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Chapter 28 – The Sports Festival and the Odd-Jobber and the Staying Over (1)

June. At the same time it’s the rainy season, it’s the season of the Sports Festival.

The Sports Festival bustle also arrived at our Izumino Gakuen. It seems Izumino Gakuen carries out Ballgame Tournaments instead of Sports Festivals in this season. We’re using the LHR period to decide which game we’ll participate in, but should I say as expected, I can’t quite make a decision.

It’s truly troublesome to have a Ballgame Tournament in this season when it’s becoming warm.

Having said that, the Ballgame Tournament is a slightly gloomy event for me because I don’t particularly like physical activities. Especially when, as you know, my sense regarding ballgames is catastrophic.

“What’s Mako planning to enter?”

Soutarou grinned as he pulled my sleeve.

“I think I don’t want to enter if possible.”

“You can’t do that. It’s been determined that every person has to enter one.”

It’s good for Soutarou who’s good at sports huh. He’ll play a huge role no matter which ballgame he joins and gets ‘kya kya’-ed at by girls, won’t he. There’s no way he won’t be popular with his good looks and being almighty at sports huh.

In comparison, I’m bad with ballgames and however you put it the inside is a frail girl y’know. I don’t think of wanting to be popular, but at very least I don’t want to drag them down. I wonder what I should do.

“I understand but, you know I’m bad with ballgames, right.”

“Enter the same ballgame with me then. Let’s practice together?”

Soutarou came up with what can only be said to be a good idea, bringing his lips close to my ear and suggested in a whisper. Thereafter “How about it?” he tilted his head as he said that. It’s the usual sly Soutarou.

Certainly Soutarou seems like he’ll match my pace, teaching me slowly and carefully because he’s kind. Moreover, personally it seems more fun to enter the same ballgame as friends I get along with like Soutarou or Kaname, the Prince.

“Alright. Okay. By the way what’s Soutarou planning to enter? As I thought is it basketball?”

“I like Mako so anything’s fine.”

Having heard my reply, dog ears popped out with a spring from Soutarou. Then shine, a smile surfaced as though there were flowers blooming. In short, it’s the usual Soutarou.

What the heck, I wonder which part of me attracted Soutarou to come hugging this much. I don’t feel unpleasant when he’s all over me and hugs me, rather, while the area around my chest gets ticklish, I do feel happy.

Well then, rather than Soutarou I’ve to think of which ballgame to participate in.

The ballgames are basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis and table tennis. By the way they’re all separated by gender. You’ve to participate in at least one, and it seems you can hold at most three positions concurrently.

First of all basketball is out of question. There’s no doubt I’ll end up a master of Travelling. I hit home runs in tennis and table tennis, and I’m not even sure of the rules for soccer. I’ve played volleyball quite a bit when I was a girl, so comparatively I’ve a feeling I can do it.

“I’ll go for volleyball.”

“Volley? Okay~”

I’m not very good at volleyball either, but it can’t be helped if there’s no choice but to participate.

I’m tentatively a high school student too. It’s not too bad to relish in high school student-like events.

“If it’s volleyball for Mako, I’ll go for volleyball too.”

I was extremely shocked as the Prince suddenly turned around the moment LHR ended.

“I see, it’s heartening to have the Prince with us. Let’s do our best.”

Nod, the Prince bowed his head in assent while expressionless.

I can’t picture the figure of the lethargic Prince doing his best at volleyball. But since Subaru said the Prince’s a high-specs prince who can do anything be it studies, sports or the arts, he’ll be impressive if he’s up to it.

Ikemen who’s able to do anything, what a cheat, a cheat. But if such a person was given the setting of a prince in an otome game, it means that maidens of the world pine for an ikemen who can do anything and loves only them, huh.

As a result, it’s been decided that the Prince and I will participate only in volleyball, Soutarou in volleyball and basketball, Kaname in tennis and basketball, and Mitsuki in tennis.

The current Mitsuki shouldn’t be very athletic as she specialises in Housework and Charm. I don’t mind even if she’s hopeless at sports as that’s cute, but I suppose in terms of otome games, being good at sports increases the favorability rating more.


“Uwa, don’t come jumping all of a sudden, Kaname.”

“I wanted to enter the same ballgame as Mako-chan~!”

He grabbed and shook my shoulder while making an unnatural tearful voice.

Kaname’s strong despite being shorter than me, so I get dizzy if he shakes me too much. I may look like this on the outside but I’m actually weak. Feeble.

“I get it already so stop, I’m getting dizzy.”

“Mako-chan doesn’t give a hoot about someone like me, don’t you?”

“I didn’t say that right. I find it cool that Kaname can do sports, y’know.”

Kaname’s face was 20cm away from the tip of my nose. I can’t continue letting his face draw closer.

The distance people of this world converse at is too close that I end up getting nervous every time. I can hear you well even if you don’t bring your face so close.

“Did you hear that Souta! Mako-chan said that I’m coolー!”

Contrary to me who’s speechless at Kaname’s excessive reaction, Soutarou gallantly returned words like “Is that so, good for you huh”.

I don’t have cleaning duties today so let’s go home quickly. I’ve to prepare dinner in place of Mitsuki who should be tired when she returns after club activities. Let’s make cheese cake or something since there’s lots of time. Because Mitsuki loves sweet things. How girlish and cute.

“Oii, Sakuraiー! You’re on good terms with Kaichou right.”

Hasumi who’s the class rep called out as I stuffed textbooks into my enamel bag.

Moreover is it my imagination that the contents of the conversation had an uneasy foreboding? By ‘Kaichou’ she means the Student Council President, in other words Narahashi Junya, doesn’t she?

More than being on good terms with Junya, should I say it was one-sidedly made to be on good terms, or should I say something that shouldn’t occur was almost made to transpire. In any case we aren’t particularly on good terms.

Nevertheless it’s too laborious to explain this and that concerning Junya to Hasumi, and it’ll probably incite a groundless misunderstanding.

“Wun, well, we’re acquainted. Is something the matter?”

“It became that we’ve to allocate one person from our class to be in charge of the Student Council’s odd jobs. Sakurai’s free since you’re only entering one ballgame right. Can I leave this to you?”

Having to allocate an odd-jobber from our class, I can only think of it as Junya’s scheme.

There’s no doubt he’ll use his authority as Student Council President to the max, naming Mitsuki the odd-jobber if I don’t go now. It seems like something that hentai Student Council President will come up with.

As though he’s granting me freedom but actually not, it’s just like Junya’s way of doing things. I’ve no freedom of choice.

“Alright. Okay.”

“Eh? Mako.”

“As expected of Sakurai~! Thank you. Then be on your way to the Student Council room now, okay.”

Soutarou looked at me worriedly.

I’m on the same boat in terms of being worried, but I won’t retreat at this point. Because Mitsuki’s chastity will be in danger if I retreat. The pure maiden Mitsuki might get tainted by Junya.

Shoving the troublesome matter to me, Hasumi left dashingly.

“Wait a minute, is it really okay, Mako? Who knows what’ll be done to you if you become Narahashi’s odd-jobber.”

Like an abandoned dog Soutarou made his eyebrows into the ハ character and looked at me with upturned eyes.

“Something might be done to me, but I’ll tackle it myself somehow. I’m a guy after all.”

Junya’s a 180cm guy with tall stature, but I’m also a guy now. I think I can at least do something somehow.

Besides I don’t intend to be alone with Junya, nor do I intend to let down my guard.

In the first place this is a otome game y’know. I’m the heroine’s onii-chan and Junya’s the heroine’s capturable character y’know. I think it’ll be fine to not worry about weird things.

“Mako, listen to me. Mako might say I’m being overprotective, but I’m really worried you know.

Soutarou gripped my shoulder and closed in with a serious face. It wasn’t the sparkly fluffy face of the doggy Soutarou.

It’s a scary thing when a guy with a huge body and a strong built closes in.

Sway sway, my head that’s being shaken back and forth becomes all wobbly. Today I got shook back and forth, I got shook left and right, what on earth’s going on. I’m not Akabeko[1] y’know.

I’m extremely happy about Soutarou’s feelings of worrying about me, but it’s not like I was nominated to be Junya’s odd-jobber because I wished to. Well, if you ask why I accepted the odd-jobber position then, I’m the bait so that Mitsuki won’t fall prey to Junya.

That’s why I cannot retreat.

“Thanks for worrying. But――”

“But, bunny-chan’s appointed as my odd-jobber. Right?”

“Uwa, Junya-senpai?!”

What appeared from the side all of a sudden, was Narahashi Junya who fits the name ‘hentai Student Council President’ to a T.

“Un, it’s me~. I thought if it’s bunny-chan, you’ll become the odd-jobber as expected.”

Junya firmly settled his arm around my waist and clung on.

Rub rub, the tip of his nose came rubbing at my solar plexus, and an indescribable emotion rose up within me.

Soutarou who saw the entire series of events, moved behind me and thrusted his arms under my armpits. Around the same time I turned around wondering what he’s going to do, yank, I was pulled into the chest of he who was behind.

“I’ll have you return Mako.”

“Hang on, Soutarou-kun. Bunny-chan’s my odd-jobber you know? Besides, what exactly are you to bunny-chan. You think you’ve the right to restrain bunny-chan?”

Not being outdone, Junya grabbed my arms.

“I’m Mako’s close friend. That’s why I won’t sit back and watch as Kaichou does fishy things to Mako.”

“Ahaha, scary. Bunny-chan’s raising quite an outstanding watchdog huh?”

I can’t see it clearly, but Soutarou seemed to be browbeating Junya.

It’s a little hard to breathe when squeeze squeeze, I’m being hugged with all his strength from behind.

I glanced at Kaname seeking help from him, but he was desperately trying to hold back his laughter. Good grief, Kaname sure is carefree thinking it’s someone else’s business.


“Mako-chan’s popular as expected! Won’t you achieve the Izumino’s Popular Dude title with just a little push?”

“Don’t mess around. I’m not the least bit happy.”

I don’t particularly want to be popular. That’s something that’ll will never change and has never changed since the past. Even before being male or being female, to wholeheartedly accept such straightforward good will is something that only frightens me.

I’ve never had it expressed to me so fervently before, even if it’s in terms of friendship, so I’ve no idea what to do.

“Senpai and Soutarou let go of me for the time being! Conversing comes after that!”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s love, friendship or something borderline. I didn’t act the way I did for the sake of being popular like this. Whatever whoever says, the heroine of this story is Mitsuki. It’s Mitsuki.

I believe there’s a need for me to create anew an opportunity to carefully and slowly talk with these guys regarding this issue.

[1] A red cow bobblehead toy inspired by the Akabeko legend.

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