Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 9

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Volume 2 Chapter 9 – Which erotic game is that?

When we got home, Elizabeth was napping in the living room. We let her sleep like that and start preparing lunch just the two of us. Even though our stamina was somewhat recovered from the Heal, it’s still tough. We quickly finish the preparations by cutting corners, then we wake up Elizabeth and have lunch.

During lunch, I tell Elizabeth about the training. Saying ‘hnn’, she doesn’t look like she has any interest in swords and bows.

“How were things on your end?”

“Complete bust. It’s like they can’t even look each other in the eye from being too conscious of each other.”


“So I motivated Orba with some harsh words. He must be pushing down Narnia like a beast by now.”

‘Fufufu’, Elizabeth laughs. Oiiii, what did you do! Is that really alright!?

“It’s alright. I gave permission. Narnia is already at a dicey age, the sooner the better.”

She tells me that Narnia-san is already 24 years old. Here, where the marrying age is much lower compared to Japan, that is already considered being late to marry.

Maybe it’s fine if there are such circumstances behind it and it’s really mutual love.

“Narnia too. She is always by my side. That really helps me out a lot, but it should be about time she started thinking about her own life……”

‘If it’s Orba, then I can entrust Narnia to him.’, she said while letting out a lonely laugh.

“Then you will be lonely if it happens, right?”

“We are in the same party, so nothing will change.”

“I guess that’s also true.”

“……Masaru, won’t you join our party? We would welcome you if Masaru wants to.”

The Axe of Twilight, huh…..No matter how I think about it I would be risking my life. I would also be separated from Angela-chan. Traveling around with Elizabeth does sound fun. Also, Sati can’t handle combat yet.

“I would still be fine, but Sati, you see.”

“That’s true. It would be too dangerous for Sati.”

Well, I don’t really like to be in danger either.

Angela came over after lunch, bringing a few children with her. I first treat them to some fried meat covered with tartar sauce that we stocked up on. I’ve put those in the Item Box, so they’re still hot of course. The children ate them all up in no time while saying ‘It’s delicious, it’s delicious!’

“Well then, ladies and gentlemen, what I would like you to make is this seasoning called mayonnaise. It’s also used in the tartar sauce you ate just now.”

I show the children the finished product, then I explain how it’s made while showing it on a one egg portion.

“And with this, it’s done.”

I have them taste the completed mayonnaise with a stick of vegetable. The mayonnaise was eaten in a blink of an eye.

“We will mix the ingredients for the seasoning, so I would like you to be in charge of the adding of oil and whipping part.”

Yes! The children answer full of spirit. They cheered when I said that I would give them some of it as a souvenir if they do their job well. They won’t be this cheerful soon enough….

We bought the tools and ingredients before we went to the guild in the morning. First, we have Angela and the children who are good at cooking help us break the eggs and separate the yolks. While they are mixing five big bowls worth of yolks, the two us with Sati add the flavoring. We finally reached the step where it’s time to add the oil, so we leave the work of whipping to the children.

The two of us with Sati guide and advance the work. It seems the children realized the harshness of this work in just a few minutes. Their faces twist from the whipping work that doesn’t seem to end at all no matter how long they mix it. I told them to take breaks frequently, then left the supervision to Sati and Angela and retreated to the living room.

I sit down next to Elizabeth on the sofa. Elizabeth was once again dozing off, but when I came she woke up.

“That reminds me. They said that tomorrow morning will be the dragon auction.”

“Hnn. Maybe I should go and take a look if I have the time.”

I completely forgot. I wonder how much our reward will turn out to be. I now look forward to it.

Apparently the auction will be held at the Trade Guild.

I used quite a bit of gold for the living expenses, but with the reward for the dragon, I would perhaps be able to buy another slave. Well, it’s not like I will. To tell the truth, until I can calm down regarding the current situation I can’t really think about adding another one. Well, I wouldn’t be able to buy that number 4 girl anyway….., but Angela wouldn’t lose to her in terms of figure either and Sati and Elizabeth is also cute. Ah, Tilika-chan is cute too.

“What will you do with the reward when you get it, Elizabeth?”

I imagine Elizabeth would waste all the money in no time. Then Narnia would get angry at her.

“I’ll be sending it home. We are a bit tight financially you see.”

That’s somehow unexpected. I thought she was rich. Maybe she is rich, just her family is on the decline.

She sounded like she didn’t want to speak about her home anymore, so I decided to not pry further into it.

“What about Masaru, what’s going on with your home?”

“Our family is just a normal family. My parents are living fine, so I don’t have to worry about them. Also, it’s so far away even letters don’t get there.”

If everything goes well I can go back in 20 years, and if I die they will get my will and the money. I wonder if mom is doing fine……

“I see, even Masaru has his share of hardships.”

The fact that we share the same circumstance of being away from our homes as adventurers may have tugged on her heartstrings, so her expression became amiable.

“Living here is full of ups and downs so it’s fun. Also, Elizabeth is here with me nowadays, so I’m not lonely.”

“I-Idiot! I-I’m your Master, so being near you is a matter of course!”

Nn, it’s fun because she has these kinds of reactions. Elizabeth is very easy to handle. I got a little downhearted from remembering my home, but my mood is much better now.

When I went to see how the mayonnaise making goes, the children were silently mixing the mayonnaise with eyes like that of a dead fish’s. It’s about two thirds done. Let’s have a break.

“There there, it’s break time~”

I take the pudding out of the refrigerator. Pudding has an extremely fast consumption rate, so I normally have Sati make more, so we don’t run out of stock. I also call over Elizabeth and we all take a break while eating pudding. The children are ecstatic from the flavor they haven’t experienced so far. Unlike vegetables and meat, the eggs, sugar, and horse milk are all expensive. Making this in the orphanage would probably be difficult financially.

After eating some sweet food the children regained their spirits and started working once again. There was a child among those children that one day will start trading in mayonnaise and rise to become a great merchant, but that’s another story.

Anyway. Finally, five bowls’ worth of large amount of mayonnaise was finished. The children are limp from exhaustion. There is no energy even in their hands that receive their payment with a bit of extra added in. Even though I’m thinking of calling them again sometime to make more, I wonder if they will come……

Angela said that she will come again when it’s time for dinner, then she went back with the children, bringing an entire bowl of mayonnaise with her as a souvenir.

Afternoon is Sati’s study time.

We put sand on a plate and she is practicing writing with a stick. First I teach her the letters, then I open the picture book and teach her the words bit by bit. Elizabeth also came to see how we are doing, then she found the story of the hero on the table and started reading that. She is reading the seventh volume.

While watching Sati practicing transcription, I mention to Elizabeth that the writing style is old, so it’s hard to read.

“I guess so. This books was written quite a long time ago, but there are revised versions that are in a modern style. But I like this one more. It has a certain elegance to it, doesn’t it?”

Is that how it is?

“I like volume seven the most. The wind mage, you see…..”

Ah, don’t give me spoilers!

“Oh, that’s true. I’m sorry. What part are you reading now? The beginning? It gets better around the second volume.”

Hoh, I guess I will do my best and read it. But it’s weird feeling. A story where a God orders the subjugation of a Demon Lord via an oracle is obviously a fantasy story, but they call it a true story. Well, I guess this is a fantasy world. Maybe the God who sent the oracle was Itoushin.

Apparently Sati also got interested in the hero’s story, so we close the picture book in a suitable place, once again put our chairs right next to each other, then I start reading the hero’s story out loud from the beginning. Elizabeth also stopped reading the book and is listening to that. So we passed the time comfortably.

I got tired so I ended the study time. It’s not good to cram too much anyway. I move to the living room and start munching on the fruit I had Sati peel as practice. It became quite blocky, but let’s call it good since she didn’t cut her fingers. It’s scary how your palm is in danger of getting cut when you are peeling things…..

I sit on the sofa with Elizabeth and Sati sitting on each side next to me. Elizabeth is strangely keeping her distance, but Sati is sitting tightly next to me. Sati is handing me the fruit with a ‘here’. I would like her to feed me with ‘aaan’, but maybe there is no such custom here. Elizabeth looks sleepy once again. Come to think of it, she probably couldn’t get much sleep yesterday because of the lightnings.

Before I realized, Elizabeth leaned on my shoulder and started sleeping soundly. Sati went to the kitchen to do housework. I don’t have anything special to do, so I lend my shoulder to Elizabeth and vaguely think about some things.

It’s been a few days since I bought Sati, wasn’t it a surge of developments one after the other? Seeing her naked, then experiencing a lucky event in the bath and even having my back washed by her. Girls fighting over me, sleeping together on the same bed, reading a book while sitting shoulder to shoulder. Having homemade cooking made for me, and even now, a girl is sleeping while leaning on my shoulder. If somebody told me this, I would for sure ask that person ‘What erotic game is that?’. In Japan my age was equal to the years I didn’t have a girlfriend and I was hooked on games and anime, but I guess a real girl is this soft and smells this good.

I look at the clock on the menu. October 10th. It was September 11th when I came here, so it’s been just a month. There were harsh things that happened since I came to this different world, but I finally feel that I’ve been rewarded. At first I just had a vague intention of making a harem, but I think it got more tangible by now.

I didn’t know what to do after I went to Hello Work and got taken to another world, but this is what having a harem with cheat means! Itoushin, thank you for taking me to a different world. Let’s attach plenty of thanks to today’s journal entry.

Before I noticed I fell asleep. I got woken up by Sati. We also wake up Elizabeth at the same time. Angela and Tilika-chan have already arrived, but they didn’t wake us out of consideration. There was a tasty looking dinner already done. There is also fried food neatly next to it. Apparently Sati made it all by herself. Good good, she has grown so much in these few days. You did good~. Pat pat.

“Ehehe. Thank you very much.”

She should be tired from the training in the morning, but Sati handles her work very well. I leave the housework entirely to her and she has become able to handle most of the cooking too, so it’s much easier for me now.

During the meal, Angela, who came to know that Sati is learning to read and write, said this.

“Then should I bring the books we have over sometimes? Well, even if I call them books, they are just copies that the children made. They would cost a lot to buy.”

She made an offer I’m thankful for. Written copy, huh. I wonder how things like copyright work over here. With things like the hero’s story it shouldn’t matter either way since it’s from hundreds of years ago.

“Yeah, they’re expensive. Then perhaps I should take you up on that offer.”

“Then I will bring them over, tomorrow perhaps.”

“Thank you very much, Angela-sama!”

“I will also bring books for onee-chan.”

“Thank you, Tilika-chan. I’m grateful!”

She is loved by Tilika-chan as usual.

After the meal, it’s time for bath. Lately, this is my favourite time of the day. I can amply appreciate the fresh-out-of-the-bath appearence of the girls. Of course, I don’t ogle them. But I take a few glances at them. The seating order already became a standard, so Angela sits next to me like it’s natural. A pleasant scent of soap drifts my way. Her voluptuous breasts almost want to burst forth from under her clothes. A sight for sore eyes.

After Sati got out of the bath, Tilika-chan started reading the picture book for her.

“Is Tilika-chan reading the book for you? Good for you, Sati.”


“I’m the one teaching onee-chan to read.”

Tilika-chan glares at me like that. Well, she is looking at me with the same blank look as usual, no glaring at all, but somehow that was my impression. The two of us glare at each other for a bit. Sati is being flustered.

“Then how about both of us teach her. That way she will be able to read books in no time at all.”


“Nn. That will be fine.”

It looks like she gave her consent.

I enter the bath after Elizabeth came out. I pour warm water on myself and wash my head. Then the door opens. Of course, there is only one person who would enter. Last time was also while I was washing my head, huh.

She is definitely aiming for this timing on purpose.

“Masaru-sama, I will wash your head, okay~?”

She does what she wants.

“Uhm……what about Tilika-chan?”

“She said I should go.”

She isn’t acting as breakwater at aaaaaaaaaaaall. Why would she recommend it!

“What about Angela and Elizabeth?”

“Uhm, they are, well, having a discussion.”

Did they start arguing about something again, those two. Aaah, well I guess it’s fine. This feels good anyway. This feels good anyway!

I didn’t lose it that much to let her wash the front too, so I do that myself, then we both enter the bathtub and soak in the water. I thought it wouldn’t be nice to turn my back to her, so I turn sideways and try to not look in her direction. Sati sticks right next me. While naked! She tries to cling to me every chance she gets. Like while we are sleeping. She holds my hand when we are walking too. I have to endure. There are three ladies outside of the bath. Making a move on her is out of question. When I sneak a sideways glance our eyes meet, then Sati smiles sweetly.

Not good, I’m at my limit. I might get dizzy. I get out of the bathtub. Of course, Sati also follows. I make sure not to look in Sati’s direction as I wear my clothes and evacuate to the living room without even properly wiping myself dry. I sit at the table instead of the sofa. Since my lower body is enlarged. I have to hide it with the table. Sati also chased after me with water still dripping off of her.

“Masaru-sama, you have to wipe yourself properly!”

I got caught by Sati and had my head dried by her.

“Oh my, you two. Did you go in together?”

Elizabeth asked.

“Uhm, yeah. My back and such. She washed it for me……”

“I’m good at washing people’s heads and body!”

“Onee-chan is very good at washing.”

“Hee, that’s nice. Then maybe I should also ask you next time?”

Apparently, Narnia usually washes her head for her.

“Yes! How about Angela-sama too?”

“Y-, yeah. I guess……”

Didn’t this somehow turn into a flow where it’s a matter of course that we will take baths together starting from tomorrow?

That night I, of course, slept together with Sati and Tilika-chan. As expected, Elizabeth didn’t come.

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