DDFYM – Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Hundred Revolution Pill appears

After that, the person called a few more bids and Sima You Yue always followed up by adding on one or two thousand, causing the person to feel like it was an extreme waste of time.

Finally, that person grit her teeth and called out hundred thousand but Sima You Yue followed suit, frustrating that person even more.

“Fine, you win.” That person said angrily, “I’m not going to follow up.”

Everyone thought that she was just playing around, but she was the only one who knew that she was completely serious.

As for why she only increased the price by one or two thousand, she would never admit that it was because she could not bear to spend money and didn’t want to spend too much.

If that person knew about this, she would definitely be extremely depressed. Was there a person as cheap as this?

The servant girl very quickly brought the Lazurite Pearl over, and Sima You Yue had spent twelve thousand and placed it into her hands.

“It wasn’t as expensive as I thought. However, this pearl is really pretty.” She smiled as she toyed around with the pearl in her hand and said.

This price was a lot cheaper than she had initially expected. Thinking about it, it was also because the items after this were all relatively more expensive. Everyone wanted to keep their money to the end and were not willing to bid extravagantly in the beginning, allowing her to get it easily at such a bargain.

She had not yet managed to take a proper look at the Lazurite Pearl, before they started to bid for the Frost Cold Pill below.

Jun Lan took the Frost Cold Pill and said, “I believe that nobody here is a stranger to the Frost Cold Pill. It’s a fifth ranked pill, but although its ranking is not that high, it is extremely useful to us Spirit Masters. Everybody knows this, that the higher your cultivation, the easier it is for your qi to go astray. This Frost Cold Pill is the most effective pill in countering this.”

After speaking up to this point, she hesitated and looked satisfactorily at the reaction of the crowd. She continued, “Everyone knows the benefits of eating this pill. Furthermore, the level of difficulty of refining this kind of pill is obvious to all. Right from the beginning of the level of ingredients, it is not a simple feat. As a result, the starting bid for the item this time begins at 5000 gold coins. You may begin bidding.”

Although the starting bid of 5000 was quite high, there was still a lot of people calling for bids. After all, these kinds of pills were hard to come by. Being able to keep it now, they would be prepared if they ever had their qi deviated and went astray.

Finally, someone bid 30 000 gold coins and another bid 35 000 gold coins and Sima You Yue was pretty satisfied with this price.

Wei Zi Qi and the others were currently in the private room. Little Tu had already been extremely stunned by the price of the Frost Cold Pill.

“Big Brother actually let me eat such an expensive pill.” Thinking about how Sima You Yue did not even bat an eyelid when she let him eat the pill, his heart was extremely moved.

Bei Gong Tang touched little Tu’s head, saying, “You Yue is truly very good to you.”

“ I will remember Big Brother’s kindness to me.” Little Tu said seriously.

Time passed by little by little. And the things had almost been completely sold, save for a few things left after that.

At this point, there were many powers divided into many factions and some did not bother to participate. It was mostly left to the third level to contest for it.

Sima You Yue watched them battle. Although these items were precious, they were not too attractive to her. She had already won the items that she had come here for, so her objective had already been reached. The other items were inconsequential to her.





Hearing that the prices were being increased by a few tens of thousands as compared to earlier increases of just thousands, the difference was really too much.

At this time, a servant girl came up carrying a tray. She did not uncover the red cloth on top of it, but retreated to the side instead.

“Coming up is the highlight of our auction this time. The item up for auction this round is a six ranked Divine Power Pill. If you use this pill, you will be able to have double the strength for a period of time. Just think about it, if you are fighting with someone but both your ranks are around the same, if you suddenly had double the strength of your opponent, Jun Lan does not need to say anything more on what result of the battle would be. There are two Divine Power Pills in total, each pill starts at a minimum bid of 15,000.”

Sima You Yue never expected that this Divine Power Pill would only have a starting bid of 15,000. The Lazurite Pearl that she had, had a starting bid of 16,000.

By the time she came back to her senses, the first one had already been successfully bidded for at 250,000.

The second pill was sold for 300,000.

“The starting bid was 15,000, but was finally sold for at 300,000. This had an increase of twenty times. The Hundred Revolutions pill base price was set for 20,000, and it stands a chance of increasing to 400,000! Wow, wow, I’m going to strike it rich.” Sima You Yue’s heart was blooming with happiness when she realised how much she could earn.

“Yue Yue, calm down, calm down. Isn’t it just a few hundred thousands, you had so much more in the past!” Little Roar was holding onto a Spirit Fruit and happily eating it, looking at her disdainfully.

“That was the past. In any case, I don’t remember it and I only know that I’m extremely poor right now.” Sima You Yue humphed, “This won’t do. I have to think of a way to jack the price up.”

The Divine Power Pill was brought down and her Hundred Revolutions Pill was brought up next.

The Hundred Revolutions Pill was not put in the jade bottle, but was placed on the red cloth. The four bright and dazzling pills caught everyone’s attention immediately.

“This is the Hundred Revolutions Pill?”

“It even looks different from other pills!”

“Will eating this pill really be able to cleanse our marrows and tendons?”

“Of course it will. It’s said that even a waste can become a genius if you eat this.”

“Hehe, I wonder who will be able to successfully auction for this.”

“In any case it won’t be you or I. Hahaha”

“I really wonder how much this will finally sell for?”

“No matter how much it’s sold for, it will be worth it. Just think about it, one pill alone could give birth to an absolute genius. As long as it’s a family clan with power, a single genius will be more valuable that a few hundred thousand gold coins.”

“You have a point.”

“I see that quite a few powers today have come to rush for this Hundred Revolutions Pill, furthermore, there are only 4 pieces, so I think that there will be a good show.”

“Haha, let’s just wait.”


Jun Lan watched the reactions of those below and did not say anything. There were some whose eyes turned red when they saw the Hundred Revolutions Pill as they knew that they had no hope of being able to auction for the pill. They wanted to directly act to steal it, but they had yet to move before they were pressured by five oppressing auras, killing their idea right at its conception.


With a single humph. Those who lost their rationality came back to their senses. They finally remembered five experts were guarding this area. If they really flew over to try and steal it, even their bones would not remain.

Jun Lan waited for those few people to calm down before saying with a smile, “That’s right, this is the Hundred Revolutions Pill that has been lost for a long time. Honestly, this is also the first time that Jun Lan has seen a Hundred Revolutions Pill. However, our appraisal master has confirmed that this is undoubtedly the Hundred Revolutions Pill. Furthermore, there is not need for me to explain the uses of this Hundred Revolutions Pill. It cleanses the bones and tendons, giving one an entirely new physique. Even if you used to be a waste, you can turn into an absolutely genius. If you’re already a genius, then I can only say you’ll turn into a monster.”

“Ha ha-”

Everyone was so excited that they burst into laughter when they heard what she said.

“This Hundred Revolution Pill refining method has long been lost, and it’s been said that the ingredients are even harder to get. That’s why we may only be able to see it this once until we die. You could say that this is your only chance. Everyone, you must grasp this opportunity because it knocks but once. If you lose this chance, you may lose your only chance to become a genius! Your family clan could have lost a potential genius!”

“Miss Jun Lan, you don’t have to say anymore, quickly start, okay.” Someone shouted from a private room in the second level.

“Okay, everyone knows the starting price of this item and Jun Lan does not need to waste anymore words. The bid starts at 20,000, the audience may now begin auctioning!”

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