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Chapter 27 – The Third Wheel and the Knight and the Princess (4)

“Mitsuki, are you okay?”

“Mako-chan! Unn, I’m totally okay~”

Arriving at the infirmary, Takayanagi and Mitsuki, clad in competitive swimsuit and the Swimming Club’s jersey, were present as expected.
A compress was attached to Mitsuki’s ankle. Her ankle was swollen and one can tell it’s not okay with a single glance. However, Mitsuki had her usual frivolous smile on as she waved at me.
I crouched down by her feet and brushed my finger against her ankle.

“It’s not okay right. It looks painful. I’ll carry you on the way back.”

“You don’t have to do that! I can walk, geez. Besides, I’m heavy……”

There’s no way this delicate body of Mitsuki is heavy. With her being this slender, I can even princess carry her all the way home. And while this isn’t some shoujo manga, “Mitsuki sure is light, it’s like you have wings on your back” I have confidence I can say something flowery like that.
Rather, even if Mitsuki’s a giant that exceeds 100kg, I have confidence I can carry her back.

“Mitsuki’s an angel so you’re light.”

“Stop it, geez~! Mako-chan’s embarrassing.”

Is there anything embarrassing about it? To me, Mitsuki’s really an angel. Mitsuki’s mi dulce angel.
Was it that her charm specs increased, or that she became more concerned about grooming herself, Mitsuki who was already cute became even cuter.
Even her large black eyes and soft pink lips, even her white skin, all of them are perfect. Even her tight waist and small chest, even her lovely thighs, are all captivating. The points of focus were like a hentai’s, but it’s safe since I was formerly female.
While it’s provisional, although Mitsuki and I are supposed to be twins we don’t look alike at all.
We’re of the opposite gender and fraternal twins so it’s okay even if we don’t particularly look alike, but if I also had this much good looks, I’ll probably be leading a popular ikemen life now. Since I’m transported to another world anyway, I wanted to be transported as an ikemen.


Takayanagi had on a complicated face as he called Madoka’s name. As I had nothing but worldly thoughts on my mind, that startled even me.
Madoka’s shoulder trembled with a start, pursing her lips. She grasped the hem of her one-piece in a frightened manner.
It’s just like a child who was reprimanded, trying not to cry before her mother. But I’m sure Takayanagi isn’t angry anymore. Rather, he’s likely going to reconcile with her.

“Madoka, does your cheek hurt?”

Takayanagi stood in front of Madoka, his hand coming in contact with her cheek that turned red.
Madoka had a face that looked like she’ll start crying any moment as she wiped the corner of her eyes with her fingertips, shaking her head left and right.

“I, was scolded by Makoto. That my relationship with Yasuchika isn’t that of friends’.”

Takayanagi gave me a fleeting glance.
I thought he was going to find fault with me who scolded his precious Madoka, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Thank goodness. I thought he was going to strike me with the Choke Sleeper I witnessed him using on Junya.

“That I can’t just let Yasuchika and Junya listen to what I say. I was convinced. I apologise for doing nothing but making you listen to me until now. I’ll listen to what you say from now on too.”

Madoka stared squarely at Takayanagi. She appeared to be trying to conduct herself firmly but she will probably break into tears any moment. The tips of her fingers are trembling.
Madoka took a deep breath. It seemed that it took all she had just to breath; her body trembled even more intensely.

“That’s why, yes, …… you don’t have to quit the Swimming Club. Also, I don’t mind if your marriage with me is restored to clean slate. If you come to like me enough to truly want to marry, at that time, will you marry me?”

Spilling tears, Madoka made the first move and turned her back towards Yasuchika. The queen of ice who’s originally prideful, probably didn’t want him who, in term of age is like a younger brother, to see her crying.
Takayanagi appeared shocked by Madoka’s words; he stiffened with his eyes widened. However he quickly returned to his usual look, taking a step towards Madoka and addressing her gently.

“I understand, Madoka. Thank you. I really like the Swimming Club, so I’m really happy to hear you say that.”

Without a word Madoka was about to leave the infirmary, but just as her hand was on the door she turned back just once, sending Mitsuki a gaze.

“I also apologise for injuring Mitsuki-san. It wasn’t my intention to injure you. Really.”

Saying just that, Madoka left the infirmary, not waiting for Mitsuki’s response.
Having heard Madoka’s words, Mitsuki stood upright with the intention of chasing after her.

“Wait, Mitsuki, where are you planning to go with your foot in pain?”

“I, haven’t told Madoka-san it’s alright. Mako-chan became friends with Madoka-san right? I want to be friends with Madoka-san too!”

Squeeze, she declared as she made a clenched fist. Completely ignoring my words Mitsuki left the infirmary with a hop hop, as though trying to guard her foot.
Mitsuki sure is stubborn at strange timings. I wonder who she takes after, good grief.

“Sakurai-kun, about Madoka, thank you.”

Takayanagi approached me who was still crouching, and bowed his head deeply.
I was the one who became flustered. I simply said what I wanted to, throwing the friendship theory at her like a know-it-all. I stood up as though prompted, waving my hands widely before my chest.

“No, I simply said what I wanted to, as I liked. I didn’t do anything for senpai to thank me.”

“I didn’t expect such words from Madoka. I’ve no idea what you said or how you said it, but truly, thank you.”

Being thanked so much, on the contrary I feel ashamed.

I simply said all I wanted to, and by chance that tugged at some part of Madoka’s heart. Whether it’s the intention to save Takayanagi, or the intention to save Madoka, I had neither of them.
But if the words I said resounds in someone’s heart, and directs something in someone towards a good direction, I think that that’s a happy thing.

“That’s my line, thank you for nursing Mitsuki. I’ll return with Mitsuki now. Senpai will participate in the practice match, right. Please do your best.”

“Ah, then shall I lend you my gym clothes? You can’t return drenched like that, right?”

Now that he mentioned it, I’m still wearing wet clothes.
I thought of borrowing clothes from Soutarou, but because he was endeavouring at Basketball Club activities, I didn’t manage to borrow clothes from him.
I thought that since it can’t be helped I’ll just ride the train drenched, as at any rate it’s just about 15 minutes, but if Takayanagi will lend me clothes then let’s be pampered by his offer.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. If it’s Sakurai-kun, your stature and built is similar to me, so it should be just right.”

Certainly Takayanagi and my stature and built are about the same, so it might be better to borrow clothes from Takayanagi than to borrow clothes from Soutarou.
After all, the other day when I borrowed Soutarou’s basketball uniform, it was all baggy.

“Thank you very much. That helps a lot.”

I headed to the Swimming Club lockers with Takayanagi.

Various problems cropped up but I wonder if results-wise they were settled well? It’s extremely lamentable to let Mitsuki get injured, but I’m really glad it wasn’t a serious injury.
Well it’s kind of late but, could it be that this position of making Madoka and Takayanagi reconcile was actually Mitsuki’s position?
With the reason of being worried about Mitsuki or that it’s for Mitsuki’s sake, I stick my nose in now and then, but that might have broken flags at full-strength. Let’s be careful from now on.
Honestly, I don’t mind if flags other than the Prince’s are broken. But if it’s with any of the capturable characters, oh well, it’s okay if you want me recognise your association with Mitsuki, y’know.

“Here’s my locker.”

“Ah, hai.”

Takayanagi’s locker was as expected, neatly arranged and put in order.
Putting aside Soutarou, Kaname’s locker is filthy. It can’t be helped if he doesn’t fold his gym clothes and jersey and it’s okay to gloss over that, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t dump rubbish in the rubbish bin and stuffs them in his locker instead.
Moreover there’s some weird smell. Even though Kaname himself smells good normally, why is it that his locker stinks? In other words since you’re an ikemen, you should make your locker like an ikemen’s too.

“Here you go. If you’re fine with mine.”

“Thank you very much. I’ll return it after washing.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

Naturally, Takayanagi’s jersey was blue, the 3rd-years’ colour. Looking at the tag, it’s the same as mine in terms of size. If it’s this size, it’ll fit me perfectly.
Just that, boarding the train in this blue jersey that’s painful for the eyes is exceedingly embarrassing, but it’s much better than going back wearing drenched school uniform that clings to the skin.

Takayanagi said he wanted to do warm-ups before the match, so he quickly left the locker area.
I took off my school uniform, and changed into the borrowed jersey. The shirt sticks to my body and it feels awful. I realised only after taking off my slacks, but even my underwear is wet. By no means can I wear someone else’s jersey without underwear, so with the wet underwear on, I put on the jersey.

Still, it’s that isn’t it, never do I want to encounter rival characters again.
Just this time onii-chan is tired. Already completely exhausted.

My wish is to, live a normal highschool life in the remaining time, for it to go well between Mitsuki and the Prince, and to quickly return to the previous world on 31st March next year.
But things definitely won’t go so well huh. After all this is an event omnium gatherum otome game world.
And I am the heroine’s older brother. There’s no way I won’t get dragged into it.

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  4. Shina says:

    Yay~ Thanks, I really looked forward to this.

    Amazing work, I am eternally grateful.

    I shall be anticipating the following continuation, until then.

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