaxed once he heard what he said.

Seeing that the guards had already cleaned up those Sea beasts, he said, “Let’s go back. Eldest Senior is still waiting for us!”


“Eldest Senior came as well? Ha ha, then it must be really safe! I want to come as well!” Jun Lin came along on his own initiative.

When they went back, Eldest Senior was quite surprised when he saw Jun Lin return with them. After hearing the troubles he went through, he said, “Then you can follow us first. When we go back, we’ll take you with us!”

“Many thanks to Eldest Senior.” Jun Lin was beaming as he bowed.

Sima You Yue came beside Sima You Lan and asked, “I feel as if You Lin doesn’t really like that Young Pavilion Master, do you know why?”

Sima You Lan pursed her lips as she whispered into Sima You Yue’s ear, saying, “The first time that they met, Jun Lin was drunk and thought Big Brother You Lin was a girl and took liberties with him.”


Sima You Yue was currently drinking some fruit wine and spurted everything out when she heard what You Lan said.

“You mean that You Lin has been violated by Jun Lin?” She stared at Sima You Lan with wide eyes.

“That’s right!” Sima You Lan nodded as she said while smiling happily, “You have no idea but at that time, Big Brother You Lin’s face was extremely black and beat him up. From then on, he always has on a bad expression whenever he sees him.”

Sima You Yue touched her chin and she could picture what had gone down.

That male who always appeared so elegant and noble was actually violated by someone who thought that he was female. It was such a pity that she didn’t see it first hand.

“Oh right, do you know what kind of influence the Xuan Yuan Pavilion has?” Sima You Yue asked, “It looks like it’s more awesome than those first ranked powers!”

“Of course!” Sima You Lan did not have much guard up against Sima You Yue and told her everything that she knew, “I heard that the power backing Xuan Yuan Pavilion isn’t from the Yi Lin continent, so even the royal family is wary of offending them. For a power like our clan, we naturally know a bit as well.”

“So this is the case.” Sima You Yue nodded.

“Don’t you have the Blue Card of the Xuan Yuan Pavilion? Could it be that you don’t understand what kind of organisation it is?” Sima You Lan asked.

Sima You yue smiled and said, “At that time, I just came out of the Dong Chen Kingdom so I had no idea what kind of powers there were. How would I know what kind of organisation it was? I just took it as another chain shop. After that, I heard that even first ranked powers only held a red card. It was only then I realised they were a bit different.”

“How did you get the blue card?” Sima You Lan asked with curiosity.

“I just took some pills and got them to auction it. I also sold a pill method to them, then they gave it to me.” Sima You Yue said.

“Just like that?” Sima You Lan looked at her with disbelief. He managed to get the Xuan Yuan’s blue card just like that?

“That pill method must not be that simple!” Jun Lin head Sima You Lan’s shout of surprise and came over, saying, “Most people are not able to get our card just by selling a pill method.”

“It’s okay.” Sima You Yue didn’t say what kind of pill it was, but she felt that she wouldn’t be able to hide it from Jun Lin. He could find out just by going back and asking.

“Rest well tonight. We’ll enter the island tomorrow to look for the Moon Breath Grass.” Eldest Senior returned to his tent after he spoke.

“I’m going back to rest, goodnight.” Sima You yue stood up to leave as well.

Sima You Lin bid his goodnight as well as he returned to his own tent.

Jun Lin touched his chin as his eyes flashed.

“Able to get a blue card just by selling a pill method. I really want to know what he sold, but I will know just by going back. This guy really isn’t simple…”

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