Not to Compete and Create Dolls V1 chapter13

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Chapter 13

My understanding can’t keep up at the moment.

A reincarnator? Me?

Just what happened that it has become this way?

Altirea isn’t supposed to have a setting like that.
It’s true that “I” do have a previous life, but I wasn’t someone like the imprisoned princess as I was only a normal high school girl in modern day Japan.

[Please raise your head, Earl. I am not the reincarnate of Finel-sama.](Alty)

[If that is the case, then how did you know about the conversation that only I and the princess knew about?](W.E)

…. So that’s why.

By accidentally murmuring the lines in the drama CD, I seems to have created a misunderstanding.

While I am still thinking of how to solve this misunderstanding , Kajero sent me an telepath message.

(Princess, I have something to ask you.)

I wonder just what it is that he wanted to ask me.

(What kind of person is Finel-sama?)

It was such an unexpected question that I couldn’t immediately respond.

To think that Kajero didn’t know about the story behind the creation of this kingdom-

(By any chance, did you mean Rustiyu princess?) (Kajero)

Un, that’s right. Don’t tell me the fact that her name when held captive was Finel, and that she was renamed as Rastiyu when rescued, which is supposed to be common sense for fans, is such an insane thing for the people of this world.

It seems like it’s true.

[Moreover, to think you would utter her childhood name that had been forgotten long ago by the people…. As expected you little lady really are my princess.] (Earl)

The earl’s reasoning has gone completely off the track.

Wha-what should I do?

It’s not like I don’t think his determined expression is a little nice, but in the end his feeling is not directed to the real “me”. It is a little sad but I just don’t want to deceive him in such a way.

Well, I just can’t think of a good way to explain.

If i don’t reason with him properly and he went into combat mode, then that will be very troublesome.

In addition, the staff in 《Rune Knight Concerto》 once said in an interview –that Altirea is a little too pitiful and that they would make her a little better in the fan disks and portable version.

Then the possibility of an extra setting as “Rastiyu princess’ reincarnate” added later, is not completely zero either.

I am really at my wits end.

Perhaps telling Kajero about my previous life in modern day Japan might have been a good idea, but that is a little too late.

Els, the Rozerem duke, and also everyone around me seems to be in spectator mode already. (TL: it means they are all only watching the show and seeing what will happen.)

Just when I am cornered with no way out, the one who came to my rescue was—

[This talk concerns the future of Alty, so would you mind if I let myself in this talk?](Alty’s hero)

A gentle voice that doesn’t seem like it belong to a 40 years old man and a pair of slender long legs.

Father, wonderful….!

[Yaa, Chris. Seems like your complexion is bad as usual.](Solute)

As if towards a friend he hasn’t met in a long time, father’s word was like an open-hearted complain.
Just as I was thinking if it wasn’t too frank-

[…Sloute-dono. Were you also invited here?](Earl)

The earl gave his usual earl-like answer.

[Nothing like invited, your beloved princess is my daughter you know. Please do try to recall the family name.](Solute)
[Wisp…. Aah, I see.](Earl)

[You really haven’t changed at all huh. Though there is usually no chance to see you at all as you just seem to disappear somewhere.](Solute)

By the time I noticed, I was already completely left out of the conversation.
Well, that did save me but there is one thing I am curious about.

[Are father and Earl acquaintances?](Alty)

[Aah, we used to be in a party together for quite some time when I was an adventurer. Even if it’s like that, we really only did 2 or 3 quests together. I still remember what he said when he joined our guild, and it was something like ‘ I want to make sure whether Solute-dono’s ability is deserved to be acknowledged as a variant talent.’ ] (Solute)

Father, you perhaps didn’t notice then but that was a very dangerous signal.

The earl sometimes get close to the person themselves to determine whether to ice-pickle them or not.

This was in the game story but it was the 15 years old Elstat(before the game took place) who he went with to search the labyrinth.

In other words, if father took just one wrong step, then he would be in the ice right now, and it is possible that I wouldn’t have been born…

[Chris, you said you wanted to serve my daughter?](Solute)

[Aah, I merely want to be a knight and swear my loyalty to the princess again.](Chris)

[On behalf of my daughter, thank you. As a parent, I am also honored.
However, it is so sudden that even Alty is quite stumped.
Would you mind if you have a talk with me another time instead?] (Solute)

*[Fumu…the princess also seems to has just unexpectedly remembered the past. I have been too impatient. Acknowledged, I will do as you say.](Chris)

Aah- things seem to have finally settled down.

The main problem seems to have only been postponed, but it really saved me as now I have some time to think of a counter measure.

The earl stood up with a flow of movement as if he doesn’t feel the weight at all, and just outright left the place….
He was going to leave but- the Rozerem duke called out with a troubled look.

[Aa- Earl, is a moment fine with you? This shouldn’t be something to say as this is my first time meeting you, But I got my position as the main managing officer in court to consider you see.](R.D)

That is the government position of law enactment and enforcement, kind of like the chief justice of the supreme court or like the minister of justice.

[From that perspective, I just want to give you an advice. If you were to serve Alty-kun then your uncertain position and territory will surely be a problem.](R.D)

Such an insignificant story, can’t you just save it for next time?
Just as things are properly falling into place, please don’t be so obtrusive duke-sama.

[Duke Vergennes’ territory is already merged with the Rasilez since 800 years ago. Strictly speaking, there is no longer such knight known by the name Vergennes Earl.](R.D)

There is also something like this on a certain story bulletin board.
–The arrest of the self-proclaimed homeless unemployed wandering earl(1000) due to **underage prostitution prevention ordinance.
I remember that there should be such info written here and there.
[First things first, if it’s fine with you, you could go to the Rasilez duke to have your territory back–](R.D)

[That is not needed. To bring up relationship between individual in politics will only bring about corruption.](Earl)

The earl once again used a polite tone to talk unlike when he was talking with father.
Well, of course since the position of the Rozerem duke is higher than him, that is only natural.

[To be known as an earl is already a funny story, but lets say I go back to being a normal knight. What do you say?](Earl)

[…No, that is also a problem. You can just go through with a baptism by the church in the past, but now you have to undergo a training course at the imperial city. ….how about enlisting in the knight academy as a proposal?](R.D)

This is bad.
Do you even know what you are saying?
Rozerem duke, did you perhaps drink too much wine?

Or is it part of the calculations of the man who have survived years of trickeries surrounding the court?

Father also once said
—that the most scary out of the courts’ official is the Rozerem duke.
–my greatest fortune in life is to have him as my childhood friend.
—if not then I would have been nicely rolled around.

It can’t be like that, right?
Un- unbelievable, unbelievable.

*              *
About the previous case.
It seems like 6 months after that, a youth with a bad complexion named Chris Déje enrolled in the knight academy.

Calm and composed unbefitting of a 15 years old, having deep wisdom and insight, and able to free use the lost sword skill of the ancient empire, he quickly became the center of attention once again.

His identity is….. seems like I don’t have to tell you. The appearance seems to have been changed a little by magic.

In addition to whether I will accept him or not. Actually if I were to use him, he doesn’t really have to be a knight.

[It is part of a man’s pride to be bound by appearances. Please find it in you to forgive me. Princess, when I have wonderfully been qualified as a knight, I would once again appear before you.](Earl)

Or so things seem to be.

Putting his thoughts aside, I would definitely prefer the state that the wandering earl would ,in his stable job as a knight, be as busy as possible that he can’t even move his feet at all.

To be neatly qualified. As long as he doesn’t overlap me with his princess when looking at me…..Un… well, I guess that is not happening .

Somehow it feels like the first step is finally done.


Author: Inside story part 1
Earl vs Altirea, the winner is Alty with a slight advantage. The earl was out without even having gotten serious.

Inside story part 2
Father Solute+ Rozerem duke+ Kajero as a team fighting seriously equals 90% victory.

**TL note:
*the line here is spoken with a unique way, kind of like the ancient samurai way of speaking. With fumu this fumu that as affirming sign. Well, kinda like Akatsuki way of speaking in Log Horizon.
**This is killing me. Kinda like a crime’s term or whatever it is. The original is ‘未成年淫行防止条例で逮捕’.


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