DDFYM – Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Tables have turned

“It looks like our luck isn’t too bad today. We were able to encounter a Purple Fox and even had an unexpected surprise.” Qin Wu was ecstatic when he saw that it was only Bai Yun Qi with five other unknown people.

If they were able to kill Bai Yun Qi, that would definitely greatly impact the influence that the Sand Gull Army and would set them back too much to recover. Who asked him to be an only child!

“Qin Wu, they’re not people from the army. Let them go.” Bai Yun Qi saw the killing intent in Qin Wu’s eyes and knew that things were not going to go well today. He unconsciously stood in front of everyone and protected Sima You Yue and the others.

Sima You Yue and the others noticed what he did and silently exchanged glances amongst each other.

“Little Bai, should I say that you’re stupid or naive?” Qin Wu laughed coldly, “If I let them escape, won’t they go and report it to Li Kui? Since they’re already come, why don’t they just stay on!

After he finished speaking, he waved his hands, the men from the Domineering Army encircled them.

“Qin Wu, do you think that you will gain any benefit from doing this?” Bai Yun Qu shouted loudly, “If my father heard about what you’ve done, aren’t you afraid that he would bring his men to exterminate your entire army!”

“Oh my, dragging your father into this. That fiery old man is definitely a headache to deal with, that’s why we definitely cannot let you escape today. It would be troublesome if you were to spread word of what happened today. Any smart person would definitely nip the problem right here in the bud.” Qin Wu said.

Bai Yun Qi took out his weapon and said to Sima You Yue and the others, “In a moment, I will use all my power to hold them back. They are not that strong and there’s no need to team up against them. Run the moment you find an opportunity, okay?”

“Then what about you?” Fatty Qu asked.

“If you all manage to escape, you just have to tell Uncle Li and the others and they will take revenge for me.” Bai Yun Qi said, “Make sure to remember to look for an opportunity to escape in a moment.”

Although the lack of confidence Bai Yun Qi had in their strength made them a bit speechless, Sima You Yue and the others still took out their own weapons.

“Since we all came together, we will all leave this place together.” Sima You Yue said, “Of course, that includes that purple fox”

When they heard what Sima You Yue said, Qin Wu and the others burst out laughing as if it was the funniest thing they ever heard.

“Team leader, it sounds as if these people are talking about leaving together? I think we should send them to their graves a little quicker!” A man with blond hair said while laughing.

Bai Yun Qi turned around and saw that everyone had taken their weapons out. He said, “It makes me happy that you all are able to be like this, but we have only known each other for a day. There is no need for you to throw your lives away for me!”

“Then why would you be willing to throw your life away for ours?” Wei Zi Qi said.

Bai Yun Qi was stunned by what he asked and replied, “I just don’t want to implicate you.”

“Team Leader, this lady’s looks are not bad. Why don’t we leave her and enjoy ourselves for a bit before kill her?” A guy who was short and looked vulgar said as he looked at Bei Gong Tang with beady eyes.

“Attack now?” Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei were war machines. Seeing the kind of gazes that these people were looking at them with caused them to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Since you dare to say these kind of things about our female goddess, we we’ll just let you all die.” Fatty Qu directly threw a punch towards that vulgar man the moment he finished speaking.

“Second Ranked Spirit King? Oh, this guy… ah-” That man totally did not care about Fatty Qu at all and never expected that Fatty Qu would end up right in front of him in a split second and throw a punch at his head, knowing him unconsciously directly.

When Bai Yun Qi saw this, he know that if he did not settle this immediately, he knew that Sima You Yue and the others would never be able to run away. He said helplessly, “That Qin Wu is a fifth ranked Spirit Overlord. I’m only third ranked, but I can still get us a bit of time. You should all go settle the other people then come back and help me.”

“ Fifth Ranked Spirit Overlord?” Sima You Yue looked at Qin Wu, saying, “Isn’t he just a fifth ranked Spirit Overlord? I thought he already had one foot in the rank of Spirit Paragon! How else would he be this cocky?”

“This brat is so cocky!” Qin Wu was extremely upset that Sima You Yue was taking him lightly.

Sima You Yue kept her weapon away and, with two hands clasped together, broke off her ranks, looking extremely excited, “I’ve fought with so many Saint Beasts but I haven’t battled with an expert before. He he, it just so happens that I can use this as practice!”

“You Yue, you can beat him?” Bei Yun Qi looked at Sima You Yue and was shocked by what she said.

“I’ve never beaten a Spirit Overlord before.” Sima You replied honestly.

However, she defeated many Saint Beasts before.

“Then what’s your rank?” Bai Yun Qi asked again.

“About a First ranked Spirit Overlord.” Sima You Yue replied indefinitely.

Although she was not rank five, her strength was not limited to just this.

“First ranked spirit overlord?” Bai Yun QI was scared by Sima You Yue’s words. He never thought that she was so young but had almost caught up to him.” Although your own talent is really not bad, with regards to cultivation, each rank is separated by an insurmountable gap. Your rank is not even equivalent to mine, and is four ranks away from that old guy. It’s better for you to be with Zi Qi and the others.”

Wei Zi Qi pulled Bai Yun Qi, saying, “You Yue wants to play around, so just let her. You can just follow us to go and settle those other people then watch her mess around.”


Bai Yun Qi had yet to finish replying when Sima You Yue had already attacked Qin Wu while Wei Zi Qi and the others had already attacked the others.

“Heavens, what kind of speed is this?” By the time he had finished looking at Sima You Yue fly over to Qin Wu, he saw that Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong Tang had already finished off one person.

As for Fatty Qu, he had already beaten someone till they were black and blue, till they did not have a bit of strength left.

These few people were clearly not that powerful, but how come their battle abilities were so perverse?

Furthermore, regardless of whether it was in battle ability of Spirit power, every move was like a piercing dart. Without a single ounce of wasted energy!

This was obviously something that had come about only because of long and arduous effort!

Seeing that they were fighting with such enthusiasm, he started itching for a fight as well and attacked the person closest to him.

Seeing things as the were now, it was not him who was doomed to fall today, but it was so for Qin Wu and the others!

Very quickly, the ten bandits were settled and the others had not sustained much injuries.

Seeing the bodies lying haphazardly on the ground and looking at the four people who didn’t shed a single group of blood, Bai Yun Qi felt a bit like he was dream.

This wasn’t a battle at all, this was an annihilation!

As for Sima You Yue’s side, the two of them had exchanged few blows and Qin Wu no longer took her as lightly as before. His eyes even carried a trace of seriousness.

Sima You Yue glanced over at Wei Zi Qi and the others, saying, “Your claws have been broken, looks like we’re left with just you as the head.”

Qin Wu only now realised that his Domineering men had all been wiped out. Wei Zi Qi and the others were even standing in the air, watching them battle.

“Wow, you hairless brat. You dare to battle with Lord Qin Wu. This was just the appetizer, I’ll let you have a taste of this Lord’s power!” As Qin Wu spoke, his hands formed a seal and it looked as if he was going to use a spirit skill.

From his point of view, Sima You Yue was so young yet had such accomplishments. This definitely meant that he spent all his time cultivating and had no time practicing any spirit skills.

“Using Spirit Skills? It just so happens that I want to test the abilities of this Sima Raging Inferno Slash!” After she finished speaking, she placed both hands in front of her chest and flipped them quickly.

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