Hi this is Hamster… the translator *waves*

I just want to say hi and thanks for reading my translations, and also to let everyone know I don’t really keep up with my pages here (Alyschu really runs them for me) so don’t feel like I’m ignoring anyone’s comments if I don’t pop in to reply >_< You're all welcome to find me at my wordpress if you’d like to say hi 🙂

alyschu’s secret ninja note: Guys, hamster428 only hosts completed translations here so go to her wordpress for any of her ongoing translations!

Projects hosted:
Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion

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  1. grawledon says:

    Thank you so much for translating Sansheng! I saw it mentioned on another blog, and after binge reading through it I highly enjoyed the ride. The translation and localization was really good… usually I find a lot of Chinese novels difficult to read (perhaps because of the cluttered, complicated sentences in the original and/or difficulty in conveying meaning), but this was easy to follow. Fluffy stories are also my weakness.

  2. squinty says:

    I love you!

  3. Em says:

    I Love You. thank you for Sansheng 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    could you please translate Siming by the same author,Please

  5. ela123 says:

    Thank you for translating Sansheng. I really enjoyed reading it. 👏

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