DDFYM – Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Raging Inferno Slash

The time that Sima You Yue had spent practicing Spirit Skills was not long because the book said that any ranks below Spirit King were not able to practice them. As a result, she waited until she was a Spirit King before she started practicing.

Furthermore, the time she spent rising from Spirit King rank to Spirit Overlord was not that long.

Although the time wasn’t long, she was still considered pretty skillful. The way she executed the moves was natural and elegant, causing others to be starstruck. If the people from the Sima Clan saw it, they would definitely be beside themselves in shock.

This Raging Inferno Slash was a Spirit Skill that had the capacity to reach extremely high levels. Aside from the fact that its power was strong, it was a difficult skill to master. It was quite complicated and cryptic, hard to understand and form connections. There were many from the Sima Clan who were unable to familiarise themselves with it, influencing the effectiveness of the Spirit Skill.

Qin Wu never expected that Sima You Yue would have a Spirit Skill and his eyes flashed with surprise.

“I never thought you would know a spirit skill. However, you will quickly understand the wide gulf between our ranks that you will never be able to cross!”

Sima You Yue laughed coldly, “Really? Then you’ve never experienced a miracle. I’ll let you have a taste of what a miracle looks like today!”

After that, the two of them no longer exchanged words and quickly activated the skill in their hands. Qin Wu’s spirit skill was one of the metal attribute, as a few tens of double edged swords appeared in front of him. They pierced towards Sima You Yue according to his control.

Sima You Yue’s skill manifested as a large blade, very much resembling Sima Lie’s battle the last time. It was just that the difference in power between the two was too great.

Despite this being the case, her Raging Inferno Slash was quickly catching up to Sima Kai’s level.


Sima You Yue yelled loudly as her flame blade slashed towards the front, slashing directly towards Qin Wu’s double edged swords.

As those double edged swords touched the flame blade, a few began to shatter. Qin Wu saw that his double edged swords were no match for her flame blade and, with both hands, continued to form seals, controlling the remaining double edged swords to stand in opposition to the flame blade.

Down below, Bai Yun Qi, who was watching the battle, stared at Sima You Yue with his mouth gaping. Even he had problems standing against Qin Wu, but yet that youth whose power was lower than even him by one rank, had actually battled him so easily.

Furthermore, he could even feel the heat emitted from the flame blade even though he was standing so far away.

“Heavens, how did this guy, You Yue, attain such strong battle prowess?”

Fatty Qu smiled, saying, “If you remained in Sofia Mountain range for two years, looking for Spirit beasts to battle everyday, your battle abilities would be this awesome as well!”

“You all stayed in the Sofia Mountain Range for two years?” Bai Yun Qi looked at Fatty Qu with surprise.

“Mm, before coming here, we remained in the mountain range at our world to practice the entire way. We spent the whole day fighting Spirit Beasts.” Fatty Qu said.

“No wonder your battle abilities are so great!” Bai Yun Qi expressed.

Most people who arrived at Sofia Mountain range would look for Spirit ingredients on the outer periphery, or look for a few Spirit Beasts. Even they had come here only to accomplish a mission. There were very few who came here to practice. Furthermore, they even stayed there for two years!

Thinking up to this point, he truly respected Sima You Yue and the five man team.

Although Qin Wu’s battle abilities were higher than Sima You Yue’s by four ranks, his Spirit Skill was not be able to surpass her. Added on to that, the fact that her Spirit pool had been refined by Crimson Flame and was larger than the vast majority of people, she had more than enough Spirit Qi, so Qin Wu’s remaining double edged swords were slowly being melted away by her flame blade.


The swords were completely annihilated and Qin Qu had received no small amount of injury. He could feel the blood rise in his throat as a trickle leaked out the side as he landed on the ground.

Sima You Yue looked down upon Qin Wu. This guy’s battle powers merely amounted to this much, and was nothing like what she thought they would be. She thought it would be a fierce battle, but she had won so easily.

“I lost.” Qin Wu’s eyes flashed with a cold light as he raised his head to look at Sima You Yue while saying, “Let me go. I can forget everything that happened here today and I won’t bring men from my Domineering Army to come and make trouble.”

Sima You Yue snorted at his words, “I initially thought that you had a little bit of brain, so I never thought you would say this kind of things. You said that you’re old, so should I say that you’re naive or stupid? One look at you and I know you’re the kind that would take revenge. Would I leave you behind to make trouble for myself? A smart person would definitely kill the problem off at its root.”


Those watching the battle all laughed when they heard what she said. Especially so for Bai Yun Qi, since he was at the receiving end of those words spoken by Qin Wu just now. Sima You Yue was now throwing it right back at Qin Wu, delighting him to no end.

Qin Wu’s face darkened when he heard Sima You Yue’s words and suddenly threw a weapon at Sima You Yue before he fled quickly. However, even before he had flown a few metres, he was hit by a sword.

Qin Wu looked at the double edged sword that struck his heart in confusion before looking at the expressionless Ouyang Fei. His eyes were suffused with disbelief.

He clearly did not feel the presence of any person, so how did this person suddenly appear?

Ouyang Fei pulled out his own sword as Qin Wu clutched his chest and fell. Up till the moment he died, he never knew how he had been hit by that sword.

The moment the owner died, the spirit beast that was currently battling the red three eyed pig gave a loud cry as well and collapsed on the ground.

The Three eyed pig was fighting with such excitement. Seeing that his opponent had suddenly died, he was unable to react and stared blankly at the corpse.

Ba Yun Qi’s attention had been drawn to the cry of Qin Wu’s contracted spirit beast. Seeing that his own pig was still standing there in a blur, he knew what was going through his mind and so called out to him, “The owner died so the contracted spirit beast died as well. It’s so simple but you don’t even understand it. How could you be so stupid, are you a pig or what?!”

The red three eyed pig saw Qin Wu’s dead body and ran over while whining when he heard Bai Yun Qi scold him again.

“ I am a pig. You don’t even know this? You’re so stupid, are you a pig or what!”


Hearing the conversation between the man and beast, the others couldn’t help but laugh. Even Ouyang Fei, who had been emotionless while he killed Qin Wu, could not help but smirk.

Fatty Qu and the others came down from all four directions. It was only now that Bai Yun Qi realised that Ouyang Fei and the four of them had all flown up, holding down all four sides.

“Weren’t you all just talking to me just now? You, when when you all fly up?” Bai Yun looked at the four of them curiously.

“You Yue came down so we all went up!” Wei Zi Qi said, “It could be that you were too focused, so you didn’t realise it.”

“Did I really look on so intently?” Bai Yun Qi rubbed his neck a bit embarrassedly.

The fact that Wei Zi Qi and the others could silently occupy all four directions was proof that they could speedily hide their auras, but he believed that he did not notice it because he was paying too much attention to the fight. Sima You Yue saw that Bai Yun Qi was deceived so easily and secretly lamented that this guy was a bit too simple minded.

She walked to a place not too far from Qin Wu and caught the injured and struggling purple fox. She carried him over to where Bai Yun Qi was and handed it to him wordlessly. Suddenly, she looked towards the direction that they had come in warily.

There was the sound of footsteps coming from a few people, and it was getting closer and closer…


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