Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 10

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Volume 2 Chapter 10 – An exceedingly idiotic fight between men

The next day. Since the dragon auction will be mid-morning, I decided to spend the time at the training field until then. Elizabeth went to the place where the Axe of Twilight was. She’s probably curious about Narnia-san. I entrusted Sati to Samson-san, then, since Sergeant-dono seemed busy, I started practicing knife-throwing at one end of the training field.

Then Crook and Silver came over. I have a feeling that it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen them. We put our heads together in a corner so we don’t get in other people’s way.

“Did you come to see the dragon auction too, Masaru?”

Crook asked.

“Of course. I wonder how much will it turn out to be.”

“Something to look forward to, huh!”

That was also Crook. The auction’s value directly correlates with how much reward we will get. It should be no wonder we are interested in it.

“Aside from that, take a look at this.”

Hoh. He got a new armor. It must have been kind of a shock when he took an orc’s arrow to the leg. This time, even if it’s still made mostly out of hide, but it looks to be a higher performance version that won’t easily let an arrow get through. Silver also showed me his shield. I had a feeling I saw it somewhere already and as it turns out, it was the same as the one that the Axe of Twilight’s member had.

“I couldn’t get the same one since it was expensive, but I got one with the same design.”

An economic version, huh. Indeed, the guy with that shield was awesome that time. As a shield user himself, he must admire him greatly.

“Then Masaru, did you buy something from the reward? I heard that you rented a house.”

“Uhm, yeah.”

I guess the fact that I bought a slave didn’t leak out yet. Well then, what should I do.

“You racked up plenty of money, right? Didn’t you go and have a look at that?”

By that, he means slaves of course.

“Uhm, yeah. I went to see.”

“Then? You didn’t buy one?”

“Uhm, yeah. I bought one…..I guess.”

Crook gets up with a clank.

“Wh-what did you say! You traitor!”

“H-hey. You’re too loud. Everyone is looking at us.”

First of all, what traitor, I didn’t make any promises to these guys.

“Th-then, did you do it already?”

Crook lowers his voice and asks me.

“No yet, no.”

After hearing that, Crook seemingly calmed down a bit.

“That’s right, huh. But it must be nice. It’s not like you have her sleep beside you or wash your back during bath, right?”

He said jokingly. I avert my eyes in silence. She does both of those in fact.

“What!? You, don’t tell me!”

That time, with the worst possible timing, Sati called out to me. It’s probably rest-time for her.


Sati is waving her hand this way. I reluctantly wave back at her.

“Y-you. Don’t tell me, that girl is……”

“Yeah…..that girl.”

It’s hopeless now. Crook stands up and smoothly draws the sword on his waist.

“Alright, die.”

“I will lend a hand.”

Silver also drew his sword and readied his shield. These guys pulled out their real swords!? Even if this is a training field, if you pull out the sword on your waist that means war.

The two of them are gradually decreasing the distance between us. They both really want to kill me! Did they forget what happened during the short class? Don’t think you can win against me just because there are two of you against me! Come at me bros!!

I draw the sword on my back. Shit. The first blood it will draw belongs to a friend, what an ill-boding black sword.

“You’ve been a good friend, but it’s your fault for betraying our friendship!”

Crook said.

Some people started gathering, wondering what’s going on.

“Hoh. You can sure spout nonsense. In consideration of that spirit, I will not use Fire Magic. Since if I use it, you bastards would be turned to ash in one move.”

“Don’t regret it later!”

“Oo-! Don’t just bark there, come at me alreadyyyyy!”

Our surroundings got excited. They started cheering by saying “Do iit” or “Do it alreadyyy”.

The two of them attacked at the same time. Did you think that if you attacked together you would have a chance of winning!

I quickly put some distance between us with a backstep, then along with Covert Action + Stealth Movement I use some sidesteps to get around to Crook’s left side. With this, it looks like Silver lost sight of me. However, Crook turns my way and swings his sword. I brush it away using my full power. With the level ups and the Physical Enhancement my power is much greater than Crook’s. Crook lost his balance because his sword was deflected. With that, I close in and deliver a blow to the back of his neck with my hand. Crook falls over. Good, then all that’s left is Silver.

Silver is wearing heavy equipment and he hardened his guard, I slash at him a few times, but none of those became decisive blows. It’s really bothersome. But there is a way.

I attack him head-on with all my strength. Of course it’s been blocked with the shield, but I have the power advantage. I kick the leg Silver wanted step in with to plant himself firmly and keep his shield steady while we were locking armaments. I shoot an 【Air Hammer】 at him while he is out of balance.

Silver goes flying. Even if he is wearing a metal plate armor, if you take it head-on the shock should be immense.

“Kh…..didn’t you say you wouldn’t use magic……”

“Hn. What I said I wouldn’t be using is Fire Magic, right?”

“You cowardly…..*collapse*

“Evil has fallen! I’ve triumphed!!”

I thrust my sword towards the heavens and let out a war cry. Uoooooooooo, the crowd rejoices.

Sati pops out from the crowd of people.

“Masaru-sama, these people are evil?”

Crap, they were my friends!? Crook! Silver!? Don’t dieeeeeee.

I will use Heal on you right now!

“You are using recovery magic on us…..even though we tried to kill you.”

“What are you saying! Aren’t we friends! There, 【Heal】 【Heal】.”

“Getting swept away by our violent emotions, what have we done……..”

“I understand. It must have been frustrating. I didn’t take your feelings into consideration and replied honestly. I’m the one at fault.”


“Crook, Silver. It’s fine. It’s fine already. We are friends. It should be alright with that, right?”


Looking at us hugging it out, the audience is clapping.

“Mm. It was a fine battle.”

Said Sergeant-dono.

“However, I can’t condone drawing your swords for a squabble. You all, come. Time for a scolding!”

Sergeant-dono got quite angry at us. When we got released, the dragon auction was already over.

My share from the dragon materials turned out to be about 38000 gold. It’s approximately Sati’s worth and then some, huh. My total funds have increased to a total of 66000 gold. I don’t really have anything special to spend it on, so I guess I won’t have to work for a while. By the way, as it turns out the dragon was indeed of a high-class race, so the auction was a big success.

After reaffirming my friendship with Crook and Silver, I decided to invite them to my house. Both of them also got their rewards for the dragon so they are in a good mood.

We swung by to Tilika-chan’s place and since she finished her work during the morning she came along with us.

Crook and Silver were puzzled as to why the Truth Offices came with us, but when I told them she is Sati’s friend, they had an expression like they do and yet don’t understand.

Apparently, in the eyes of the general public, the Magic Eyes are somewhat scary and she is a hard-to-approach existence. From my point of view, it’s just a somewhat high-performance version of a lie detector. Also, cuteness is justice in my opinion.

By the way, I also talked to Angela and Elizabeth about Tilika-chan’s circumstances. I thought it wouldn’t exactly be fair to let them stay near someone whose life might be targeted without telling them at least. Neither Angela nor Elizabeth lacks fighting abilities, so if someone like that comes, they will send them flying apparently. Quite reliable.

Currently, as I walk behind Sati and Tilika-chan who are walking in the front hand-in-hand, I secretly tell Crook and Silver about what happened at the Slave Merchant.

“Then when we got to a big room there were eight people there.”

“Eeh? When I went, there were only four.”

That old slave merchant guy. When he said that I was in luck and that it’s a gathering of pretty ones, it was really the truth.

“So every one of them was wearing a thin clothing, you see. So you can catch glimpses.”

Crook is nodding and Silver is looking envious. While walking at the front, Sati’s ears are twitching. There is some distance and I’m speaking in quite a low voice, but that probably means she can hear everything.

“So the first one was a voluptuous girl with sex appeal…… “

As I started to explain about the fourth girl, we arrived at the house.

“Ooh, that’s a nice house, isn’t it.”

“Though I’m just renting it. The garden is also quite big, see?”

“You live in this house with Sati-chan, just the two of you……”

Well, yeah. Although it’s not just the two of us. However it might just be oil to the fire, so I shouldn’t say anything.

“Aah, let’s go let’s go. I will treat you two to lunch, so let’s go inside.”

When we went inside, not just Elizabeth, but Angela was there too. Sati and Tilika-chan already went inside, so four ladies greeted us as we entered.

“Took you long enough. I’m hungry already.”

“Welcome back. Here, I brought the books we talked about yesterday.”

Crook and Silver, who came in after me, stiffen a bit when they see the girls.

“Oi, why is Elizabeth-san here? And also, who is the other beautiful girl?”, Crook asked with a low voice.

“Aah, right. I should introduce everyone. These are my friends, Crook and Silver.”

First, I introduce the two of them.

“I was thinking of treating them to lunch so I brought them over. So, this is Angela-san, a Priestess of the Temple. You know, I talked about her before, right?”

Crook is nodding with an ‘aah, her’ expression. Elizabeth is already acquainted with them, so I will leave her out.

“Uhm, so. The two of you should wait in the living room. We will finish the preparations.”

I lead them to the living room, then I return to the kitchen/dining room.

“Alright, then let’s start preparing lunch.”

“We will handle this with Sati and Tilika-chan, so why don’t you have a talk with your friends instead?”

Angela said.

“Is that so? Then maybe I should let you handle it. Ah, use this meat for it.”

I take out a lump of wild rabbit meat from the Item Box and give it to Angela.

“They look like they can eat a lot, so make more than usual please.”

Elizabeth doesn’t look like she intends to help out, but she will stay in the dining room anyway.

“Go and have a talk just between you guys. I will stay here.”

I return to the living room and the tree of us encircle the table. Crook immediately began the conversation.

“Why are there four girls here?”

“Uhm, well. You know about Sati. Then, Tilika-chan is friends with Sati and she often comes to play. You also know that Elizabeth is teaching me magic, right? Lastly, Angela is here to teach Sati how to cook.”

“Just explode.”

Silver says quietly. Crook nods many times.

“No no, why does it come to that? I explained why they are here, right?”

Although it’s not strange if I’m told to explode if I explain it all like this.

“If we didn’t come, then Masaru, you would be having lunch surrounded by beauties, right?”

“That can’t be forgiven.”

From other people’s perspective, this is indeed an enviable situation. But aside from Sati, there is nothing really going on. Although I have a slight feeling there might be.

“It’s not like there is something just because we ate together. Hey, you get eat Angela’s home cooking today. A chance to eat the home-made cooking of a beautiful Priestess does not come often. Be grateful.”

“I guess that’s also true. Rather than that! The continuation of that topic from before……”

The rest of the story about the Slave Merchant, right. I think I left it at the number four girl.

“So, about the fourth girl, oh she was beautiful and she had a great figure……”

After finishing the story about the Slave Merchant, I also told them about Sati. That her eyes were bad since she was little and she was bullied because of it, then she was sold by her parents and became a slave. Then, she wasn’t selling at the Slave Merchant either, so I bought her just before she was to be sent to a brothel or a mine, then I treated her eyes.

“I think I misjudged you……”

“Yeah, that’s not something anybody would usually be able to do.”

“Right, right. I most certainly didn’t buy her with improper intentions. I absolutely bought her because I sympathized with her.”

“I really wanted to butcher you when I heard about how you slept together with her and had her wash your back, but if that’s the case, then I guess there is no helping it……”

“You guys also got quite a bit of income this time, right? You will be able to buy one soon too, no?”

“It wouldn’t be enough even if we put both of ours together.”

“Then how about I lend you the rest?”


“Nah, don’t want to go into debt for that……”

“I want to fall in love normally……”

It looks like neither of them can make up their minds. Well, normally, buying a slave to make her your wife is something of a last resort. They are somewhat interested in slaves, but, in the end, they want to fall in love normally. All boys are like that, right~.

‘Also, recently there is someone I came to like’, said Silver.

Ooh, he gave up on Liz-san and found another love.

“I was thinking that Narnia-san is nice.”

Said Silver. I have no words to say. Why are these guys always after some impossible girl.

Indeed, Narnia-san is lovely and she was free until very recently, but…..

“Yeah, Narnia-san is cool and strong and also beautiful. For me I would like more of a, gentle type I guess? Someone like Angela-san would be nice.”

“Angela is out of the question.”

Angela would be wasted on someone like Crook!

“Yeah, I know I know. Don’t glare at me like that.”

I guess I should tell Silver about it……

“Uhm, Silver. About Narnia-san. You see, she has someone she likes. You know, Orba the leader of Twilight.”

“Eh, but I heard that she isn’t seeing anyone……”

Silver is dumbfounded.

Even if they are not dating, she could still have someone she likes. He should’ve gone a step further to find out if she had someone she liked…… Also, by now they are probably seeing each other already.

I’m curious how things turned out. Let’s ask Elizabeth about it later.

I asked Elizabeth about it the next day, but apparently their immediate surroundings could somehow tell that Narnia-san was in love with Orba-san, but she didn’t act like it at all, so Elizabeth was about the only one who knew. It would be harsh to blame Silver for not investigating it enough.

“I-I now. Let’s all go and take a look at what the Slave Merchant has next time. Right? You said you wanted to see. I will go with you!”

Crook said.

As the two of us tried to console Silver, Sati came to tell us that lunch is ready.

The downhearted Silver seemed to have cheered up a bit from the delicious food.

Crook frequently tried to strike up a conversation with Angela by flattering her cooking skills and such. Although he said he knows, this guy….. Let’s make certain not to invite him in the future when Angela is here.

The meal ended without anything particular happening, then Crook and Silver went home. I told them to stay and eat dessert too, but they declined because they had training in the afternoon too.

Maybe they read the atmosphere and refrained because of it.

Angela and Elizabeth were about 30 percent more peaceful this time.

I saw them out to the front door when they left.

“Weak people should go and make an effort to train. When I’m free I can serve as your opponent again.”

“Today I only let my guard down a bit! I will make you grovel on the ground one day for sure!”

“Hahhahha. If you want to do that then you should get another person at least. Three against one might even be a challenge. Ah, someone like Lazard-san is not allowed!”

“Got it. I will tell Lazard-san that Masaru wants to do it! Bye then!”

After saying that Crook quickly ran away.

Silver thanked me for the food and also walked away.

“Hey, wait, you! That’s not funny!”


What should I do if Lazard-san really comes? I remember his inhuman moves he displayed at the dragon fight.

I absolutely can’t fight against that.

I will get split in half!

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