DDFYM – Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: First class treatment.

On the second day, Sima You Yue came to Little Tu’s room, where Little Tu was waiting for her.

“Let us begin.”

Little Tu saw Sima You Yue take out a Frost Cold Pill and thought of that day that someone had given a starting bid of five thousand gold coins for a single pill at Ugly Person. Seeing that she had just handed it to him without even thinking twice, he said, “Older Sister, Little Tu will always remember Older Sister’s kindness.”

Sima You Yue patted Little Tu’s head, saying, “Okay.”

Little Tu ate the pill as Sima You Yue injected her Spiritual Qi into her body to help the Frost Cold Pill to activate. Once his body began to freeze, she released a ball of flame and slowly injected it into Little Tu’s body.

Little Tu’s body was shocked and was a bid terrified of the entering flame. However, he grit his teeth and bore with it silently.

Same as the last time, Sima You Yue could only open four of his meridian channels before retreating. Although, same as time, she felt that she could still press on a little bit, she felt that Little Tu’s condition was not too good, so she chose to end it there.

A short moment after she retracted her flame, Little Tu’s eyes that were closed shut, finally opened. Seeing the pale faced Sima You Yue, he moved his lips slightly and fainted.

Bei Gong Tang walked in and, same as the last time, took over taking care of Little Tu while letting Sima You Yue go to rest.

Sima You Yue took out the Soul Fluid and dripped it into Little Tu’s mouth before returning to her own room and eating a drop of it herself and retreating into cultivation.

During this period of time, Bai Yun Qi came over to look for them, saying that he wanted to bring the out ot play. However, because Sima You Yue was in closed door cultivation, he didn’t want to disturb her and they left her behind before going out.

Until the day of the auction, Sima You Yue had yet to come out from closed door cultivation, so everyone was wondering whether or not they wanted to call her out when the rays that signalled an increase in rank shot out from inside the house, halting them in their steps.

“You Yue actually increased in rank again!” Fatty Qu slapped his thigh and said, “How come I have yet to increase in rank? Our cultivation is around the same!”

Ouyang Fei faintly choked, “Not enough talent, just face it.”

“Sob sob sob, why is You Yue so much stronger than us? No way. Wait until the current situation is over. I will definitely cultivate properly. I can’t fall too far behind.”

This was not his thought alone, it was also the cry in everyone’s hearts.

Because Sima You Yue increased in rank, they were already so much later than everyone else by the time they left the house. Bai Yuan Chun had already taken the Sand gull army over to Ugly Person. It was only Bai Yun Qi who was still waiting for them.

When Sima You Yue increased in rank, it was already two months after the previous time she increased in rank. However, it was also because of a few things that she didn’t really have the time to cultivate. That’s why it dragged on for so long.

“Second ranked Spirit Overlord. I wonder what my battle strength is like.” Sima You Yue clenched and unclenched her fist and could feel the strength inside her, nodding her head satisfactorily.

By the time she opened the door and went out, the sky outside had already darkened and everyone was waiting for her outside the house.

“You Yue, you finally came out. If you waited any longer, we would have missed the entire auction.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“Today’s the auction? So many days have actually passed!” Sima You Yue smiled, “Then we should hurry along.”

The beast cart was waiting outside the door for them. Sima You Yue and the others had gone up. Once they reached that alley, she got down and let Wei Zi Qi and the others go themselves.

She came to the little alley and changed before rushing to Ugly Person.

Only a few minutes were left before the auction was going to start and that shopkeeper was about to close the door when he saw Sima You Yue come over. He quickly opened the door and said, “Sir, you have arrived. Please let these workers lead you to your private room.”

Sima You Yue nodded and entered with a lady.

The auction was held in a building behind Ugly Person. It was three storeys high, including the ground level.

The lowest level was the auction stage and the audience seating. Those who were here were the ordinary participants of the auctions and those powers who were not influential enough. Those here were mostly just here to add to the excitement.

The second level held people who had powers and identities. It was only them who could have private rooms. It was in an arc around the auction stage below and there were around a few tens of rooms.

The third level held those who had extremely high powers, like the royal family or West Moon Kingdom, the Alchemist Guild, Armament Guild and so forth.

There were twenty rooms on the third level and quite a few of them were already lit up, showing that there were already people in there.

Rooms numbered 1 to 5 were the VIPs of the VIPs. Initially, only Xi Yue Xi was in room number five and the four rooms before that were dark and empty.

When Sima You Yue entered, everyone was more or less already present. The moment the time came, the main gate shut.

“Sir, this way please.” The servant girl brought Sima You Yue through the lobby and came to the staircase, climbing it step by step. They directly went up to the third floor.

Everyone had already taken their seats according to their positions, so Sima You Yue was extremely conspicuous. Those people were guessing what kind of identity that this single person had that he was someone who was personally escorted by a person from Ugly Person.

“Room number three!”

When those people saw Sima You Yue enter room three, they were all stunned.

“How long has it been since room number three has been lit up?!”

“West Moon’s royal family are only able to enter room five, so I never thought that that person would be able to enter number three.”

“Oh right, I heard that the Hundred Revolutions Pill was handed over by a person in a black cloak. Could it be that this person is the one who handed the pill over?”

“So it was him. No wonder he’s able to enter room three.”

“I heard that he was the one who refined the Hundred Revolutions Pill. If he was recruited into my clan, then my clan’s revival would be just around the corner!”

“You wish! I heard that the auction wanted to enlist his services, but he was unwilling to agree. How would it be possible for him to go to a clan as small as yours.”

Wei Zi Qi and the others had originally wondered who he was. Hearing how they said that this person was the one who supplied the Hundred Revolutions Pill, they immediately knew that it was Sima You Yue.

“Never thought that You Yue would actually go to the third room of the third level. If we knew earlier, we would have followed her to get to know her.” Fatty Qu said.

“You Yue naturally has her own considerations in not allowing us to follow her. The movement caused by this Hundred Revolutions Pill is huge. If others were to find out about it, it will invite trouble for sure. Look, You Yue even changed her own aura.” Wei Zi Qi lectured.

“I understand, I was just saying.” Fatty Qu said.

The servant girl brought Sima You Yue into a room and the light lit up on its own, allowing her to see the inside of the room clearly.

“How luxurious!” Sima You Yue secretly muttered, “This room is even more luxurious that other’s living rooms.”

“Your honor, the spirit fruits here have specially been prepared for you.” The servant girl said, “We have already prepared a list of items in this auction for you.”

“Okay. You can head down.” SIma You Yue said in a lowered voice.

“If you have anything else you need, you can press this button and we will send men over here. This servant girl will take my leave now.”

That servant girl left the room when she finished speaking and closed the door, blocking out any disturbances outside.

Sima You Yue came in front of the desk and looked at the spirit fruits. Although it was not comparable to the ones in the Spirit Pagoda, it was still considered great as compared to the ones outside.

At this time, all the lights in the main hall lit up and were focused on the auction stage. All who were familiar with the auction knew that it was about to begin.

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