Adorable Consort – Chapter 264

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Chapter 264 – That instant when heavens falls, the earth rends apart

Watching that delicate figure staggering while running down the mountain, Dongting Wang-Yu slowly withdrew his fingers, he felt as if a part of his heart had become empty.

“Young master, why didn’t you stop Miss Chu just now? Didn’t you plan to capture her and use her to threaten Prince Ying to force him to hand over that thing?” Xuanxi Zi-Mo couldn’t understand his family master’s actions, so he had to ask.

“This young master changed his mind. That kind of vile person’s conduct, how could it be compatible with this young master’s noble identity.” Dongting Wang-Yu looked deeply at that figure, his tone had a hint of a smile that people couldn’t fathom.

“When did you change your mind?” How come he as a subordinate don’t even know ah.

“Just now.” The corner of Dongting Wang-Yu’s lips held a smile.

The corner of Xuanxi Zi-Mo’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch, following such an unruly master, he could only accept his fate.

Chu Qing-Yan quickly ran over and when Xiao Lie Cavalry’s group saw her coming over, they immediately made a road for her to use.

Having just passed through the crowd, she saw Big Block of Ice standing with one knee kneeling. Chu Qing-Yan didn’t miss those petals of flowers that bloomed on the water surface from his blood. Her breathing was obstructed, she couldn’t care about anything else as she threw herself up. Her pair of hands supported his arm, and in a tone that had traces of sobbing, she said. “Big Block of Ice, how are you? Is there any discomfort on your body? You say something ah!”

Xiao Xu slowly returned from that state where there was no strength in his body, and lifted his hand to push aside her hand. He stood up by himself, his silver mask reflecting the light from the fire and giving off a indistinct silvery light. She couldn’t see his expression right now.

“Big Block of Ice, are you still okay?” Chu Qing-Yan knew he didn’t want to reveal his weak side in front of his subordinates. So no matter what, he didn’t need other people to lend an arm in support.

“This king is fine, don’t need to worry.” Xiao Xu wanted to lift his hand to rub her head but his hand was full of blood, so couldn’t clearly see if a wound was there or not. In the end, he put down his hand and said this to placate her.

Clearly he was bleeding, but Big Block of Ice still said he was fine. She didn’t believe it. But at this time, Big Block of Ice saying it like this meant he had his own reasons. She didn’t speak again to stubbornly drag on this topic. As long as they reached a safe place, if she wanted to check, wouldn’t it be as easy as turning her hand?

The long sword entered the shealth, Xiao Xu gave a meaningful glance at those subordinates still standing in front of him. Basically they had all more or less suffered injuries, before there was still several tens of people, but now only very few people remained. A trace of deep grief flitted through his pair of eyes.

“Leave here and find a safe place to rest and reorganize.” He coldly and rightfully ordered.

“Yes.” On the ground laid their comrades that fought shoulder to shoulder with them. Now they had no time to attend to their bodies, they could only tearfully depart. At this moment, they couldn’t guarantee whether danger existed or not in their surroundings. They could only wait to come back another day——Fire Spirit’s gaze moved away with great difficulty, Earth Spirit and the others lowered their heads one after another. They could not bear to look at the bodies of their comrades.

“Why did you come back?” When everyone was checking to see if there were any survivors, Xiao Xu lowered his head and asked in a serious tone.

She knew she couldn’t avoid this question, sooner or later Big Block of Ice would mention it. Her head couldn’t help but hang down, but her pair of hands wound around his arm, tightly gripping his sleeves. In a timid but firm tone, she said. “I’m afraid this separation was like we are strangers, so I didn’t dare to leave by myself.”

“Do you know how you have let down this king’s painstaking effort?” Xiao Xu questioned.

“I let your painstaking effort down, but you failed to live up to the promise you made to me. There’s not much to choose between the two of us, let’s just call it even, okay?”

One only saw her suddenly lift her head. Her pair of eyes were bright like stars as she unblinkingly looked at him. The words he had already prepared to lecture her with were now choked in his throat, he couldn’t say a word.

The person in front of her stood there silently. Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat apprehensive, in a probing manner she said. “Since you won’t say anything, then I’ll consider this you agreeing by default oh!” Her pair of hands streaked through mid air and she playfully smiled saying. “We’re even, you can’t regret it!”

His taut mood from before suddenly relaxed because of her cheerful talk. He was just about to speak when suddenly, his pair of eyes narrowed and he concealed her behind him. His body turned around and his eyes gazed sternly toward a place in the dark. “Who?”

“We meet once again, your highness Prince Ying. Although you received some injuries, you are still as sharp as ever. I really admire ah.”

The tone was sarcastic and full of mockery, it was very sinister, making people feel uncomfortable.

But this tone, sounded somewhat familiar.

When that person walked out, Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “Isn’t he that cloaked person that appeared in the inn?”

“Didn’t expect that the little consort also remembers me. This truly is an honor.” The cloaked person chuckled. But this tone in Chu Qing-Yan’s ears was somewhat ear-piercing.

Her heart felt somewhat uneasy, last time she heard from Air Spirit that just because Big Block of Ice fought with this person, he received internal injuries. It could be seen this person’s martial arts wasn’t below Big Block of Ice’s. Now that Big Block of Ice was seriously injured, how could he still be this person’s opponent?

And just at this moment, one only saw that cloaked person wave his hand, and immediately more than ten black clothed people appeared behind him. Chu Qing-Yan immediately clenched her fist. They were heavily outnumbered, what should they do?

“Such a fine time and beautiful scenery, this person will send your highness on your journey.” The cloaked person laughed in a low tone. He just finished speaking when the people behind him quickly moved toward Xiao Xu’s group.

“Protect her well!” Xiao Xu extended his hand and pushed her toward Jin Xin.

Jin Xin immediately pulled her to quickly retreat to one side.

Just now he followed closely behind his family’s master, but master was suddenly taken away by Dongting Wang-Yu. He couldn’t find her, so he could only follow Fire Spirit’s group to enter the battle. Now that he saw his master, he immediately moved toward her. Thus, Xiao Xu was able to see him and handed his master over to him to protect.

“Big Block of Ice, you must be careful.” She knew she couldn’t be of any help, so Chu Qing-Yan could only follow Jin Xin and retreat to the side, leaving the battlefield to them.

She anxiously watched them, having already fought for a day and night, how could they still have the energy to resist so many people?

Jin Xin watched her as she anxiously watched the battle situation. He was thinking how to bring her out of here in awhile. Just now in Prince Ying’s glance, he gave him an order and entrusted him with a task.

Although the other side had more people, but Xiao Lie Cavalry was worthy of their reputation, right now with one against ten it was still not a problem.

Chu Qing-Yan’s heart relaxed a bit, but all of a sudden she saw a light flash by the corner of her eyes. She turned her head and saw the cloaked person now held a bow and arrow, she didn’t know where he got it from. He was pulling the bow and aiming it at Big Block of Ice who was attacking with a sword.

Her eyes opened wide, a lightning burst forth from the horizon with crashing sound. She wanted to warn him, but it was already too late.

The moment the lightning flashed, she could see that hand placed on the bow release, and time seemed to stop at that instant.

“No——” Chu Qing-Yan shouted loudly, but it was covered up by the rain and strong winds.

I won’t allow you to have a mishap!

She didn’t even think before throwing herself at Big Block of Ice.

“Qing-Yan——” As if his heart could sense her, Xiao Xu’s body turned to look at her. But he saw her throw herself at him regardless of the dangers. And behind her was an impossible to stop, extremely sharp arrow. It flashed with a green sinister light.

His eyes suddenly contracted.

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