Adorable Consort – Chapter 241

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Chapter 241 – Air Spirit’s heart matters, no one knows

At last they had found the place, everyone accelerated their footsteps as they walked toward that thatched hut.

Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat astonished, this generation’s famous doctor actually lived in such a dilapidated thatched hut. It looked as if a burst of gale blowing over would overturn the roof of this hut.

But she knew many very able people in the outside world liked to be hidden in the city, so this wasn’t surprising.

It was only now that the three to four little apprentices that were drying the medicinal herbs saw their group of people. It seemed as if they were used to the sight of people coming up the mountain to seek medical treatment. But they still very courteously stood up and smilingly asked. “Did you several people come to seek medical treatment or ask about medicine?”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately nodded. “Correct, presumptuous of me to come disturb you guys and causing you inconvenience.”

“Then wait, I’ll go call our Senior Brother.” One young disciple immediately turned to enter the hut.

While waiting, Chu Qing-Yan just so happened to see Air Spirit staring blankly in front of the thatched hut. His eyes were filled with disbelief. She gave a soft sigh, maybe it’s because he found out his Junior Sister was living in this place and couldn’t bear it.

At this time Air Spirit stared blankly at the thatched hut in front of him, myriad thoughts and moods rushed up his heart. But very quickly, he put his mood away because he heard the sounds of footsteps. His heart couldn’t help but be clenched his gaze also shift to that large door.

“Someone is coming out.” Chu Qing-Yan said to Big Block of Ice at her side, her heart was somewhat nervous.

Xiao Xu patted her hand, indicating she shouldn’t worry. Chu Qing-Yan returned his gesture with a smile.

Two people appeared at the doorway, one was the little apprentice from just now. The other was a seventeen to eighteen year old male with a honest and lively appearance. Chu Qing-Yan immediately went up to greet them.

“This brother, don’t know if you guys have a female doctor with amazing medical expertise? We came looking for her.”

And at this time Air Spirit inserted a sentence. “Her name is Cheng Yan-Luo.”

“You guys are looking for my family’s Senior Sister ah. Unfortunately this morning she left to go pick medicinal herbs.” Sha Feng politely replied. He had just finished speaking when he suddenly turned his head toward Air Spirit standing among the group of people. His whole face was full of astonishment and he lifted his trembling finger. “You, you are First Senior Brother?”

“Yes it’s me, Third Junior Brother. These several years, have you guys lived well?” Air Spirit walked forward, his face had a happiness that couldn’t be concealed. Only that the happiness had a trace of remorse in it.

“No, no, no, Senior Sister said that master’s door already doesn’t have a First Senior brother. If we see you, we have to shoo you away. I’m sorry Senior Brother, please leave!” Sha Feng retreated several steps, with an awkward expression as he waved his hand to ask them to leave.

“Third Junior Brother, the matter at that time——” Air Spirit want to step forward to explain, but was stopped by Sha Feng lifting his hand.

“First Senior Brother, whatever words you have to say, it’s best you say it to Senior Sister. These several years the person you owe the most is Senior Sister.”

“Then when will she be back?” A pained expression appeared on Air Spirit’s face.

“The earliest three days, the latest five days. If you guys want to wait then wait! Ji Nian, close the door and see the visitors out. Today we are not accepting patients.” Finished speaking, Sha Feng immediately entered the hut and those disciples immediately bowed and asked them to leave.

This scene was unforeseen.

Who would have known that though just now everything was good, all of a sudden the scene would become them being driven out.

“Air Spirit, did you offend that Junior Sister?” After the group of people was driven off the mountain, Chu Qing-Yan asked, somewhat bewildered.

Air Spirit smiled bitterly. “It could be said like that! Really sorry, this matter may come up empty because of this subordinate.”

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head. “This can’t be blamed on you. If it were not for your help, we still won’t be able to find this doctor that could cure my daddy.”

Air Spirit smiled but his smile was very shallow. Chu Qing-Yan knew his mood wasn’t very good right now, so she tactfully didn’t bother him.

She walked to stand in front of Big Block of Ice. Chu Qing-Yan tugged at his sleeves and asked in a low voice. “Big Block of Ice, what happened between Air Spirit and his Junior Sister ah?”

Xiao Xu glanced at her. “This matter, you ought to go ask the two of them.”

Chu Qing-Yan stuck out her tongue, she asked the wrong person. Big Block of Ice, this person that couldn’t hear any gossip and wholeheartedly focused on the matter of the country, how would he know ah?

But when she thought Big Block of Ice wouldn’t say anything else, he opened his mouth to say. “Ten years ago, Air Spirit become a disciple of Divine Doctor Luo. After six years, he finished his studies and returned. What happened during those six years I never heard Air Spirit mention it. For the most part, it is related to this Cheng Yan-Luo. Maybe it’s the matter of growing feelings between man and woman.”

Chu Qing-Yan nodded, she also guessed it was this. Otherwise last night, Air Spirit wouldn’t baffling ask her about the “if a promise was renounced matter”.

Maybe it was he promised that Junior Sister something but didn’t do it, angering the person to drive him out every time she sees him!

“Big Block of Ice, since that female doctor will return after several days, let us first hurry on our journey instead!” They didn’t see that legendary female doctor, but she knew what matters were important. It’s best that she doesn’t delay Big Block of Ice’s journey.

“Don’t plan on treating your father’s illness?” Xiao Xu was somewhat astonished. He knew her daddy’s illness had always been a large stone in her heart. From last night till this morning, she was so excited she couldn’t sleep. How come now she would say give up then give up on it?

Just hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan knew he misunderstood and explained. “Before I was worried because I couldn’t find the person. Now that I know where the person is, as long as we leave our people behind to wait for that female doctor to return, it will be fine to hand the letter seeking medical treatment to her. If she is willing, then we’ll bring daddy over to have her diagnose and treat him. It wouldn’t delay our matter.”

Xiao Xu nodded, this could be considered a good method.

Halfway up the mountain besides the thatch hut, Sha Feng glanced at the foot of the mountain with not a person in sight. Immediately he became somewhat anxious.

And the little junior brother that went to check it out returned. Sha Feng immediately asked. “Where are the people?”

“Those people already left, by now they ought to have left Yang Xia county!” The little junior brother reported, panting for breath.

Sha Feng fiercely slapped the large stone under him. “This First Senior Brother, I told him to leave and he really left! He didn’t even remain behind to wait for Senior Sister to return. Now what to do, the person has gone. When will the entanglement between the two be untied ah!”

The very puzzled little junior brother asked. “Third Senior Brother, isn’t it you who told them to leave ah?”

“But he could persist on not going ah. If he persisted, maybe he’ll wait until Senior Sister returns from picking medicinal herbs ah!” He could not disobey Senior Sister’s orders but he selfishly still wished that First Senior Brother would stay behind.

The little junior brother shook his head. The adult world was really difficult to understand. Forget it, it’s best he went and dried the medicinal herbs!

The horse carriage slowly moved, at this moment a burst of mournful and melancholic songs passed into the carriage.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but lift up the carriage curtain to ask. “Who is playing this song?”

Fire Spirit replied. “It’s Air Spirit that guy, ever since we came down the mountain he has seemed wrong all along!”

Chu Qing-Yan hearing the sound looked behind the carriage. She only saw that slender and elegant person sitting on the horse’s back, fiddling with a bamboo leaf and blowing it lightly. The song’s tone was melancholic, making people feel somewhat sad.

“Again with the sadness of spring and injuries of the fall. If you are reluctant to part, then remain behind ah! This kind of person really makes people to be out of sorts!” Fire Spirit mumbled to himself.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled, it wasn’t hard to hear the worry in Fire Spirit’s words. These people ah, they all had sharp tongue but soft hearts.

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