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Chapter 29 – The Sports Festival and the Odd-Jobber and the Staying Over (2)

Welcome to the Student Council Room, bunny-chan~. Go ahead, don’t hold back and sit on my lap alright.”

“Makoto, come beside me. Don’t go near that hentai.”

It became that the Prince’s accompanying me to the Student Council Room, in place of Soutarou who couldn’t avoid going to the Basketball Club activities.

Persuading Soutarou who shook his head as he grabbed the hem of my clothes with teary-eyes, somehow or other I obtained permission to go to the Student Council Room with the premise of the Prince who was on the spot coming along.

This may not be the best thing to put into words, but it’s a little surprising that Soutarou trusts the Prince. Even though they seemed on bad terms during the April training camp. 

The Student Council President Junya sat on the chief seat at the head table, and Takayanagi sat on his right side. The Prince settled down on his left side, and I’m beside the Prince, the positioning was as such. The Prince is unrestrainedly browbeating Junya in place of the Soutarou just now.

But Soutarou had more intensity. Rather than a doggy he was like a wolf. On the other hand, the current Prince, as expected, feels like a cute kitten. The cat seems to just be going fuu fuu[1], it’s simply adorable.

“I say, Bunny-chan, not just a watchdog you’re even raising a ‘watchcat’ huh~? Even though I finally made bunny-chan the odd-jobber, it’s borrring for even the watchcat to come along.”

Junya pouted as though he’s sulking.

Slumped on the table and moving his legs with a thud thud, was he trying to assert ‘I’m sulking’?

“Oi studhorse, was it a lie you’ll work hard for the Ballgame Tournament preparations if you make Sakurai-kun the odd-jobber?”

“It’s not a lie but~. Aww this isn’t the odd-jobber I imagined. It’s more like bunny-chan sitting on my lap, saying “Senpai, do your best-nyan”, like that.”

Something like that isn’t the work of an odd-jobber.

What ‘do your best at work-nyan’. No matter how you look I’m not a character who’ll say that.

That sort of thing should be done by a loli-like bishoujo right. As in someone like Mitsuki.

“There’s no motivation~ I’ve no motivation unless bunny-chan treats me kinder~!”

While I’m slightly put off by the hentai Student Council President who’s magnificently throwing a tantrum, this guy’s trying to get along with me in his own way.

If the feelings this guy spoke of during the storeroom incident the other day is true, the reason he approaches so persistently in this erotic manner is to attract my attention. It’s incredibly annoying but if I think of it this way it’s also kind of cute, maybe?

Even as the Prince who’s sitting beside me, chew chew, stuffed his cheeks with animal cookies he procured, he continued to glare at Junya.

“Understood. I don’t want to sit on your lap but! Definitely don’t want to but! Since I’m tentatively the odd-jobber, I’ll help out with Senpai’s work.”

“Really? Then, over here, my bunny-chan. Sit beside me!”

He excitedly brought over a foldable chair and placed it beside his own seat.

And then tap tap he hit the chair, indicating me to sit.

The Prince who stopped indulging in the cookies eyeballed Junya, glaring at him. Junya deliberately shrugged and warded it off.

“Kiritani, it’ll be fine.”


“Kiritani will save me if something happens right?”

Though he’s expressionless, I understand very well that he’s worried.

The Prince reluctantly nodded, and shuffle shuffle resumed his eating of the snacks. I’ve a feeling the Prince’s constantly eating snacks. So why is it he doesn’t get fat! The past me gained whatever amount I take in, y’know.

I settled down at the foldable chair Junya prepared, reaching out for the scattered documents.

“Is it okay as long as I staple this?”

“Un, …… but, even if bunny-chan doesn’t do anything, just having you sit by my side, I, will be able to work really hard you know.”

He peeped at my face while grinning happily.

“Don’t say anymore trivial things, do your job properly.”

“Un! I’ll work hard so watch me okay!”

As though his slovenly state until now was a lie, Junya began working in high spirits.

Junya’s side profile as he scanned through the documents was unexpectedly serious, and just a little――really just a little, appeared cool. As expected the face of a serious man is something that appears cool regardless of who sees it isn’t it.

Only the tack, tack sound of documents being stapled and the sound of Takayanagi writing something on the documents resounded within the quiet Student Council Room.

These documents are probably, related to the Ballgame Tournament. To be preparing for the Ballgame Tournament now when it’s still some time into the future, even though this guy is hentai and a guy who can’t be helped, he’s a proper Student Council President huh.

And I think Takayanagi who controls that Student Council President is even more amazing.

Glancing at Takayanagi, he’s correcting the documents with his back straightened impeccably. His large hand with prominent knuckles is pretty.

“Sakurai-kun, is there something you don’t understand?”

“Eh, ah, there isn’t! I’m good.”

Takayanagi suddenly raised his head and smiled at me lightly. My heart thumped a little. This is bad this is bad. I’ve to do my work properly.

The odd job entrusted to me was, the monotonous work of doing nothing but repeated stapling. This can be carried out without much thinking so time passes quickly if I focus on it.

Before I knew it it became 18:00, and the outside of the window turned a complete pitch-black.

It was Takayanagi who first noticed the approach of the school closing hour. Takayanagi removed his glasses, rubbing his inner canthi.

“I don’t mind if Sakurai-kun goes home soon. Junya and I will do the rest.”

The curtain of the night had already fallen beyond the window.

Junya who was working seriously, raised his head and tug tug, pulled at my clothes.

“Hey hey, bunny-chan, go home with me~?”

The Prince held onto my clothes and smacked Junya’s arm away silently, expressionlessly holding my arm and pulling me till the front of the door.

“Kaichou still has work right. I’ll send Makoto back. Let’s go home together, Makoto.”

“E-eh? Ah, u-un.”

“I want to go home with Makoto, two of us. Can’t we?”

The Prince gripped my hand, and though he remained expressionless, somehow he appeared despondent as he looked at me.

It wasn’t only the doggy Soutarou who’s sly. The kitty Prince’s also considerably sly. Being gazed upon by this sparkly ikemen face that’s behaving like a spoiled child, I can’t possibly say ‘no’, can I.

Furthermore I’m weak to the Prince’s voice. And I’m also weak to his smell.

“Prince, I was the one who spoke about going home together first, you know?”

Junya grabbed my other arm, and wrapped his arm around my waist in an extremely natural motion.

Not only that, pull, he drew my waist towards him. My waist and Junya’s waist became glued together. Somehow Junya is lewd, time and time again huh.

“Let go of Makoto. You still have work right.”

“Don’t wanna, even I want to go home with bunny-chan,!”

My arms were grabbed from both sides and my waist embraced, having two obnoxious dudes clinging to me, somehow I think my mind’s drifting away.

Being pulled to the left and pulled to the right, perhaps it’s about time I, who was shook in both directions, head to Aizu[2]. In the Akabeko kind of meaning.

“Ah geez, isn’t it fine if three of us go back together. Are you guys children?”

“I don’t want that! Because, again, you won’t converse with me at all!”

Junya strengthened his embrace, this time shaking me back and forth as though he’s an uncontrollable kid.

“That’s…… isn’t it because Senpai’s messing around……”

“……. I’m not messing around.”

Junya buried his face at the nape of my neck. It’s very ticklish so by all means I’d like him to move away, but it seems like it’ll become troublesome if I push him now so I’ll remain silent.

The Prince was desperately tug tug pulling at my arm. I wonder what should I do.

I can’t avoid trouble regardless of selecting the Prince or selecting Junya. Well then what should I do. What.

“Junya, don’t trouble Sakurai-kun. Kiritani-kun, you too.”


Takayanagi who was unable to remain a bystander walked over, and pulled me away from Junya and the Prince.

“You, Junya, stay behind and work. Kiritani-kun and Sakurai-kun do be on your way.”

The back of Junya’s collar was grasped by Takayanagi.

Being stared fixedly by those teary eyes, a restless feeling surfaced. Perhaps his heart wasn’t in it, I’ve a feeling the rabbit ears of his rabbit-ear jacket appeared downhearted.

Junya seems to be constantly clad in rabbit-ear jackets but, I wonder how many articles he has?

“Wait I say, bunny-chan! I, thought really hard, about what to do for the sake of being together with bunny-chan even if it’s just for a while, and for the sake of talking to you, I thought really hard, and so”

“And so you asked me to be the odd-jobber?”

Junya hesitantly nodded in a meek manner.

Somehow I understand this is a scene where one’s heart is supposed to throb. I understand but, that the result of having contemplated is this, it’s just a speculation but, isn’t Junya an astounding idiot……?

“I understand your feelings. I’ll come to the Student Council Room as much as possible, every day beginning from tomorrow. Even if there’s no odd-jobber work.”

Though I think he’s an astounding idiot, he thought that much because he wanted to converse with me after all.

Certainly, Soutarou or the Prince, and Kaname are constantly around me. It might not be possible to converse at ease even if he attacks head-on.

Honestly, though I’m bad with Junya, he holds this much good will towards me. No matter how bad I am with him, I should respond properly like a man.

“…… really?”

“Ah. I’ll come.”

“Bunny-chan’s cool as expected. I like you, I really like you.”

Junya broke away from Takayanagi’s loosened grip and briskly approached me.

Looking at him smiling frivolously as though nothing happened, Ah so he was pretending to be downhearted just now, I thought that in a corner of my mind.

Chu, a cute sound of the lips could be heard from my forehead. Probably, or should I say 9 out of 10 cases, I’m being kissed on the forehead by Junya. I’m not disturbed or anything anymore since I’ve been kissed by him a number of times already, but it seems it’s different for the Prince beside me.

His face turned grim at once, and grabbing my arm he rushed out of the room.

It was a gentle arm grab for me who was used to Soutarou’s superhuman strength. Shortly after I wondered why he grabbed my arm, in the blink of an eye I was brought to the old school building, and kabedon’ed[3] in the recesses of a sparsely-populated corridor.

By the way it wasn’t a kabedon in the protest[4] kind of meaning, but a kabedon for the sake of cornering the other party and cutting away their escape route.

While I have no idea why I’m being kabedon’ed, for the time being, the Prince sure has a pretty face. As expected of a prince.

His doll-like finely-chiseled features and double-eyelid tsurime were more suitable to be called a beauty’s than an ikemen’s. His eyes which don’t show emotions were upturned as they tried to capture mine.


“Un? What’s up Kiritani?”

“Kiss me too.”

The Prince grabbed my necktie while expressionless and, tug, pulled me closer.

The Prince’s pretty even as I look from a close distance. Perhaps because his eyes were lowered, his long eyelashes casted shadows onto his skin that was pale to a shocking extent.

“Eh, wait wait wait wait, wait a moment!”


“Calm down, Kiritani. You can’t kiss.”

Without saying a thing and not listening to my words, lick, the Prince licked my forehead.

“Wha-wha, wha, Prince.”

“I licked because you said I can’t kiss.”


My voice cracked.

“I’m, very jealous. Because Makoto’s flirting with Kaichou, I’m jealous. Makoto.”

Despite being expressionless his cheeks were flushed as he rubbed his cheek against my lower jaw area, and in my uneasiness I tried to draw back, but the wall was behind so I couldn’t move.

The Prince was so unremitting that I could only open and close my mouth.

Is this behaviour categorised under friendship?
Is this normal behaviour for, high school boys these days?
Someone tell meー!


[1] Fuu Fuu ふーふー. Blowing sounds
[2] The Akabeko legend originated from Aizu 会津 (Fukushima prefecture, Japan).
[3] Kabedon 壁ドン. Kabe = wall. Don (in this case) = sound when his hand(s) hit(s) the wall.
[4] Hitting the wall (kabedon) in protest 抗議. Eg. when your neighbours are too noisy next door and you ‘kabedon’ in protest.

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