Godly Hunter Chapter 29

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Boss Loot


Chen Mo’s heart skipped in joy as he ran to the pit and shot bolts willy-nilly down into it.


The Mutated Slime King bounced anxiously in the big pit but was unable to escape.

“Be a good boy and die! Resistance is futile!” Chen Mo cackled.

After all that effort to kill it single-handedly, what would a Mutated Slime King BOSS drop?

Normal Slime Kings dropped Purple equipment sometimes. The Mutated Slime King should give at least that much!

Oho! What if I killed the Mutated Slime King in this beginner village, then commit suicide and go to another beginner village? If I kill them all and get a full suit of Purple equipment, Enoch will be easy to handle!

“Uh oh!”

Chen Mo daydreamed as he attacked the Mutated Slime King. With the Slime Poison in effect, his damage was quite high. Each ordinary attack could damage the Mutated Slime King by 60+ HP!

However, the Mutated Slime King became enraged after about 10 seconds in the pit. It gave a great roar and its body swelled. It gave a great bounce and went about 5m up in the air. As it came down, it aimed its great mass at Chen Mo!

“Shit! The Mutated Slime King isn’t so easy to defeat after all!”

The pit he had so painstakingly had dug only held the Mutated Slime King for over 10 seconds. He had Quake Traps too but he cooldown was 27 seconds and he had quite a while more till he could use it again.

With Shoes of the Wind equipped, his speed was about the same as the Mutated Slime King’s. Unfortunately, Chen Mo discovered that the enraged Mutated Slime King could not only jump higher but faster. He had planned to circle the pit while shooting at it as it followed – now it looked like the Mutated Slime King would catch up to him in a few seconds!

There was no other choice – Chen Mo reacted quickly and jumped into the pit himself!

The huge pit could be used to ensnare the BOSS and to impede its movements!

Chen Mo would thank the Heavens if the Mutated Slime King followed him into the pit, though he thought it unlikely that the monster would re-enter the pit it had just jumped out of.

As he’d predicted, the Mutated Slime King glared heatedly down at Chen Mo in the pit but made no move to jump in after him.

“If you don’t jump in, I’ll start attacking you!”

Chen Mo stood in the pit and quickly shot some bolts at the Mutated Slime King.


The Mutated Slime King was hit by a few bolts and it gave an angry roar. Its huge body quivered and a large number of fist-sized crystal-like purple balls burst from its body and rolled into the pit.


Chen Mo had seen these balls before. The group of players from before had gotten insta-killed by these little bastards. His HP wasn’t any much higher than that group’s – he’d be dead as a duck if two of the balls touched him.

There was nowhere to hide from them in the pit. Fortunately, he had tied escape ropes at four points of the pit. He quickly shimmied up a rope and got himself to the edge of the pit.

The pit was now occupied by over a few hundred of the purple balls. Looks like attacking the Mutated Slime King from the safety of the pit was not an option.

Though Chen Mo could climb out of the pit, his climbing speed was not comparable to the speed at which he could jump in. By the time he got out, the Mutated Slime King had hopped over, its bright, black eyes fixed on its prey. It was going to kill him.

The BOSS monsters were difficult indeed and very different from regular monsters. Killing one is a great struggle!

Other players would have just resigned themselves to being killed and sent back to town since jumping into the pit to escape the Mutated Slime King would also result in death.

But Chen Mo had one more thing up his sleeve!

Animal Trap!

Chen Mo only had a limited number of these traps from Gleeson and he couldn’t quite bear to use them but if he did not he would die for sure.

He swiftly placed an Animal Trap by the pit, in the path of the Mutated Slime King.


The Mutated Slime King was a huge monster – the tiny Animal Trap was, of course, not enough to contain it.

However, against large monsters, the trap had the effect of making the monster enter a state of grievous injury. After being hit by the Animal Trap, the Mutated Slime King’s speed fell drastically.

Great! It worked!

Chen Mo let out a breath. If the Animal Trap had not worked, he would really have been a goner.

The Mutated Slime King was unable to catch up to Chen Mo with its reduced speed. Chen Mo turned to face the Mutated Slime King and unceremoniously set traps in its path and shot bolts at it as he ran.

The Animal Trap’s effects normally last for 10 seconds but the Mutated Slime King was a BOSS and had higher resistance to effects so it was not affected for the full 10 seconds. It was enough, though. The cooldown for the Quake Trap skill was over.

The Mutated Slime King grew angrier and angrier under the continuous onslaught of Chen Mo’s attacks but try as it might to hop closer, it was too slow due to the grievous injury effect.

It was Chen Mo’s first time using the Animal Trap and he found it to be a very useful item indeed.

The effect also lowered the Mutated Slime King’s defences so his attacks could now deal over 100 damage.

In the few seconds that the effect was in place, the poor monster’s HP decreased rapidly. Its health had fallen by over a 1000HP.


The effect had worn off. The Mutated Slime King roared and charged at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo did not move away. He ran towards the charging Mutated Slime King and threw a Quake Trap in the same instant that he sidestepped it!


The Mutated Slime King was pushed back and it fell into the pit again.

“Come on, you bastard! Die!”

The Mutated Slime King still had over 8000HP left after their first bout. He might just kill it after a few more rounds!

If the Mutated Slime King had no other tricks after this, Chen Mo could use the pit and slowly hack away at its HP.

After about 10 seconds, the Mutated Slime King gave another roar and jumped out of the pit.

Chen Mo was prepared this time. He did not waver. He waited for the Mutated Slime King to get close to him and jumped into the pit, then attacked it a few times from inside the pit. It released purple balls, and he climbed out right away and set the Animal Trap to counter the chasing Mutated Slime King.

80% … 70% … 60% … 30% …

Chase and escape, chase and escape… 20+ minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

The Mutated Slime King’s HP was at 30%. Chen Mo looked nervously at it.

In traditional games, most game BOSSes would undergo a second change or enter berserker mode once their HP reaches a certain percentage.

He recalled that the Slime King the Richie Rich Club killed did not undergo any changes but he did not know for sure if it would be the same for the Mutated Slime King.

The Mutated Slime King was already quite a handful. If it did undergo a second change, it would be impossible to kill no matter how many players you threw at it unless, of course, one employed a special tactic like his. The players in the beginner village were practically naked when it came to equipment.

HP… 20% … 10% !

No second mutation! No change!

The Mutated Slime King just became fiercer but did not exhibit any other surprising change.

Chen Mo breathed a sigh of relief. The Mutated Slime King was still just a beginner village BOSS and was not too overpowered.


Under Chen Mo’s continuous attacks, the Mutated Slime King’s last 10% of HP vanished and it finally dropped dead with an anguished roar.


A large number of items burst from the Mutated Slime King’s body and scattered in all four directions!

So much loot from the Mutated Slime King!

The loot was different from what he’d gotten from the Wolf Elite and Mutated Black Goblin. Chen Mo could see bronze coins, silver coins, a few pieces of equipment and something that looked like a scroll!


Chen Mo jumped down in excitement and started to pick up the items on the ground.

“Skill Mutation Scroll?”

An ancient-looking red scroll lay on the ground next to Chen Mo’s feet. He picked it up first and read the item description, then did a double take.

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