Godly Hunter Chapter 48

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Seconds ticked by and minutes passed. Chen Mo’s World Prestige fell steadily.

… -2000… -4000… -6000…

His World Prestige had gone below -5000 and still no system prompt pinged.

Chen Mo remained unmoved and kept killing Jade Pheasants.

-1000 World Prestige is definitely not the limit. A better, greater achievement title must exist!




System prompt: Your World Prestige has reached -10,000!

System prompt: You are a wanted criminal in all human cities. All human cities have issued the highest priority warrant for your arrest!

System prompt: Your death penalty rose to S-Rank. You will drop 10 Levels after death. All equipment and items will drop and you will revive in Land of Exiles!

System prompt: You gained achievement title “Despicable”!

After diligently slaughtering Jade Pheasants for over three hours, Chen Mo’s World Prestige finally hit -10,000!

Several system prompts pinged and Chen Mo’s eyes lit up.

“Woah, wall of text!” What he saw gave him a fright.

He did not get one or two prompts but a whole bunch all at once!

Warrant for arrest, criminal to human cities, dropping everything when dead and -10 Levels! Players who reach -10,000 World Prestige will really have no way to survive!


At -10,000 World Prestige, Chen Mo got the achievement title he was after!

Achievement title: Despicable

Description: A special title gained by players with -10,000 or less World Prestige. Effects apply after equipping. However, when player’s World Prestige reach -3000 or less, the title is automatically in effect.


Strength +100

Stamina +100

Agility +100

Intelligence +100

Spirit +100

HP increase +3000

MP increase +3000

Movement speed +5

Jumping height +2 metres

Additional special effects: Title can only be unequipped 72 hours after equipping. When equipped, player’s name turns black and he becomes the attack target of all good and lawful NPCs. All items and equipment drop at death and player’s Level decreases by 5. When equipped, the player can gain favour of certain special NPCs. Player will be part of the privileged class in Land of Exiles and Crime City. 30% damage increase to monsters in Land of Exiles and Crime City regions, defence increase by 20% and item drop rate increase by 10%.

Additional special abilities: Power of Destruction, Power of Concealment

Power of Destruction: A certain chance of destroying a target when attacking.

Power of Concealment: In order to avoid arrest, you become better at hiding, camouflage and stealth. Stealth type skills are enhanced and effects of camouflage items are strengthened.


All attributes +100, increase in HP and MP, movement speed +5 and jumping height +2m!

And part of the privileged class in Land of Exiles and Crime City, plus increase in damage, defence and drop rate!

Plus these impressive looking Powers of Destruction and Concealment!

This Despicable title is simply beyond compare!

So powerful…! All the attributes of the equipment he was wearing didn’t even add up to this one title!

Problem was that this title would alienate him – how was he to equip this and still have friends? Anybody close to him could just kill him and loot his nice shiny equipment and items in addition to making him drop levels like crazy. He would be reduced to nothing in just one day.

-10,000 World Prestige got him such an impressive achievement title already… Is there something even better?

Chen Mo was curious but at that moment, he blanched. A troop of silver-clad soldiers were approaching from the houses on the side!

Boude saw the soldiers and started to struggle violently on the ground.

He’d witnessed Chen Mo slaughter over a thousand Jade Pheasants and his face had gone ashen but now help was at hand.

Chen Mo surmised that this must be the arrest warrant in effect. He was not too far from Ayer Town and these soldiers must have had a special way to investigate and trace him here.


It would be cool to find out what would happen to him with 10 Slave points and -10,000 World Prestige but he had business to tend to in Wild Wolf Valley so he could not afford to let anything happen to him lest he miss the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf job.

Back in the character creation room, Chen Mo did not do any changes to his character and simply went back to the game.

As he appeared in Goblin Valley, the group of young men in Ash Blue Tech gaped at Chen Mo’s newly created character, dumbstruck.

They thought this Hunter player was brainy, creative and lucky but after watching him enslave Enoch, then make use of a beginner village quest to get a kickass achievement title, they were blown away by this person’s machinations.

If they were not afraid of violating their agreement, they would have sneakily gone to play GENESIS too!

“You think the leaked data from a month ago was intercepted by this guy?” A young man couldn’t help but wonder.

An employee at Ash Blue Tech had stolen some game information about a month ago and was quickly caught but some of the data had still been leaked.

“The leaked information was way less than what this guy knows!” Someone else shook his head.

The person who spoke thought about it and agreed. The leaked information was laughably little and almost no help at all to players. The players who had answered the survey and lucky players had gained far better advantages.

… … …

After he got out of Goblin Valley, Chen Mo came to Ayer Town.

“So crowded.”

Chen Mo had committed suicide and restarted many times and had been to more beginner towns than any other player so he was immediately struck by how different this town was/

Crowded and bustling!

“Hehe, my luck’s good! I spawned in this beginner village!”

“Man, I committed suicide for two days – five times per day to get to this beginner village. They’re going to kill the BOSS tonight. It’s going to be chaotic; we may be able to grab something!”

“Pfft. Not so simple. You think they invested millions just to let you take their equipment? You’ll be lucky to find a good spot to watch the BOSS get killed with your own eyes!”

Several people were chatting and Chen Mo listened in on their conversation.

He’d suicided his way to the beginner village that Glacier Game Club was going to kill the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf in.

Looks like he had unintentionally succeeded. He knew that quite a few hackers who’d accepted Worm Co.’s commission were unable to suicide their way to this map but he had come here just like that.

Glacier Group… heh heh. Show’s on, folks!

He didn’t need to be in the same beginner village as them to ruin their event but since he was here he wouldn’t mind ruining it in person.

But now, he should first get to Wild Wolf Valley and do Gleason’s quest while it was still dark!

If more people came it would be difficult to sneak in to Wild Wolf Valley.

Armed with a load of Wolf Meat and equipment, Chen Mo sprinted towards Wild Wolf Valley.

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