DDFYM – Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Taking it home to place in a footbath

A woman with a spicy figure walked up on stage. She was wearing a dress that emphasized all the right places of her body.

She had a beautiful smile and was the very picture of exquisite beauty. Her hair was braided behind her head and she appeared grand yet elegant.

She clapped her hands and the people below quieted down.

“Welcome everyone to the auction this time around. After two rounds of delay, the auction has finally begun. I wonder if everyone is bursting with anticipation just like Jun Lan?” Jun Lan smiled as she said.

A roar of agreement burst from below as everyone was already bursting with excitement.

Jun Lan watched the reaction of the people below with excitement, saying, “Everybody knows that the guards of Ugly Person are highly ranked. This time around, we have items of the highest quality, so we will naturally provide excellent guards. All four of them are guards that are ranks of at least a Spirit Saint, we even have a Spirit Paragon keeping watch over everything. So, everyone, even if your auction is unsuccessful, you cannot recreate a ruckus here!”

After she finished speaking, a few pressurising auras were released simultaneously from the four corners of the auction, before they were quickly retracted.

“They actually have a Spirit Paragon keeping watch over everything. The power this auction wields is definitely not something to look down on.”

“There is a list of items available this auction on everyone’s seats, as well as inside the private rooms. I think everyone knows what items are on the auction today. If anyone has anything they want, you have to prepare to strike!” Jun Lan reminded them, “I think that everyone cannot wait any longer. I now declare that tonight’s auction has begun! Will the people below please bring up the first item for tonight.”

A beautiful lady carried a tray up and placed it on the auction table. After that, she took away the red cloth covering it and took a step back.

“This is a volcanic rock that was taken from the bottom of a volcano close to the earth’s core. It has been exposed to hot temperatures for a long time and is an important ingredient in making fire attribute spirit tools. This piece of volcanic rock is 1.5kg and every increase in price must be in 10% increases. You may now start to bid for it.”

She struck once with a tiny hammer in her hand, and the people below began to bid. Thirty, fifty, it started to climb.

Sima You Yue looked at the price competition happening below and realised that the price at this auction was started pretty low. Thinking about it, it was probably to encourage people to start a price war. As time passed, it appeared that some competitive people started to hike the price up.

She took a look below. The things at the front did not interest her at all. The dark stone that she wanted was numbered twenty and the Ceramic pearl was twenty over away from it. As a result, she sat in her room eating spirit fruits while watching the price war below.

Fatty Qu’s pill ingredient was auctioned for around the front. The starting bid was 500 gold coins but it was finally bid for by an alchemist for 1500 gold coins.

Fatty Qu never expected how much he would earn. At that time, he had merely wanted to participate in the fun. He wasn’t dissatisfied with this price.

Not long later, Wei Zi Qi’s item was bidded for 3000 Gold coins.

After that, there were a few more materials for pills and weapons. After this was done, a piece of black stone was brought up.

“This is a stone that is uncommonly seen. Our appraisal master is also unable to determine its quality. However, seeing its hard exterior, the normal flame cannot do anything to it. We suppose that this is a material used for smelting. The bid begins at 1000 gold coins.”

Because everyone was not sure what use this stone had, not many participated in the bid. After all, everyone harbored their own suspicions for something with such an unknown outcome. If it was sold well, it could be counted as gain. However, if they bought a piece of useless stone, it could considered as a huge loss.

Even if you could really smelt it, if you didn’t know its uses, it was still useless.

That’s why this bid was not like the others. This time, only a few people here and there called their bids. Two to three minutes had passed, yet the bid had just reached 2000 gold coins.

“2500.” Qin Wan’s voice came from a room on the second floor.

“2600.” Once he heard Qin Wan call for a bid, Bai Yun Qi called out a following bid.

The items at the front were not too high in quality or ranking, so the bids were mostly called out by those in the huge hall. Those on the second and third levels had not made a move. It was rare that Qin Wan of the domineering army had taken a fancy to it. The people below had all given up, but Bai Yun Qi appeared once again.

“3000” Qin Wan was not happy that she had lost face This Bai Yun Qi just loved to compete against her.

“3100.” Bai Yun Qi followed up.





No matter how much Qin Wan called out, Bai Yun Qi would fight with her by adding on just one hundred. It was so obvious that he was messing with her.

“Bai Yun Qi, you have no interest towards this item. What are you outbidding me for!” Qin Wan could take it no longer and she shouted outside from her room.

“I think this item isn’t bad. I want to buy it and put it in my foot washing basin back home.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“Ha ha…”

The people below laughed. Only a person like Bai Yun Qi would be able to say something like that.

Even Sima You Yue could not help by smirk.

Xi Yue Xi and the two members of the royal court sat in room number five. They were waiting for the later part of the auction. They furrowed their brows when they saw Qin Wan and Bai Yun Qi causing a ruckus downstairs and said, “5000”.

If Qin Wan liked it, she could just buy it and gift it to her. With them wasting time like this, who knew when they would reach the end of the auction.

Seeing that the fifth room’s light and lit up, the people below tactfully closed their eyes. Who didn’t know that this was West Moon Kingdom’s royal family stepping in. Who would willingly fight with them!

As expected, Bai Yun Qi knew his place and stepped down quietly when Xi Yue Xi opened her mouth. Qin Wan guessed that Xi Yue Xi was bidding on her behalf, so she did not call out another bid.

Jun Lan watched this from the stage. That this stone was able to reach 5000 gold coins was already beyond her expectations. Seeing that nobody else had called out another bid, she started to deliver the final speech according to the procedures.

“Room number give has called out 5000 gold coins, is there anybody else that wants to bid higher?” After waiting a moment, nobody called out a bid, so she continued to say, “If there isn’t any, 5000 gold coins going once, 5000 gold coins going twice, 5000 gold coins going thri-”


Room number 3 called out, interrupting Jun Lan’s final words.

Everyone was extremely surprised when they heard room number three call out a bid. Wasn’t he slapping Xi Yue Xi’s face by calling out a bid right now.

As expected, Xi Yue Xi was extremely disgruntled. He didn’t do anything just now, but had opened her mouth when she had put out a bid herself. Wasn’t this clearly provoking her? With a steady face, she said, “5500.”






She used the exact same method that Bai Yun Qi had used. One could tell that she was nitpicking with just one glance.

“You’re doing this on purpose!” Xi Yue Xi said.

Sima You Yue let Mo Sha speak on her behalf, “What do you mean I’m doing it on purpose? I merely thought that the foot of my alchemy furnace needs a bit of propping up. It just so happens this stone is the perfect height. Beauty Lan was just ending it when I thought that I could take it home to steady my furnace. If it was not suitable, I could use it as a gift for someone and let him take it home to put in his footbath…”


The aura was not too good between room three and room five, but everyone below could not help but laugh when they heard him speak.

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