Adorable Consort – Chapter 232

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Chapter 232 – Pulling up the buried disaster by the root

Inside Ping Yang city, everyone knew and was clear about this huge event.

The matter was that His Highness Prince Ying mingled incognito among the people and was grabbed into the manor by Governor Liu who likes guys. Prince Ying used this opportunity to check Governor Liu’s governance of these province for the past several years. He found embezzlement, accepting bribes, shifting public funds, murder of colleagues and other crimes that raised people’s hackles.

At the same time Prince Ying’s fiancee the little consort, in order to save the children Governor Liu stole, put herself in danger and was trapped in sea of fire. In the end, she was able to seize the children from the tiger’s den and saved several tens of innocent lives.

This was because after these children returned, they added to the rumors. All the common people were furious. Governor Liu and his people were spurned and given a torrent of verbal abuse, while Xiao Xu and Chu Qing-Yan the two of them were praised to the skies.

Therefore the things Prince Ying couple did these period of time were spread wide, especially Chu Qing-Yan. All of a sudden, her reputation created a huge buzz.

While drinking medicine, Chu Qing-Yan listened to Xi Ning vividly relating the rumors among the common people. She couldn’t help but smile and shake her head.

Although the common people were the most easily fooled, they were also the most simple and honest. Whoever treated them well they would praise generously. But whoever treated them badly, they would loathe and hate them.

But this was the first time she appeared in front of the public with Big Block of Ice, so she was still a little excited.

But it made her feel strange, while the person feeding her medicine seemed to be unconcerned about these matters. He was wholeheartedly focused on feeding her medicine.

“Big Block of Ice, you don’t seem a bit happy?” She asked in puzzlement.

“Doing things for the people is not something that is worth flaunting.” He said this in an indifferent tone as if it was ordinary.

Because his identity had been exposed, Xiao Xu put on the mask once again. So Chu Qing-Yan didn’t see his heavy expression at this moment. His brows wrinkled, showing some secret worry.

“Big Block of Ice is used to doing good deeds, of course you don’t take it to heart. But it’s rare that I did such a great deed, don’t tell me you aren’t going to reward me?” She blinked her large eyes, wanting to seize this opportunity to get some good stuff. But what she got was a large mouthful of bitter Chinese medicine soup.

She struggled to swallow it, then lifted up her cocooned hand and said in an accusing tone. “Why are you this unkind ah, I put in so much effort yet you won’t even give a bit of material reward, wasting my willingness to risk life and limb to save so many children!”

Finished speaking, she covered her face and started to making crying noises. Fortunately the two cocooned hands were large enough, just right to cover up her eyes as she pretended to cry.

Xiao Xu in passing put the bowl down, crossed his hands over his chest and looked at her with an expression of being unruffled in the midst of chaos. “Sound of weeping doesn’t have enough choked with emotions. Eyes not truthful enough, still want to cry?”

She had been exposed!

But as a person who was pretending, she still had her dignity. How could she let herself sing this one-man show?

She put down her cocooned hand, face full of resentment to say. “Really annoying, it’s fine that you won’t give a reward but you still bully people!”

This accusation was really unjust, but he didn’t want her to continuously fuss about and had no choice but to compromise. “What do you want to do, say it!”

Hearing this, both of Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes lit up. “Anything is okay?”

“Within the scope of my powers.” He raised an eyebrow, this little fellow better not think of some ghostly idea.

Can she bite him?

Chu Qing-Yan said this to herself in her heart, ever since a few days ago when she bit him, she had already become addicted. Even while dreaming, she would see her hand as his shoulder and take a bite.

But this request clearly won’t do, because after that bite from last time, Big Block of Ice had ignored her for three days.

Therefore this led to being guarded against, being guarded against.

“You sound really stingy, then first record that you still owe me this reward, I’ll tell you when I think of a reward.” She first wanted to get a blank check at that time, then whatever she wanted she could just fill it in. This kind of feeling was really pleasurable!

How could Xiao Xu not know about her little schemes, but he still allowed her to do so.

Big Block of Ice tacitly agreed, this represented that she had successfully acquired the reward with underhanded means.

A burst of secret delight came from Chu Qing-Yan’s heart. Then laying on the bed, she played with her own pair of little cocooned hands. She heard Air Spirit say that she could tear open the gauze tomorrow. She was already fed up with days of having hands but still living like a handicapped person.

Wait, she suddenly recalled a matter.

“Big Block of Ice, how was that Liu Ying sentenced? Why are you so leisurely, don’t you need to handle the case?”

Xiao Xu said faintly. “Already given it to the regional officials to preside over the case. Human testimony and material evidence were all present, it only needs to follow a process. For other crimes that haven’t been unearthed, there are already specialists put in charge of it, don’t need this king to worry about it.”

Chu Qing-Yan nodded, in fact Big Block of Ice had done enough. As long as he dug out this malignant tumor then he had completed his task. For the remaining things, handing it over to those officials would be fine.

Big Block of Ice was very awesome, because he did something a lot of people in the imperial court didn’t dare do. That was to obstinately fight against the established power.

“Big Block of Ice, you are the hero in my heart!” Chu Qing-Yan smiled brilliantly at him.

Don’t know why the little fellow suddenly said these words, but he had to concede the haze in his heard cleared somewhat because of these words.

Maybe walking along this road whether it was worth it or not was already very difficult to determine. But with these words from the little fellow, it was already enough!

“Tomorrow, we will set out to continue on our journey.”

He looked out the window at the sunny sky, with white clouds drifting gracefully. His heart was slightly heavy.

“Great, we are on the eve of starting a new journey!” Chu Qing-Yan cheered excitedly. She even called Xi Ning to pack up their baggage. Jin Xin who had changed into new clothing stood in attendance at the door. He was also called inside and given several orders.

The worries in his heart were also set aside because of her jesting.

Xiao Xu sighed faintly, maybe this little fellow was sent by the heavens to amuse him.

And after Chu Qing-Yan’s group of horse carriage left Ping Yang city, inside the gloomy prison a person dressed in black avoided the layers and layers of guards. He walked to the front of a jail cell for convicted important prisoners.

“Honorable Sir.” The black clothed person called in a low voice.

That person laying in the dark corner because of this call moved his body. After he could clearly see the person outside the jail cell, he immediately got up and quickly walked toward him.

“You came, quickly bring me out!” Liu Ying said urgently.

“Honorable Sir, I’m afraid this is out of the question. His Majesty already knows about the things in Ping Yang city. And your crimes have already been written down into a book by Prince Ying and placed on his Majesty’s table. His Majesty was furious and said he wants to thoroughly investigate this matter. The chancellor as the imperial envoy from the capital has already been ordered to oversee this case. This time, it could be said Liu family has been planted and had a huge tumble.” The black clothed person said the situation for him to hear.

Liu Ying reeled back several steps, eyes filled with panic. “The marquis also can’t save me?”

“The Marquis said for this matter, His Highness Prince Ying did it too thoroughly, equivalent to exposing all the crimes for everyone in the world to see. He is also powerless to reverse the situation.” Moreover Liu family in order to save their remaining foundation, could only reluctantly cut out a large part of their power. This time being cut by Prince Ying’s sword really had greatly injured their strength.

“Then did the marquis ask you to tell me something?” Liu Ying knew he had already been abandoned by Liu family. But he was unreconciled!

“Marquis said if you have any request, you can mention it.” The black clothed person said.

“Kill Prince Ying, used every method possible to kill him, to avenge all the people in my Liu Manor!” Hatred burst out from Liu Ying’s eyes, being brought down by Prince Ying, his future prospects were all destroyed. Then even if he was to die, he will pull Prince Ying down to share the same fate.

“Okay, this matter I will pass on to the marquis.”

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