Godly Hunter Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – A Great Haul

Skill Mutation Scroll: Use while learning a skill. This gives the player a chance to mutate the skill!


A rare item that he’d never heard anyone mention before!

But… This item was, for now, useless to him.

“Equipment, equipment…”

At the thought of equipment, Chen Mo ignored the Skill Mutation Scroll. What’s most important was to see what fine equipment the Mutated Slime King had dropped.

“Yes! Green equipment! Durable Leather Armour!”

Durable Leather Armour

Description: Leather skin of monsters sewn together. Very durable. Able to effectively withstand attacks from monsters.

Equipment grade: Green

Limit: Level 10 and above


Physical Defence +40

Magic Defence +48

Stamina +15

Agility +5

Not bad – he finally got something good. If he equipped the Durable Leather Armour, his HP would rise to 300!

As a Mutated BOSS, the Mutated Slime King could not possibly drop just one Green grade equipment. Chen Mo immediately picked up another Green grade equipment – a magic staff!

Rattan Staff

Description: A light magic staff made from ancient rattan. Able to raise the casting speed of the user.

Equipment grade: Green

Limit: Summoner, Mage, Priest – Level 10 and above only


Basic Physical Attack 35-45

Basic Magic Attack 55-70

Intelligence + 20

Spirit +15

Additional attribute: Dry rattan strips.

Dry rattan strips: 5% chance of summoning dry rattan strips when the player successfully attacks the enemy. Dry rattan strips will bind the enemy, rendering the enemy motionless for 2 seconds.

What a great weapon!

Chen Mo read the attributes and his eyes grew round. If he got a similar Level 10 Green equipment for his character class, he’d be able to kill the Mutated Slime King more quickly!

“This weapon… If I sell it now, it’ll fetch at least 20 to 30 000!” Chen Mo estimated.

The Rattan Staff could go for 20 or 30 thousand, and the Durable Leather Armour could also go for a few 10-thousands. He still had yet to pick up some other equipment lying on the ground… this meant that killing one Mutated Slime King could bring him a profit of hundreds of thousands! The money would be much more than what he usually made.

Huh. Treat it as side income then. If the advance of the holographic virtual network cannot be stopped then making this amount of money from the game can still cover some losses.

Worried that someone would come, Chen Mo picked up the items without looking at the descriptions. He threw them all into his backpack.

When he was done with picking the items up, he used the Dubious Harvesting skill on the Mutated Slime King’s corpse to see if it would yield anything.

System prompt: You gained the item “Summon Slime”!


He actually got something – and it’s a Summoner skill book!

Summon Slime: A Summoner skill book. After learning, the player can summon an additional Slime. One-time use only.

This skill book is a fine item! Hmm… could it be obtained from other sources? If not then it’ll definitely be a few times more expensive than the Rattan Staff. Though the Rattan Staff had good attributes, it could only serve well till Level 20. The skill book can be used at any time.

Chen Mo then looked inside his backpack. It contained ten-something pieces of equipment. The Mutated Slime King was a Mutated BOSS, so it naturally couldn’t just drop paltry items. These pieces of equipment were almost all Blue grade and there was no White grade equipment at all. Looks like Mutated BOSS-level monsters have an item grade guarantee.

Putting aside the Blue grade equipment, Chen Mo finally found what he had been looking for in his backpack!

Purple equipment – Slime King Bracelet!

Slime King Bracelet

Description: A bracelet that is part of the Slime King’s collection. Collect three different pieces of the Slime King’s Jewellery Collection to unlock hidden attributes.

Equipment grade: Purple, part of a set

Limit: Level 10 and above


Basic physical attack +15

Basic magic attack +15

Strength +20

Agility +15

Intelligence +20

Additional attribute: Slime poison
Slime poison: Whenever the player attacks a target, the target will have a 20% chance of being poisoned. After being poisoned, the target will have -20HP per second. Effect lasts for 5 seconds. Poisoning effect stack maximum 3 times.

Special effect: Collect 3 pieces of the Slime King’s Jewellery Collection to unlock set effect.


Not only was this the rarest Purple grade jewellery – it’s also part of a set!

Chen Mo felt like he was floating on cloud nine. All that time spent had not gone to waste!

He’d spent quite some time on the forums so he knew that defence equipment dropped the most while weapons and jewellery dropped the least. Excellent grade jewellery? Even rarer.

Now, he’s not only gotten his hands on excellent jewellery – it’s part of the Slime King set!

It’s just one bracelet but its attributes are amazing! If he collected the bracelet, necklace and ring… Who knows how mind-blowing the attributes would be?!

Chen Mo decided that he would collect all three pieces of the set no matter what. This was the only way he could defeat Enoch!

Not just beating Enoch – there was one other thing he really wanted to do! And that matter also required him to have a full set of freaking awesome equipment!

Chen Mo counted the coins dropped by the Mutated Slime King. It totalled 50+ silver coins. This was a rather good amount in the game.

The Slime King would not spawn for quite a while. In order to continue killing Mutated Slime Kings, Chen Mo had to go to other beginner villages – and that meant committing suicide.

Before he did that though, he logged off and made a post on the forums.

“Want to get rich? Treasure is waiting in the wilderness! Dig for your future!”

Chen Mo attached the picture he had taken in the pit and the attributes of the Shoes of the Storm to his post.

He would have to hire players to dig pits for him in beginner villages. Once or twice wouldn’t be anything to bat an eyelash at but if he kept at it, people would begin to take notice and suspect something sooner or later.

People wouldn’t easily believe a post like this now but there surely would be a portion of players who would and run over to the Slime Plains to dig for treasure.

They would find nothing, of course. Thereafter, players would go on the forums and complain that it was fake, and so on.

This post was fake for sure but it provided a smokescreen for Chen Mo. If any players saw him hiring players to dig pits they’d definitely think that he was one of those fools who had believed the forum post.

Chen Mo was most happy for them to think that way.

“Is this for real?”

“It’s a hoax, isn’t it?”

“OP, you there?? Post more pics!”

As soon as the post was posted, players started to question the authenticity of it and voicing their doubts.

Chen Mo ignored them all. Most would dismiss it as fake but, as anticipated by Chen Mo, some still believed it and bought shovels before heading to the Slime Plains.

At about the same time those players started digging, Chen Mo committed suicide and reappeared in the Goblin Valley.

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