DDFYM – Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: Approaching from the mountain

Ugly Person changed their name by the second day. The name ‘Ugly Person’ had been made into very small font size and placed up, while below it wrote ‘ Xuan Yuan Pavilion’ in flamboyant and bold writing.

When Sima You Yue heard that Bai Yun Qi was making this into a joke, she immediately thought of the Xuan Yuan Pavilion back home, and could not help wondering if there was any link between the two.

However, this had nothing to do with her, so she wouldn’t go and think about it. After that, she decided to place her focus on Little Tu instead.

She had already helped Little Tu clear his meridians twice, and Little Tu had said that he was beginning to be able to sense Spiritual Qi. However, he was still unable to allow it to enter his body.

Now that there was nothing left in West Moon Kingdom, they would be able to leave for the Central Wu Kingdom once Little Tu’s meridians were completely cleared.

Three days after the auction was over, she went to help Little Tu clear his meridians again. Little Tu took the Frost Cold Pill and thought of how it was sold for 30,000 over gold coins at the auction and he felt a great weight.

It was not only the pill. It was also the kindness that Sima You Yue had towards him.

Sima You Yue saw Little Tu tremble as he took the pill and lightly flicked his forehead, saying, “Not eating yet? What are you daydreaming about?”

Little Tu finally came back to his senses. He ate the pill and waited for it to take effect.

Just when Sima You Yue was unblocking Little Tu’s meridians, Xi Yue Xi went to the domineering army again.

“Greetings to the princess.”

Although Qin Ming and the others were extremely unhappy that she had bought the Hundred Revolutions Pill that they had won at the auction, they still greeted her.

“Uncle, I came this time to tell you something.” Xi Yue Xi came to the seat and sat down, looking at Qin Ming and saying, “I found out who killed younger uncle.”

“You’ve found out?” Qin Ming looked at Xi Yue Xi with surprise, sighing that that the power of the royal family was truly great.

Xi Yue Xi nodded her head, saying, “I sent men to check the moment Imperial Concubine received news that Young Uncle had died. This morning, when I came out from seclusion, my mother, the Imperial Concubine had sent news to me.”

“What did Imperial Concubine say?” Qin Ming asked.

“She said that it was those few men who follow the Sandgull Army who did it. Sima You Yue, Wei Zi Qi, Bei Gong Tang, Ouyang Fei and one other person they call Fatty.” Xi Yue Xi said.

“Bei Gong Tang?” Qin Wan was shocked, “Aren’t they the ones who beat me up the last time? I heard them call each other Bei Gong, Zi Qi, and the like when they were together.”

“So it was those few people.” Xi Yue Xi thought of the time that they had been toyed with by Sima You Yue, and her expression darkened, as if she was already planning to dismember them right now.

Then I will immediately bring men to seize them here for punishment!” Qin Ming stood up as he declared this, “Dare to enter Peace City after killing my younger brother? These people sure have guts. Wan’er, accompany your elder cousin.”

After he spoke, he walked out with large strides and called for a few men before heading off in the direction of the Sand gull army.

Bai Yun Chun just happened to be discussing a mission that they just received with a few team leaders, saying, “The mission this time is definitely not the norm. I plan to head there first myself. Ran Ran, I leave the things of this army into your hands when I am gone.”

“Okay. You can rest assured.” Sun Ran Ran nodded her head, saying, “However, you still have a bring a few men with you. If you’re not afraid of problem A, you should be afraid of problem B.”

“Mm. I know.” Bai Yun Chun said, “Next up, let’s plan this time’s mission in detail…”

A bodyguard entered, saying, “Captain, the captain of Domineering Army has come.”

“Qin Ming? What has he come for?” Sun Ran Ran asked.

The men from the two armies had never gotten along, so they had no idea why Qin Ming would suddenly run over.

Could it be that they knew about Qin Wu’s earlier death?

The bodyguard had yet to return when Qin Ming’s voice was heard, “What am I here for? I’m naturally here to ask your Sandgull army to give me an explanation!”

After his voice was heard, Qin Ming crossed over the doorstep and entered the business hall.

Seeing Qin Ming, Bai Yun Chun stood up with a flourish, saying coldly, “Qin Ming, what did you bring your men here to do?!”

Qin Ming stood in the centre of the business hall and flung his sleeves saying, “I’ve already said that I’m here to demand for an explanation!”

“Explain what?”

“My younger brother Qin Wu was killed by Sima You Yue and the few of them. Right now, those few people are here. Bring them out here now!”

Bai Yun Chun’s eyes narrowed. So it was truly about this incident. How did they find out about it?

“What does your younger brother having been killed have to do with my guests? If you want to take revenge on someone, then go look for the Spirit Beasts on Sofia Mountain Range.” Sun Ran Ran said very discourteously.

“Hmph. I’ve already found it out. My younger brother was killed by Sima You Yue and the few of them. Furthermore, those few men are right here. I advise you to hand those men over to me.” Qin Ming said, “The princess already knows about this incident, so don’t make me have to capture the ones who killed my younger brother. I think that you have no desire to make enemies with the royal family, right?”

Bai Yun Chun and Sun Ran Ran were greatly shocked by this piece of news. Did the royal family plan to intervene?

“Hmph. Your younger brother died because he himself courted disaster. He planned to killed my son along with Sima You Yue and the others, but he never expected that he was not their match and was eventually killed instead.” Bai Yun Chun said, “It goes without saying that You Yue and the others killed Qin Wu to save my son. Even if we just follow this point where they tried to cause harm to a citizen, we will never hand them over to you!”

Qin Ming’s eyes were malicious as he looked at Bai Yun Chun and said, “You really don’t plan to hand them over?”

“It is impossible for us to hand them over!” Bai Yun Chun declared coldly.

“Bai Yun Chun, you better not regret it!” Qin Ming retorted.

Bai Yun Chun looked at Qin Ming without a single trace of fear, “They are currently the guests of the Sandgulls. For every day that they are in Peace City, we will guarantee them a day of peace! Qin Ming, please head back!”

“Good, very good!” Qin ing laughed icily, “I hope that you will not regret the decision that you have made today!”

After speaking, he flung his sleeves as he brought his men with him as he left.

Sun Ran Ran watched as Qin Ming departed and said worriedly, “Brother Chun, the Domineering Army has always watched our army covetously. They want to get rid of us to become the number one army. Now that the royal family is stepping in, will he take the opportunity…”

She didn’t finish her sentence, but everyone in the house knew what she meant.

“No matter what, we cannot hand over Yun Qi’s friends. They saved Yun Qi’s life. We cannot return evil with kindness!” Bai Yun Chun said.

“Captain, that Qin Ming is not one to treat enemies with kindness. Should we give up this mission and focus our strength in Peace City?” Someone voiced out.

Bai Yun Chun considered this for a moment, then he shook his head and said, “This mission is very important to your army. If we give it up, we have no idea when we will have another opportunity like this. Let’s do this, I will leave men in Peace City, and I will only bring a few with me.”

Qin Ming brought a few men with him as they left Sandgull and turned onto a street. The anger on their face was gone, replaced only by mirth.

“Captain, that Bai Yun Chun must really not be thinking straight since he will not hand them over!” A person standing beside Qin Ming said.

“I knew he would not hand them over.” Qin Ming said.

“Then why would we still come here?”

“Hmph. I wanted him to not hand them over, so that we have the excuse to touch them, as well as an excuse to let the little miss send men over. Sandgull, I must definitely get rid of Bai Yun Chun this time and swallow Sandgull whole. When that time comes, the number one army in West Moon Kingdom can only be us Dominants!”

“The Captain is wise!”

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