GLD – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Fifth layer of Martial Disciple

Hearing that voice, Zheng Cheng didn’t turn around and remained standing with his hands behind his back. “Speak. What is it?”

“I’ve got a report for Director Zheng,” Song Hui immediately replied. “At the moment, our people still haven’t found the target. However, according to reports, we’ve lost more than five men. All of them were at the fourth layer of Martial Disciple and were killed in one strike.”

“What?” Zheng Cheng furrowed his brows. “Killed in one strike? Speak about the specifics.”

Song Hui thought about his words for a moment before saying, “They all died in places like an abandoned building, a small alley, and such. All of them were caught off guard before they suffered an attack that ended their lives. Some were pierced through the heart with a single punch while a few others had their necks twisted apart. From that, we’ve discovered that our target is extremely strong, experienced, and vicious. However, it’s likely that their cultivation doesn’t exceed the fifth layer of Martial Disciple, otherwise they wouldn’t be using sneak attacks.”

From the clues, he managed to come to quite a few conclusions.

“Indeed. I had also come to the same conclusion. From how he killed that traitor, his attack was very powerful, but his cultivation base is lacking. Fifth layer of Martial Disciple at most.” Zheng Cheng’s eyes flashed. “Still, our target has experience and the fighting techniques to go with it, thus they can’t be underestimated. We have to dispatch at least a sixth layer Martial Disciple to be able to take care of this person, yet we also can’t send out too many. Not only do our experts need to guard against an attack by the other underworld factions, they also have to protect our company’s assets. Since it’s like that, then send Zheng Hua over to kill our target.”

What? Zheng Hua?!

When Song Hui heard this, his eyes also flashed. Zheng Hua wasn’t just anybody. He was Zheng Cheng’s biological son. At eighteen years old with a cultivation base at the sixth layer of Martial Disciple, he could be said to be a genius of the Black Bear Corporation. And due to having rubbed shoulders with figures from the underworld since young, he had a wealth of fighting experience, making him very powerful. The problem was that he was Zheng Cheng’s son, and not just his son, he was his only son. If anything happened to him, Song Hui would be absolutely finished.

”Director Zheng, this matter is very dangerous. Our opponent is a desperado, a vicious and hardened killer. Please rethink your decision.” Song Hui reminded, his eyes flashing.

Zheng Cheng waved it off, “There’s no need to worry. Our opponent is merely a person at the fifth layer of Martial Disciple. How could they be a match for my son? Even if he’s defeated, he can still escape. What’s more, after a few more months, he needs to go for the university entrance exams. With his current strength, it’s not likely he can make it far. Therefore, I hope that he can at least gain some fighting experience before then and at least make it into a first-rate university.”

“Very well then, Director Zheng.”

Hearing his words, Song Hui knew that he couldn’t refuse anymore, thus he immediately left to start making the arrangements.


Nighttime, an abandoned warehouse in Blackmoon City.

Xia Ping was currently hiding in a remote corner of the warehouse that was hidden extremely well and difficult to find.

To avoid the Black Corporation’s pursuit, he had charged through several blockades and killed another six mobsters along the way. When he finally broke through, he escaped here to this warehouse to temporarily rest and recover from his injuries. However, after so many intense battles, he was completely exhausted. Added on to the fact that he still hadn’t had anything to eat, he was in a pretty miserable state right now.

“I can’t keep going like this. If this continues, then I’m absolutely dead.” Xia Ping clenched his fists. He never would have thought that those underworld figures would be so vicious.

Every one of them was practically a lunatic! Even if they saw one of their companions die in front of them, they wouldn’t flinch at all. Instead, they would become even more ferocious. And due to not having expected it, one of them had managed to cut him with a knife.

Of course, he also counterattacked and killed the assailant, but he had still suffered injuries. And because of that, his combat capabilities had slightly decreased.

”Although it’s a bit dangerous, I have to consume a Golden Medication and advance to the fifth layer.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed as he finally made his choice. If he kept going like this with his current strength, then he would die without a doubt.

Bam. Opening the package he was carrying, he took out a bottle of Golden Medication.

Glug, glug.

Very quickly, Xia Ping manage to swallow down the entire bottle of Golden Medication. Almost immediately, he could feel a lava-like energy enter his body and then flow into his bloodstream.

His heart seemed to skip a beat. As his blood vessels bloated and his muscles expanded, it seemed as if lava flowed through every part of his body, just ready to explode at any moment.

“Too violent!”

He finally understood why only somebody at the seventh layer of Martial Disciple could use this Golden Medication. It’s medicinal strength was just too violent. If an ordinary person were to consume it, their body would instantly explode into pieces.

Xia Ping could feel the energy of that golden liquid rampaging about after the Golden Medication had entered his body. It was so violent that his heart, blood vessels, and even his brain were on the verge of exploding.

[Pure Yang Everlife Incantation!]

Boom. He immediately circulated his cultivation method and got into the lotus position. As the massive True Qi in his body went into action, it was as if his dantian had turned into a furnace.

Seemingly pulled by a mysterious force, that rampaging golden energy in his body all flowed into his dantian. There, it was refined, purified, and cleansed. All of that violent energy was completely expelled, leaving behind only the most gentle and purest form of energy before it was once again recirculated through his body.

”This [Pure Yang Everlife Incantation] really is amazing. It’s just too strong,” Xia Ping sighed. After just circulating his True Qi, that violent energy pretty much turned into a tamed wolf. It was extremely docile right now.

However, that was also to be expected. A top-tier cultivation method like the [Pure Yang Everlife Incantation] that could easily refine even the violent energy of the essence of the sun could obviously just as easily refine a mere Golden Medication.

He could feel the gentle energy flowing through his body, seemingly causing all of his cells to cheer in joy. They were voracious, insatiable as they kept on devouring that energy to strengthen themselves and evolve.


It was unknown how much time had pass. When that energy reached its peak, one of his meridians was completely opened up. Almost immediately, Xia Ping could feel the True Qi inside him grow larger by several times over.

In that instant, his skin, muscles, meridians, and bones were all strengthened greatly. Even his wounds quickly shrank and recovered, almost as if he was another person.

A massive True Qi flowed through his body like a rushing river, its large currents causing the air surrounding him to vibrate, instantly cleaning away the dust around him.

“Success! I’ve advanced to the fifth layer!”

Xia Ping clenched his fists, his eyes shining as pure joy enveloped him. He finally opened up his fifth meridian and advanced to the fifth layer of Martial Disciple! Now, the True Qi inside him had been strengthened by more than two times over!

Bang! He couldn’t resist and punched forward. As his muscles transferred the force through his body inch by inch, his aura flared as the air in front of him exploded with a frightful might.

This one punched at the very least had more than one thousand and five hundred kilograms of force behind it! This was far beyond anything that Xiong Batian could achieve!

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