DDFYM – Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Grabbing onto a leg

Ugly Person began their trade from the afternoon. Sima You Yue and the others had a different impression of it this time around, as compared to the last time. With the amount of people coming in and out of the loft, it was as if the doorstep was going to be trampled into pieces anytime.

Seeing the two words, ‘Ugly Person’ on the door, Sima You Yue found it a little blinding. She figured that the plan for this road would be around the same.

A shopkeeper saw that Sima You Yue and the others had entered he stepped forward and smiled, saying, “Is it the first time that you all are at Ugly Person? Do you have anything that you want to sell?”

“How do you know that it’s our first time here?” Fatty Qu saw the shopkeeper and asked.

“Hey hey, those of us who work as shopkeepers have no other talent so our memory has to be top notch. We will remember every single person that has come to our shop before.” The shopkeeper smiled and said, “When this lowly one noticed the few of you, I guessed that it was your first time here.”

“Do all you shopkeepers have such fantastic memory?” Sima You Yue and the others stepped through the door and saw more than a few shopkeepers tending to customers.

“We all depend on this little bit of talent to continue feeding ourselves!” The shopkeeper turned and said. “It must be the first time that the few of you are here, do you want me to first give you a brief overview of our shop?”


“Then let us begin from our area of pills. Guests, please head over here…”

The shopkeeper brought them to the first and second level to tour around. Sima You Yue realised that this had some similarities with the Dong Cheng Kingdom’s Xuan Yuan Pavilion. It was all encompassing and had everything. It was just that you had to be of relatively high rank.

Little Tu held on to Bei Gong Tang’s hand with eyes wide in amazement. He was slightly overwhelmed by these things and did not even blink.

“Older Sister, there are so many things here!”

“You will have the opportunity to see many more things in the future.” Bei Gong Tang smiled as she said.


They proceeded on to the Spirit Tool area from the Pill area and then on to the Spirit Beast area. They spent around an hour before they finished seeing everything. Furthermore, it was even under the circumstance of briefly glancing over everything.

The quality of this shopkeeper was really not the average standard. After taking them for a brief walk around, he continually answered their questions and did not appear annoyed at all.

“ Guests, you have already seen the entire of the first and second level. I wonder if you have anything you are interested in buying?” The shopkeeper smiled as he asked.

They were not in need of any pill ingredients and there was a huge amount of Spirit Tools that they could use before, that were available in the Spirit Pagoda. As a result, they did not choose any and finally ended up symbolically choosing a few fun items.

As a result, the shopkeeper didn’t say anything and did not discriminate against them. He merely politely asked a question, “Guests, do you have anything else that you need?”

Sima You Yue had just scrutinised the price of the pills, pill ingredients, spirit beasts and the other items and knew the average market price. She turned around and asked, “I heard that this place holds auctions as well?”

The shopkeeper understood the meaning behind her question, asking, “Guests, do you have things that you want to auction?”

Sima You Yue nodded her head.

“Then, do you all know about the practices of the Ugly Person?”

“More or less.” Wei Zi Qi replied.

“Since you all know it already, then there is no need for me to repeat it. If you want to auction something, you have to head to the third floor to discuss it. Guests, please follow me.”

The Shopkeeper brought them up to the third level. The third level situated a single room. There were only people in two little rooms, and the others were empty.

They came to a room and the shopkeeper asked, “I wonder what type of items our Guests wish to auction? I will invite our Appraisal Master to appraise the value of your items.”


“Devil Stone.”

“Pill ingredients.”

The shopkeeper waited for them to finish speaking before saying, “Is it possible for our Guests to take out your items for me to take a look?”

Sima You Yue and the others knew that this was standard practice, so they directly took out their respective boxes.

The shopkeeper roughly gave it a look over and affirmed that the ranks of these items were not low. He said, “Guests, please wait for a moment. I will invite our Appraisal Master over to appraise everyone’s items.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left the private room. In a short while, he was accompanied by a middle aged male.

“Guests, this is Great Master Li of our Action. He is a fifth ranked Alchemist.” The Shopkeeper introduced.

Sima You Yue and the others stood up, saying, “Greeting to Great Master Li.”

“I heard that you all have pill ingredients that you wish to auction?” Great Master Li was not arrogant like other Alchemists, possibly because it was dictated so by the higher ups.

“That’s right.” Wei Zi Qi said, “We have Pill Ingredients, Devil Stones and Pills.”

“Then bring them up one by one.” Great Master Li looked at the boxes on the table, sat down and took out a pair of gloves and put them up. After that, he took out a box and opened it. Inside it sat a thousand year Snow Orchid.

Great Master Li took the Snow Orchid and examined it before placing it below his nose and sniffing. He immediately plucked off a little of the blade and placed it in his mouth, tasting it and saying, “A thousand year Snow Orchid, a rank four pill ingredient. Pass, it can be auctioned. The starting bid will be 500 gold coins.”

This was merely a random pill ingredient that Fatty Qu had taken from the Spirit Pagoda. He never thought about how good it would be. He had merely wanted to participate in the fun, so he was able to accept this kind of rank.

“Since there is no objection, this would be its corresponding number. You can use this to participate in the auction.

The servant girl who had accompanied Great Master Li took half of the name tag and handed it to Fatty Qu.

The second type was a pill ingredient as well. After Great Master Li appraised it, he handed Wei Zi Qi a tag.

Ouyang Fei’s item was a Devil Stone. When Great Master Li appraised it after the two pill ingredients, he showed some interest for the first time.

He had seen too many pill ingredients, and the two ingredients before were not considered too precious. If it wasn’t that it had matured for a longer period of time than others, the result of it even qualifying for the auction was debatable.

However, Ouyang Fei’s item was different. Once Great Master Li opened it, he realised that it was a Devil stone from a kind of Divine Spirit Beast.

What kind of existence was a Divine Spirit Beast? It was a terrifying existence that could kill a Spirit Saint in a heartbeat.

Furthermore, a Devil Stone was not something that every Spirit Beast had. Most of the Devil stones on the market were Saint ranks. Saint Beast Spirit Stones were always priceless.

“This is a Devil Stone from a first ranked Saint Beast Sabertooth tiger!” Great Master Li was indeed someone of great knowledge, and very quickly recognised the origins of the Devil Stone.

“Correct.” Ouyang Fei had pretty much understood how Ugly Person worked, and was not suspicious at all towards their level of ability.

“Good! Good! A first ranked Saint Beast’s Devil Stone is ranked second. It passes. Its lowest bidding price is two thousand gold coins. This is your number plate.”

Ouyang Fei took the nameplate and kept it away.

There were two boxes on the table. One was Bei Gong Tang’s and one was SIma You Yue’s. Great Master Li randomly chose Sima You Yue’s bottle and opened it. Inside it lay a single jade bottle.

He took the jade bottle and felt the bone chill. His heart shuddered as he quickly opened it up to take a look.

“Frost Cold Pill!” Great Master Li cried out in surprise.

This pill was the Frost Cold Pill that Sima You yue had just refined. She took two out because she had extras.

“It is. I wonder if it is passable?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Of course it passes!” Great Master Li said excitedly, “This Frost Cold Pill has an extraordinary result and is extremely complex to refine. The ingredients necessary to refine it is extremely special as well and are not easy to obtain. As a result, this Frost Cold Pill is rare. It is a second ranked pill and every pill starts at a lowest bid of five thousand!”

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