Adorable Consort – Chapter 250

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Chapter 250 – I want to become your personal housekeeper

After Chu Qing-Yan left, Fire Spirit became more alert and surveyed the surrounding with the patrolling guards all around.

Just at this moment, a subordinate hurriedly arrived.

“Honorable Fire Spirit, just now Honorable Water Spirit sent a letter saying that there are movements in the capital. Large quantity of men and horses left the city, very possibly they are heading in our direction.”

Fire Spirit frowned. “I got it, wait until tomorrow when master gets up, I’ll report this matter to him.”

“Yes.” The subordinate withdrew.

Fire Spirit suddenly recalled the matter the Little Consort had just abruptly asked. He also became worried, recently master’s actions has offended too many people’s interests. Sooner or later, these people would take action.

The night was dark and deep, doomed to be a restless night.

Inside Moon Palace.

Concubine Yue sat on a chair, in her hand was a letter. After she finished reading it, her entire person looked radiant.

“Master is there a happy event?” Nanny Rong held a lamp and walked over. Seeing that thick smiling expression on her master’s face, she couldn’t help but also smilingly ask.

Concubine Yue in passing folded up the letter, turned around and with eyebrow and lips smiling said. “Just now a letter was passed over, our people have already arrived. And the people Liu Zhi dispatched to encircle and kill Xiao Xu are already on the road. Moreover it’s not only the people from these two sides, it ought to be said that the people that have hatred and blame toward Xiao Xu have already started to assemble.

“Niang Niang, this is really good news ah.” Nanny Rong clapped her hand in cheer. “This way, even if Prince Ying had wings inserted, it would still be hard for him to escape!”

Concubine Yue luxuriously got up, the tassels at her waist bumped into each other, giving off a crisp beautiful sound. One only saw the corner of her mouth lift into a sneer like a merciless knife blade. “In the past, Xiao Xu had Xiao Lie Cavalry in his hand, other people were unable to move him the slightest bit. But now that there are so many opponents, even if they take turns battling, sooner or later Xiao Lie Cavalry would be consumed until nothing is left.”

“Then that last layer of barrier will be broken. How could Xiao Xu still have the ability to resist these death soldiers and assassins?” Concubine Yue lifted her hand and caressed the red cardamon at her fingertips. A blood red cold light reflected from her eyes as killing intent streaked across them.

“Then this old slave will congratulate Niang Niang in advance for pulling out the thorn in your side. There will be no more worries for the future.” Nanny Rong smilingly congratulated.

The corner of Concubine Yue’s mouth had a smile, she didn’t speak, but the killing intent in her eyes gradually became stronger.

Xiao Xu, this palace will wait in the capital for the arrival of the time of your death.

At that time, she wanted to see the Empress Liang that had been strong-willed for several tens of years, what face would she have to vie with her for the position of this Eastern Palace!

Deep winter, it was bitterly cold and harsh.

Xiao Xu woke up and discovered he was lying on the bed. Carefully recalling everything that happened last night, in the end he frowned and got up.

“Big Block of Ice, you woke up. Quickly wash your face and rinse your mouth. This morning, I made a nutritious breakfast for you oh!” A clear and exquisite voice sounded in his room.

He didn’t need to guess to know who the person that came over was.

When he sat in front of the dinning table, before Xiao Xu could mention last night’s matter, there was already someone who started to talk first.

“Big Block of Ice, last night you fell asleep halfway into viewing the scenery with me. It looks like this period of time you really are too tired. From now on, you must by all means not ruin your own body like this.”

What was called taking an preemptive strike, it was just like her, taking the initiative to mention this matter and settle the doubt in the other person’s heart. That way, the other person won’t mention this matter again. Even if there was a bit of doubt in his heart, he would not pursue the matter.

Xiao Xu’s eyes turned to look at her. His eyes were so deep you couldn’t see to the bottom. Right now Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes that were full of smiles suddenly froze, as if she could sense the guilty conscience floating to her heart. She immediately changed the topic. “Come, this is soy milk. I specifically asked people to move over a grinding stone. Although what it grinded out isn’t as fine as from the place we came from, it’s still not bad.”

Xiao Xu retracted his gaze, although he felt there was something fishy about last night’s matter, he didn’t have evidence to prove that this matter had something to do with the little fellow. Moreover after waking up from a long nap, indeed his spirit and mind were refreshed. Therefore he wasn’t about to argue with her over this matter.

One only saw that arranged in front of him was a beige colored bowl of thick, pastry soup. This must be that soy milk the little fellow was talking about. It sounded like another new thing.

“There’s also mixed grain steam bun, meat bun, deep fried dough strip——”

Chu Qing-Yan pushed the stuff towards him, with an expression of presenting him with treasures she said. “These were all made by me and Huang Yi after studying it. Quickly try and see, how is my craftsmanship?”

Xiao Xu picked up a steamed bun and took a bite, the texture was not bad. Faced with the little fellow waiting for his praise, he didn’t satisfy her thoughts, rather he lightly said. “In the future, you just hand these things over to Huang Yi to do will be fine, you don’t need to personally do it yourself.”

Not getting the praise she was waiting for and seeing that her kind intent was rejected, Chu Qing-Yan felt somewhat thwarted. “Normally I don’t have a lot of things to do, now you want to strip me of my interest that I do in my spare time, isn’t this too cruel?”

“You have nothing to do?” Xiao Xu raised his voice slightly.

“Eh…” Chu Qing-Yan suddenly felt a bit guilty.

“Zither, Go, Calligraphy and painting, you know them all?” Xiao Xu glanced faintly at her.

“The skills girls from wealthy families have to learn, I as a wild country girl don’t need it!” She immediately waved her hand.

In the capital, Big Block of Ice invited a music teacher to teach her zither. Three days later, her fingers were wrapped into carrot shape. After Big Block of Ice found out, he dismissed the music teacher.

Occasionally she would study a bit of Go, Calligraphy and painting from Big Block of Ice. But that period when they in the capital, they rarely got peace, as a result, she learned intermittently and the time wasn’t that long.

Seeing the little fellow’s scared appearance, a tiny smile streaked across Xiao Xu’s eyes.

“Then go learn martial arts and the sword with Earth Spirit’s group.”

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head and said with difficulty. “Earth Spirit’s group is in charge of guarding everyone on this trip. They are already working too hard. I shouldn’t go and cause more trouble for them.”

Xiao Xu knew all of these were just her excuses. But since she didn’t like it, didn’t care for it, then he also won’t really force her to do it.

“Then what do you want to do? All day shouting you are bored and grass is growing on your head. If this king hears another sentence about it, then I’ll toss you over to Earth Spirit to study martial arts and practice swords. You are not allowed to haggle over the price!”

Why so fierce?

Chu Qing-Yan thought about it and raised her hand to say. “I have something I want to do.”


“I want to become your personal housekeeper.” Chu Qing-Yan smilingly said.

“Nonsense.” Xiao Xu flatly overruled her.

“Big Block of Ice, how could you be so rigid! Why can’t I be your personal housekeeper? You must give me a reason, otherwise I won’t accept it!” Chu Qing-Yan protested.

“What can you do?” Xiao Xu was very skeptical about her abilities.

He had just finished speaking when he saw her red lips purse, and shallow dimples appeared. “I can supervise when you eat meals, drink medicine and rest, just like a set alarm clock or an appointment book. When you forget to eat and sleep, I will punctually remind you what you ought to be doing. How about it? I am very smart and able oh!”

Xiao Xu now knew why she was beating around the bush for so long, it was really because she wanted to take care of him in a roundabout way. His heart was somewhat moved. Clearly this little fellow should be in a greenhouse enjoying the affections of her parents and their care. Instead she was outside with him being subjected to homelessness, misery and hard times. All of a sudden, he felt he owed her a lot.

Xiao Xu was silent for a moment, then was just about to speak when the sound of urgent footsteps arrived.

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