Not to Compete and Create Dolls 12 part 3

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Chapter 12 part 3

TL: Kourii

Editor: Raven

Author: I have kept you waiting.


If according to the Otome game, the event of Elstat being consulted doesn’t have any connection with me. Nevertheless, it is strange for a capture target to encounter such a transformative event without encountering the heroine yet.

However, this is not the game.

This is reality.
There is no such thing as a “capture target” who cannot grow without the heroine.

I think this is such an important issue that, if I could, I would have gone to my murky room and carefully think about it.


[ Alty, Kajero…… be careful, he is coming.](Els)

When Els noticed some movement the three of them went silent.

Els’ natural noble smile instantly changed to that of a firm and flawless one.

[…? This is strange. It is the same presence this afternoon but the bad vibe is…gone.](Els)
(The dolls outside didn’t see him enter. …Is it some kind of *visual interference magic?)(Kajero)

In the party venue, only the area around us is full of tension.


[Wahaha, are the two of you enjoying the party?](Mr. Oblivious=u know who)

Without knowing anything, the Rozerem duke came and asked in his mellow voice and expression.

[Yes, it is very interesting as there are a lot of people that I don’t usually get to meet.](Alty)

I responded with a rigid expression while desperately squeezing out a fake smile.

[That is wonderful . After all, destined meeting is more precious than any treasure . Actually, when I was lost in the streets earlier, I met a famous person . This must be a guidance from god, I just had to call out after all . Having such a surprising encounter like this really is suitable for a surprise party. I think it should be about time–]

Eeto*, can it be that Rozerem duke is really unaware that The Wandering Earl has already lived for a thousand years?
Before I had the chance to ask.

[Oh, here he comes. I’ve been waiting.](Mr. Oblivious)

Opening the door without a sound as if slipping through it, was the appearance of the earl—

*        *
[Having been invited to celebrate such a beautiful princess’ birthday really shows that the months and days of the thousand year is worth it after all.]

It was a man with black eyes and long hair as if condensed by the darkness of the night.
His skin, on the other hand, is white as the perpetual snow, but the contrast just makes his presence stronger.

[Nice to meet you, Doll Princess. My name is Christophe du Vergennes or The Wandering Earl as you should have heard.]

**Dressed in an old violet robe, he showed an old form of greeting from the old times and kneeled in front of me.

His thoroughly elegant and graceful gestures that you can’t help but want to sigh with admiration is enough proof that he is someone who has lived for over a thousand years.

Now the leading role of the party has already switched from me to him.

The other people weren’t able turn their eyes away from him.

I was also not able to take my eyes away from him.

However, it is not because of interest.

It is because of shock.

I never would have guessed that he would make a grand appearance and meet me face to face like this.

My plans here and there around Spiril were completely laid waste.

Could it be that he wants to make me his collection in front of the public like this? His distorted and greedy collection of confining variant talents forever in ice should be thoroughly hidden though.

At least, it was like that in the game.

The contradiction is like an absolute zero degree storm that chills my heart.

My head can’t keep up with this development.

The Earl was still bowing his head and gently holding my left hand with his long fingers.

[You might be confused by something so unexpected but may I hear your name, Princess?](W.E)

I was still restless about all this, so much that I didn’t recognize that his words were directed at me.

[….Alty, snap out of it!](Els)

The one who brought me back was Els.
If Els didn’t softly pull at my hand, I probably would still be standing here in a daze until the end of the world.

[Yes, Els, I just go a little dazed.
….. My apologies for showing you something unsightly. Earl, my name is Altirea Wisp, also known as The Doll Princess as you should have heard.](Alty)

As I was saying that , I was desperately thinking of a solution in my mind.

This is reality, not the game world.

There are plenty of things that differ from my knowledge.

The important thing to do is to face them one by one.

(….Seems like you have finally calmed down.)

I finally started to receive telepathy messages from Kajero again. You can’t receive it if you are not calm.

(We’re finally able to change our strategy. All the dolls in town have been gathered here. Please do not worry about the safety of your father and the guests.)

Looking around a bit, I can see that all the Rutia family members are on guard and ready to move at anytime. There are two cats near father’s leg. They are the ones that I brought on the carriage with me. Their always sleepy looking eyes are now wide open, and they had a cheeky and amusing grin on their faces.

(Ojou-sama, you are not alone. Even if the world is to completely change and everyone wants your life. We will still be your ally to the very end. Please do not forget about that.)

(…. Thank you)

That’s right.

I am not alone.

It is obvious.

However, just putting it again in words somehow really warms up my heart.

I stood facing the Earl.

The Earl stood there as imposing as a tower. The earl is even a head taller than the large Rozerem duke, so I had no choice but to take a step back as I am still in the stature of a child.

As if I’d lose to him.

I tightly hugged Kajero who is still in my arms.

I looked back into his dark never ending abyss-like eyes that make others feel like their soul being sucked , as he is looking down towards me.

I wanted to run away.

However, Els’ gaze gave me courage.

If I am lost about what to do, I can just rely on others.

But that is even more reason to give my best.

First is, U-n, lets find out the intentions of the other party.

[Coming here for someone like myself, I am grateful to Earl .](Alty)

Let’s start by having a simple conversation.

[No, no. It is me who should be grateful. Please let me worship your beauty and allow me to be devoted to your magic.](W.E)

The earl changed the white shining agate ring on his left hand to his right hand.

It might probably be a magic tool as it began to emit a dazzling light.

Expecting it to come, I gave orders to the dolls—

[No , that’s not it.](Els)

I stopped after listening to Els words.

[There isn’t the bad vibe like during the day.](Els)

As expected, it is exactly so.

[This is an ancient magic to brandish, a magic from a long time ago, made for my beloved princess from the reformed part of a curse.](Yandere Earl)

Saying that the Earl began to chant.

It was neither a low creepy voice nor a heavy crushing voice.It was a light sonorous voice that was really pleasant to hear.

Giving off an illusion as if one is watching a great opera, the magic itself is just too pure and beautiful.

Then it revealed a miracle.

[Snow…] Someone voiced it out.
That’s right.
White snow was dancing around.
Softly and gently falling on the ground.
Right now, without knowing when, we are no longer in the [Hatoba Inn] but in a white silver world.
There are only white plains every where as far as our eyes can see.

Even Els whose hair has been standing up against the earl has his mind completely blown away.

The sun is going down, illuminating the world in orange.
After the setting sun left with a slight melancholy, night came to visit.
A blue meteor crossed the sky. An aurora floats on the night sky, gradually changing color with a gentle shimmer.

The earl’s expression was proud but somehow there is some dissatisfaction.
Slightly moving his mouth, although it was faint but I was able to hear his voice.

[How is it, my princess? This is the snow that you wanted to see.] What a familiar line.
Aah, that ****drama CD. The one with the story of the young earl.

…..Once upon a thousand years ago, when the earl was merely a knight of an empire. For the sake of his imprisoned princess, he used forbidden arts and became a demon.

Eeto, how did the princess responded then?

Didn’t I listened to that CD even harder than when studying for the test?

Recall it.
Surely, it was —

[<No, it’s different. After all, it is not cold at all.>](Alty)

With this, it should match up.
Let’s see what will happen.

….The earl’s eyes were wide open.

[Please do forgive me. If I am to let you feel the cold, I’m afraid my head will be cut off.] [<How kind of you. Well, would you promise me? That one day you would take me there?>]

This was the trigger. The earl then went towards the rebels’ side, and the revolution was a success which brought about the country today, but that is a different story.

[Definitely, I swear with my soul.]

The earl’s voice is trembling.

Well, can’t blame him for that.
The words of the princess that shouldn’t have been known to anyone, have been beautifully reproduced.

After having the earl be surprised over and over again, I am a bit happy as I’m finally able to make a come back at him although it is such a small victory.

Was it too much?
The earl’s shoulders were trembling and both of his eyes were tightly shut.

Nononono, it is not to the point of crying….. I think.

Even in the story, most of the twists are often about the late princess’ feelings.

Seems like my fooling around has stimulated the earl’s sentimental wound.

That’s right.
Would he just dejectedly go home like that?
Well, that would be a development I am most hoping for.

I wonder whether me thinking of such a sweet thing, is wrong.

[– Altirea-sama](Earl)

The Earl was kneeling down.
It was different from before.
His head is hitting the ground.
This posture is as if he is licking my feet.

[As expected, you are my princess’ reincarnation. The words just now have already confirmed it. Though with this body that have fallen towards the *****netherworld’s magic, can I please have the honor of serving you once again–?] Author: Next is the night’s schedule.
By the way, the original Altirea’s talent was not that much and she didn’t enter the earl’s eye at all.


TL note:
_*here is : ‘視覚遮断の魔法’ visual interference magic or whatever you call it. I am fully open for suggestions.
_**this long sentence is killing me: 今ではおぼろげにしか伝わっていない古王朝式と呼ばれる作法でもって私の前に跪く. I’m not sure if I got the meaning right either.
_both of them *** is the same word which is ‘出会い’, but I changed it a bit to make it sound better.
_****‘Eeto’ is like ‘Uh’ in English.
_*****Drama CD: is more like an audio CD. A voice only drama CD.
_ ******here is ‘冥府魔道’ as in Netherworld + evil arts/magic/way… I am stumped on how to phrase this and it is subjected to change. If you have any bright ideas please let me know.

____TL question poll:
1: Should I continue to put the name of the speaker after the lines? Yes or No?
(Kourii: Sometimes I might even mess a round and change the way I call them multiple times though.)

_Kourii: is it just me or has anyone else’s impression of the Earl grew better after this chapter?

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