Adorable Consort – Chapter 260

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Chapter 260 – Recalling the past converted into half a sigh

Lightning flashed, thunder rolled, the gale brandished everything into disorder.

In the entire wilderness, dead leaves flew in confusion, dried branches broke off, dust filled the air, the situation was very bad.

By a creek in the deep forest, Xiao Xu’s group was trying to rest a little.

In the two hours before, they had suffered three sudden attacks in a row. Although they were all resolved by them one by one, but they also lost people on their side. Everyone was already exhausted.

No matter how elite the Xiao Lie Cavalry were, they also couldn’t withstand so many sneak attacks one after another. Earth Spirit gripped the sword shaft, there were large and small wounds all over his body. And in front of him, his master’s black clothing also had many traces of blood.

“Master, clearly these people want to use the cycle of battles method to use up our physical strength, then attack us all at once.” Earth Spirit stroked his face, analyzing this.

“That’s right, although these people came from different directions, but clearly they had reached an agreement.” Xiao Xu took a glance at the gloomy night sky. The black clouds pressed down on the mountain, giving people a very oppressive feeling.

“Really is too despicable!” Earth Spirit fiercely spit this out. He never imagined that tonight there would be so many people launching surprise attacks. All of a sudden, he thought of a matter. “Master, didn’t you already use the flying pigeons to pass an order to Mo He to transfer troops over here? How come there still isn’t any news even now?”

A dark color flashed through Xiao Xu’s eyes, a faint sigh spilled out from the corner of his mouth. “Don’t need to wait. The letter sent out won’t arrive in Mo He’s hand.”

“What?” Earth Spirit turned pale from shock.

“As early as several days ago, these people had already fixed their attention on us. If Mo He didn’t arrive today, then that’s because the letter was intercepted.” Xiao Xu turned and looked at the gurgling water. He felt the water level was slowly getting higher. Looks like heavy rain will descend tonight and they would also face a fierce battle.

Earth Spirit tightly pursed his lips, but what kind of waves hadn’t he experienced on the battlefields before? Very quickly, he adjusted his mood and continued to say. “Master these people will come again, we must first rest, reorganize and conserve our strength.”

“En, with regards to the deployment of people, you go handle it.” Xiao Xu handed the matter over to him.

“Yes.” Earth Spirit complied. Only that when he was turning around, he couldn’t help but glance at the master in front of him. On this journey, he felt master seemed absent-minded, as if he didn’t take these sneak attacks to heart. This kind of sense made his heart feel very wrong. If it was in the past, master wouldn’t be like this…just passively waiting.

What happened in the end? Or rather, what was master thinking in his heart when all was said and done?

But as the subordinate, the only thing he could do at this critical juncture was use all his strength to handle everything appropriately.

The sounds of footsteps behind him walked far away. Xiao Xu looked at that millennium old tree in front of him, and he slowly moved his hand to caress the tree trunk gradually. That rough outer layer seemed to chaff the skin, but his thoughts didn’t seem to be on this. Using a tone that a second person couldn’t hear, he slowly said. “If I could choose, I certainly don’t want to be reborn into the royal family. Even becoming a tree is good. The root is set in the ground, body flying in the wind.”

“Big Block of Ice, I heard this phrase before and my heart was deeply moved. That phrase went like this.” An elegant and clear voice sounded by his ear. “If there is a next life, I want to become a tree. Standing there for eternality. There is no place for sadness or joy. One half stays peacefully in the dust, the other half flying in the wind. One half giving off shade, the other half bathing in the sunlight.”

Xiao Xu’s lips hooked up slightly, the little fellow always had many arguments. Everytime she would use it to persuade others, but once it was used on her, she would exempt herself from it, not a bit of it was effective.

Thinking up to here, Xiao Xu withdrew his hand. He lifted his head to look at the deep and dark sky. Don’t know where the little fellow would have reached by now? Whether she was sleeping peacefully? Whether she was missing him? Whether she had become suspicious or not?

However, whatever the case may be, he couldn’t let her return.

He already doesn’t have the ability to protect her.

Laying down these thoughts, Xiao Xu prepared to turn around, but this movement pulled on an old injury. He couldn’t help but cover his chest and a wisp of blood spilled out from between his lips. He frowned slightly and planned to move his innerforce to help his blood channels recuperate.

But just at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind him, and a deep and low voice sounded. “Your Highness Prince Ying, trust you have been well since we last met.”

He raised an eyebrow, his hand extended out and brushed away at the corner of his mouth, then he unhurriedly turned around.

“It’s you.” Xiao Xu wasn’t surprised to see him. The injury on his body was conferred by him.

It was the cloaked person that appeared in the number one inn from before.

“Your Highness still recognizes me, I am somewhat overwhelmed by the favor.” The cloaked person laughed in a shady manner. Even the air was infected with a stifling sense of ill intentions from his laugh.

Xiao Xu looked at him coldly and didn’t plan to respond.

“Now there are at least seven powerful forces that have the entire barren hill surrounded. It even includes some of the evil sects in the world. Assassins sect, death soldiers from major influential families. It may be assumed that no matter how famous you may be in the past, no matter what, under attacks from so many people, even if you and Xiao Lie Cavalry had wings inserted, it would be difficult for you guys to escape!” His words had the tone of taking delight in others’ misfortune.

Even though the cloaked person had his eyes covered, that sinister pair of eyes relentlessly followed Xiao Xu’s figure.

“Isn’t this something you would gladly see happen?” Xiao Xu’s tone was flat, as if what they were discussing wasn’t his life or death.

“Worthy of being this generation’s War God. Having seen so many such huge scenes, yet still able to talk of it as if nothing happened. This person really admires ah. But there is one thing this person doesn’t understand and wants to ask Your Highness’ guidance.” After the cloaked person gave a false laugh, he stared at Xiao Xu before saying this slowly.

“I’d like to hear the details.” Xiao Xu said faintly.

If other people were to see this scene, they would think this were two old friends merely discussing away and not enemies that were at daggers drawn.

“Your Highness, you don’t seem to be curious about who sent me. Could it be you don’t want to know?” He couldn’t understand this matter even after pondering for a long time.

“If I know then what, if I don’t know then what?” If he could choose, he would rather choose not to know. That way, he could still deceive himself for a short period of time. It’s only a pity the Will of Heaven liked to toy with people.

“So you already knew.” The cloaked person was slightly shocked.

Xiao Xu stood there silently.

And just at this time came the sounds of footsteps, immediately following behind was the sound of Earth Spirit’s urgent words. “Master, someone launched a surprise attack.”

Finished speaking, he saw the cloaked person standing before his master. Earth Spirit immediately became vigilant and brandished his sword to advance forward. But that cloaked person simply didn’t put Earth Spirit in his eyes. Rather, he took a glance at Xiao Xu and coldly sneered. “Your Highness Prince Ying, I won’t disturb you on your road to meet death. In a while, I hope you won’t be lenient with me.”

His black sleeves waved, dust and stones flew up. After the dust and smoke settled, the person had already disappeared.

Earth Spirit was aghast. “Master, this——”

“Don’t need to pay attention to this, first concentrate all the energy to meet the attack.” Xiao Xu had just taken a step forward when he felt his physical strength couldn’t endure anymore and he fell forward.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled between the heavens and earth, as if it was about to rip the entire world apart.

Very quickly, the rain came down in buckets.

“How could it be like this?” Chu Qing-Yan looked at the bodies on the ground lying in disorder, and she covered her mouth in disbelief. Clearly today when they separated, over here was still good.

Fire Spirit and the others quickly examined the scene, while Dongting Wang-Yu looked at the dead assassins on the ground, an expression of disbelief flashing through his eyes.

Ten steps kill one person, continuing like this for thousands of miles.

Worthy of being the War God of this generation. His martial arts has reached such perfection.

Even he couldn’t help but admire ah.

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