DDFYM – Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Seeing Qin Wan again

Even though she heard about the five thousand gold coins, Sima You Yue did not feel that it was a huge sum of money. This was merely the price of an uncommon fifth ranked pill over here.

However, this was an auction and the people would naturally compete against each other. Who knew what the final result would be.

As a result, she had no opinion towards the appraised.

“This is your number plate.” Great Master Li handed the number plate to Sima You Yue before he prepared to say, “Will you all be coming to participate together?”

“That’s right. Is there any problem?”

“Because two of you have auction items that are second ranked an above, we can prepare a private room for you all if you plan to participate together.” Great Master Li said.

“In that case, we’ll thank you.” Wei Zi Qi and the others did not object since it was pretty nice to have their personal room.

Great Master Li looked towards the servant girl as she took out a card and handed it to Ouyang Fei.

“You can use this card to enter the room above that has the same numbers as the one on the card.” Great Master Li said.

“We will come during the stipulated time.” Ouyang Fei said as he kept the card.

After they finished speaking about everything, the things were handed over to the auction for safekeeping and everyone stood up and prepared to go.

“Can this Lord please stay behind.” Great Master Li called out to Sima You Yue.

“Does Grand Master Li have something to discuss?”

“May I ask if the Frost Cold Pill was refined by you?”

Sima You Yue smiled as she shook her head, “Nope, it was refined by my Master.”

“Dare I ask which Great Master you have hailed under?”

“My Master wishes to lay low and does not like me to go about using her name.”

“So this is the case. I have been too presumptuous.” Great Master Li smiled apologetically.

Sima You Yue and the group left before Great Master Li ordered the Servant girl, “Release news of the Frost Cold Pill and the Saint Beast Devil Stone.”

“Yes, Manager Li.” The Servant girl gave a bow before retreating.

It turns out that Great Master Li was not just the appraisal master of Ugly Person, but was also a manager here.

After exiting Ugly Person, Fatty Qu started lamenting about the difference in treatment. The pill ingredient that he had taken out was merely worth five hundred gold coins, but Sima You Yue’s Frost Cold Pill was worth five thousands gold coins. It had a difference of ten times.

“You should be content. Your pill is merely another pill ingredient, but that Frost Cold Pill contains ingredients that are even more precious that yours. If if was not for the fact that the one you had taken out was over a thousand years old, don’t even talk about five hundred coins. Even fifty coins would be cause for celebration!” Wei Zi Qi laughed as he said.

“It would be at least a hundred, how could it only be fifty.” Fatty Qu smiled as he said.

“Distinguished guests, please wait.”

The shopkeeper who had shown them around earlier, chased after and called out to them.

“What’s up?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“This is something that Great Master Li has allowed me to give to you. It contains the items of this Auction. If you all wish to obtain it, you may prepare beforehand.” The shopkeeper smiled as he said.

Sima you Yue took the Auction list and said, “thank you”.

“You’re welcome. If there’s no problem, we will head back first.” The shopkeeper nodded his head at them before turning around and returning to Ugly Person.

“The service at Ugly Person is really not too bad.” Fatty Qu said.

“Let’s go, we can go and take a look to see if there’s anything else that’s good when we return.” Sima You Yue kept the list away, and took the lead to wait on top of the Beast cart.

The Beast Cart slowly left Ugly Person and Fatty Qu pulled the curtains open to take a look outside. He happened to see Qin Wan.

“Does Qin Wan always bring out a troop that is that big when he goes out?!”

Sima You Yue and the others went to the window to take a look as well, and happened to see a few Beast carts, with a single gorgeous Beast cart. Qin Wan happened to come down from the beast cart and turned around and said something. After that, a gorgeous lady appeared beside him and she came down from the beast cart as well.

It was as if she could feel that there were a few people watching them, so she turned around and took a look at them. Her gaze turned sharp and it carried with it a kind of arrogance.

“Who is that lady? Such a strong aura.” Fatty Qu was glared at as a chill ran down his spine.”

“Very powerful.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Someone who hangs out with Qin Wan cannot be that great either.” Sima You Yue said, “She’s clearly a female but her gaze is so sharp. I reckon that she isn’t going to be easy to deal with. Furthermore, this whole gang of troops must have been gathered for her sake, so her status must not be too low. She’s not a bone that is easy to swallow.”

Ouyang Fei creased his eyebrows, saying, “Earlier on, Yun Qi said that Qin Wan was a person who would hold grudges. She has a elder female cousin who is a princess of West Moon Kingdom. Although her mother is just an imperial concubine, that princess has high innate skill and her position in the palace is extraordinarily good so she has helped to elevate her mother to a higher standing as well.”

“Then this should probably be that princess. What’s her name?”

“Xi Yue Xi.”

“Xi Yue Xi… Her talent is good, she’s strong, she even has a good backing. How is it, are you jealous?” Sima You Yue pulled the curtain down and asked with a laugh.

“What is there to be jealous about?” Fatty Qu asked, “We aren’t too bad ourselves!”

“So narcissistic!” Sima You Yue slapped his head.

“You Yue, let us take a look at the auction list.” Wei Zi Qi said, as he was more curious about the auction.


Sima You Yue took out the Auction list and saw a long string of names and said, “The auction this round is really huge. It actually has so many things!”

“Tsk tsk, there’s more than a few tens of things here right?!”

“Take a look, guys. The most lowly ranked items are at the front while the highly ranked things are behind. There’s even a beast egg!”

Speaking of beasts eggs, Sima You Yue thought of the previous time where her academy had let everyone choose beast eggs. She never received any news about it, so she never knew what kind of Spirit Beasts they had chosen.

“What about the beast eggs that you all chose the last time? How come I’ve never seem your Spirit Beasts?”

“We have no idea what Spirit Beast eggs we chose the last time. We’ve never seen any of them before. Mine is still an egg.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Ours as well. They haven’t hatched at all. However, at least ours are all still alive.” Bei Gong Tang laughed as she said.

“Could it be that someone’s egg is dead?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Oh, right. Why don’t you ask Fatty where his beast egg is?” Ouyang Fei laughed as well when he thought of something

“Fatty, where’s your egg?”

“Eaten it.” Fatty Qu said. As he said this, he was sulking a bit. The others had live eggs, while he was the only one whose egg was dead. He really didn’t know what kind of luck he had.

“You ate it?” Sima You Yue looked at Fatty Qu with confusion.

“That’s right. It was a dead egg from the start. After that, I used the things in your kitchen to turn it into a fried egg and ate it.” Fatty Qu said sulkily.

“Mm. We also benefited from it and ate a little. Although his skill was subpar, the flavour of the egg was not too bad.” Ouyang Fei said.

“Pfft-” Sima You Yue burst into laughter. She saw Fatty Qu’s sulking face and said, “No worries, isn’t it just a beast egg? If you’ve eaten it, then you’ve eaten it. In any case, I’ve help you strengthen your beasty into one that is so much stronger than the egg.”

Within the Sofia Mountain Range, the five of them had captured quite a few Saint Beasts and Sima You Yue had helped them tame it before letting them form contracts with it. Right now, the group of them of them had a contract with a Saint beast each.

“Sigh, there are even unknown items here.” Wei Zi Qi had been looking at the list the entire time, and saw that there were things he was completely unfamiliar with, written below.

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