Godly Hunter Chapter 47

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OP Eggs

System prompt: You have intentionally killed your protectee. Your World Prestige has decreased by 10 points!

 System prompt: You have intentionally killed your protectee. Your World Prestige has decreased by 10 points!

With Boude all tied up, Chen Mo busied himself with slaughtering Jade Pheasants. His World Prestige points fell quickly as the Jade Pheasants died one after another.

System prompt: You have intentionally killed your protectee. Your World Prestige has decreased by 10 points!

System prompt: Your World Prestige reached -1000. All good and lawful NPCs will refuse to communicate with you. You will revive in “Land of Exiles” after death!

System prompt: You have gained achievement title “Hoodlum”!

Achievement title: Hoodlum


Strength +50

Stamina +50

Agility +50

Intelligence +50

Spirit +50

Movement speed +3

Special effect: Title can only be unequipped 24 hours after equipping. While equipped, the player cannot enter human cities. Half the equipped equipment and items at time of death will drop and player level decreased by 1. When equipped, the title grants favour from some special NPCs. Player receives special treatment in Land of Exiles and Crime City and damage done to monsters in the Land of Exiles and Crime City regions increase by 10%.

Roughly 16 minutes later, following the demise of a Jade Pheasant, Chen Mo’s World Prestige hit -1000 and he gained the “Hoodlum” title.

So I become a Hoodlum at -1000. Gleason must have some crazy background then – his World Prestige should be around -1000 too but how cruel must he be that he made the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf appear?

The Hoodlum title’s attributes compared to the Degenerate title were much higher!

Players get 15 attribute points every time they level up but Hoodlum increased his attributes by 250 points. That was like levelling up 17 times!

This title’s attributes were great but the risks that come with it were great too. If he died within 24 hours of equipping the title he would lose half his equipment and items and his level would go down by one. This penalty was far more severe than becoming a Black-name player.

When a regular player dies in the game, his EXP decreases by 10% of the needed amount to level up with a low chance of items and equipment dropping. A Red-name player’s penalty upon death was twice that of a regular player’s – 20% EXP lost. Black-name players get twice the penalty of the Red-names. Each death was -40% EXP.

The Hoodlum title’s penalty was more than double that of a Black-name player!

Chen Mo was a little disappointed. The title’s penalty was too great; looks like there won’t be a chance to use it. It would be useful in Land of Exiles and Crime City but he’d never been there. Also, what is this special treatment? Chen Mo decided to check it out when he got a chance later.

“You wicked man! Brutal criminal! Oh, my poor babies… he killed so many of you! I don’t want to live anymore!”

After about ten minutes on the ground, Boude awoke with his hands and feet bound. The only thing he could do was cry.

“That’s not right, Mister Boude. Weren’t you going to slaughter and eat these Jade Pheasants anyway? I’m just killing them a little early so they can respawn quickly. I’m not a wicked man – I’m a benevolent one.”

It was boring to slaughter Jade Pheasants by himself so Chen Mo engaged Boude in conversation.

“Ignorant villain! Who said the Jade Pheasants were poultry? The most valuable thing the Jade Pheasant produces is its eggs! Every emerald egg is a gem precious beyond compare! Do you know how many eggs you’ve destroyed by killing so many Jade Pheasants?” Boude wailed in despair.

“Oh? How valuable are they?” Chen Mo asked curiously. He really did not know their value.

“I have some on me. Take one and you’ll see!” Boude hurriedly said.

This Adventurer must be behaving this way because he has no idea how valuable these Jade Pheasant eggs are. If he knew, he would definitely stop!

System prompt: You have gained a “Jade Pheasant Egg”!

Chen Mo did the picking action for looting on Boude’s body and actually got an egg.

Jade Pheasant Egg: Rare item. Has strong recovery and boosting properties. The Player can obtain the following result after consumption. Effects last 10 minutes.

Instant recovery 3000HP

Instant recovery 3000MP

HP increase +1000

MP increase +1000

Strength +30

Stamina +30

Agility +30

Intelligence +30

Movement speed +4

Attack speed +20%

Experience gain from monsters +100%

This item can only be used once a day.

Holy crap!

Even Chen Mo, who had single-handedly taken down Mutated BOSSes and was decked out in excellent equipment, could not contain himself when he saw the Jade Pheasant Egg’s attributes.

This Jade Pheasant Egg’s attributes are OP!

With its long list of attributes and boosts, if it were not a one-time-use item, it would be a fair contender against those rumoured legendary artefacts!

Forget about the recovery and attribute boosts – other items like the Low Level Mutated Drug can achieve similar results if he drank a few more.

The best boost was 100% EXP gain from killing monsters!

Double EXP! An item never before seen on the forums! If he could eat this and kill monsters the whole day, he would be rocketing through Levels!

A pity this OP item had limits and could only be used once a day.

This limitation did not detract the greatness of the item though. If the Jade Pheasant Egg found its way onto the Market trading floor, players would scramble to get their hands on it.

No wonder killing one of these birdies resulted in -10 World Prestige. Seems like these Jade Pheasants weren’t the average rare animal.

But who would have thought that the beginner town was hiding an item as OP as this!

“You see? Isn’t the Jade Pheasant Egg valuable? The true use of the Egg goes beyond what’s displayed. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, the Egg can become even more rare and delicious!” Boude quickly said, hoping Chen Mo would stop the slaughter.

You can use crafting skills to make this even better?

The Jade Pheasant Egg was already OP… What would its attributes look like after crafting?

Chen Mo could not help feeling curious.

“Eh, it’s not too bad. Do you have more, Mister Boude? Give me some more.” Chen Mo nodded noncommittally.

This was a really rare item and who knows if it could be found outside the beginner village. I should try to get as many as I can from Boude.

“Yes! Yes, I have more! If you let me go now and stop killing my babies I’ll give you more!” Boude promised right away.

“I don’t believe you. You could be lying to me. Give me some first to prove that you do have them on you.” Chen Mo put on a disbelieving air.

“I… I’ll give you five. Stop slaughtering them once I give the Eggs to you. I’ll give you 50 more once we are out of this map!” Boude hesitated at first, then relented.

Chen Mo had already killed over 100 Jade Pheasants at this point. If he kept going, the Jade Pheasants he had reared with great difficulty were going to be exterminated.

System prompt: You gained 5 “Jade Pheasant Egg”!

“All right, you have the Eggs. Stop it now!” Boude yelled.


Chen Mo nodded, walked over to Boude without speaking and took out some cloth. He gagged Boude and turned around to slaughter Jade Pheasants in peace.

Jade Pheasant Eggs are nice and all but I want to know what OP achievement title I’d get!

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