Adorable Consort – Chapter 212

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Chapter 212 – Stealthily slipping them the drug

After being brought to a neat and clean room, Chu Qing-Yan took a glance at the arrangement inside and chuckled. “Really is rich and imposing. All of these must be very valuable!”

The servant that brought them in heard this and immediately lifted up his chin. He had an expression of seeing a country bumpkin going into the big city.

“The two people, look as much as you like, say whatever you want, but be careful not to break the things in here. Otherwise even if you guys are sold, it still will not be enough to compensate for the loss.” Finished speaking, the little servant arrogantly left.

Chu Qing-Yan stroked her chin and sneered to say. “Could this be called ‘the tiger falls into Ping Yang and is being bullied by dogs?”

Xiao Xu sighed. “I’d already be saying Amitabha Buddha if you don’t go and bully others.”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately frowned, how was she that fierce, she was clearly a weak female, okay?

Having been tossed for a night and a morning, her stomach was already empty.

And just at this time, the door to the room was opened. People carrying dishes of food came in one after another. The piping hot food was placed one by one like that on the table. Chu Qing-Yan smacked her lips, the people in Zhao Qing manor all moved very rapidly. It’s only been an hour, yet they had already prepared everything for her properly.

Sweet and sour pork chop, barbequed pigeon, little white fish with pickled vegetables, lotus seed chicken soup….The things that crawl on the ground, fly in the air, swim in the water, sweet, salty, and spicy that wasn’t too spicy, all were included inside.

Chu Qing-Yan secretly thought in her heart, Zhao Qing had wasted so much effort to make them stay in Zhao Manor, to offer them as birthday gifts to Liu Ying. Now, what was the matter Zhao Qing wanted to collude with Liu Ying to accomplish? Last night, she already heard from those servant’s mouths that the two people had a very close relationship, so he didn’t need to curry favor like this. It could be said that Zhao Qing wanted to use his relationship with Liu Ying to gain even greater benefits.

But first, she must eat her full to have enough energy to ponder this. She arranged the chopsticks, then called out saying. “Big Block of Ice, time to eat.”

Hearing this, Xiao Xu walked over, took a glance at the food on the table and frowned. Immediately, his eyebrows lowered as his gaze turned toward the window, all of a sudden he understood clearly.

Chu Qing-Yan saw him stand in place, she also stopped the movements of her hand and couldn’t help but ask. “Just by looking you won’t be full, come, here are your chopsticks.”

Chu Qing-Yan smilingly placed the chopsticks into his hand but her hand was then stopped by his. She was still puzzled when she heard Big Block of Ice’s voice speak in code so that only she could hear. “Don’t touch this food, it has problems.”

Chu Qing-Yan had a disappointed and solemn expression as she looked toward those dishes that smelled, looked and should taste great. Afterwards, she followed Big Block of Ice’s gaze and looked in that direction. She saw that there was a head stealthily peeping in through the window and she immediately understood.

She laughed mischievously, in passing she picked up a chicken drumstick and deliberately raised the sound level of her voice. “What kind of leg is this, the skin isn’t even crisp, the meat is also not very tasty. Even the dogs won’t eat it!”

Then the chicken drumstick left her hand and made a beautiful arc in midair, after which it landed outside the window. One only heard a smothered hum sound, Chu Qing-Yan smiled, she got him.

Certain that the servant wasn’t there anymore, Chu Qing-Yan inquired in a low voice. “You say, what kind of drug was placed in here?”

“It’s only a numbing drug that makes a person lose their strength.” Xiao Xu took out a medicine bottle from his chest pocket, he poured out one pill and handed it to her. “This is an antidote Air Spirit developed for common knockout drugs.”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t doubt him, after accepting it she swallowed it, afterwards she asked, full of curiosity. “Big Block of Ice, how did you know someone put drugs in the food?”

Xiao Xu sat down on the chair and said faintly. “The request you just made is very demanding. But Zhao Qing readily consented, this is one problem. The other was that this food had a undetectable delicate fragrance, this is from Soul Confusion Incense.”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan immediately leaned closer to sniff the food on that table. But in the end, she could only smell the fragrance of the food, what delicate fragrance? She simply couldn’t distinguish it.

“You can’t smell it, before when I was learning martial arts, I had to identify common knockout incense and poisons. This was one of the courses I had to learn.” Xiao Xu saw her puppy like actions of sniffing here and there and couldn’t help but interrupt her. “Quickly eat, stop sniffing the food.”

Only then did Chu Qing-Yan withdraw her body, a face full of anger. “This Zhao Qing truly exemplifies the saying that all businessmen are evil!”

“In fact this morning he was already suspicious, he wanted to ensure everything will be a sure thing thus he used this strategy.” Xiao Xu said in a flat tone, in passing he placed a porkchop in her bowl.

Chu Qing-Yan nodded. Now she was already attracted by the aroma of the food, and she began to gorge herself.

Zhao family’s hall.

Zhao Qing while drinking tea, absentmindedly asked. “Thes food, did they eat it?”

The servant below reported. “Master, those two have eaten all the food. This servant saw them go lay on the bed after they finished eating, I suppose the drug has already achieved the desired effect.”

“Good, you guys continue to watch them. As long as there is any movement, come report it.”


Very quickly, night arrived.

Chu Qing-Yan was prepared to rest when she heard a light knock on the window. Unexpected misfortune keeps growing, she immediately got up. But Xiao Xu had already walked to the window and opened it. The person’s body twisted and entered the room.

“Master, little young master.” A lighthearted tone immediately said.

“Fire Spirit!” Chu Qing-Yan jumped off from the bed, she didn’t expect the person that came was him.

Fire Spirit smiled toward her, then said to his family’s master. “Master, last night this servant got your signals and followed it to search for you. Only last night I didn’t want to come in without careful considerations. Today after clearly understanding the situation, I immediately rushed over. Moreover this servant recieved news, Zhao Qing wants to use his connection to Liu Ying to connect with the two patrols of the imperial censor that deal with salt. He wants to withdraw the edible salt in advance. “

Just as expected, it was the same as he had anticipated. Xiao Xu’s eyes turned cold. He picked the paper that was already dried on the table and handed to him. “This was what I wrote today, you guys go back and follow the instructions on it.”

After Fire Spirit accepted it and took a glance at it, he then folded it and put it in his clothes. “This subordinate will seriously carry out the orders on it. Ask that master feel assured”

Xiao Xu nodded, he was always confident about the people under him.

After Fire Spirit finished taking care of the proper matters, he turned and took out a small clothed bag and handed it over to the little consort. “This is what the old man asked this subordinate to give you to alleviate your desires to eat.”

Chu Qing-Yan felt this was unexpected and accepted it. After opening it to have a look, it was actually fresh pastries that just came out of the oven. She couldn’t help but be happy, this Retired Emperor really has her on his mind. He actually remembered she liked mung bean cake.

She had just picked one up and placed it her mouth when she heard Fire Spirit continue to say. “Old man said, one piece of mung bean cake for a plate of pastries.”


This is asking for a sky-high price!

He did it so she can’t bargain!

This scheme was really loud!

When Xiao Xu and Fire Spirit saw her face wrinkle into a chrysanthemum, they couldn’t help but turn their eyes away.

Once he encounters food, the Retired Emperor was very shrewd!

Chu Qing-Yan had no choice but to suffer in silence.

Time passed very quickly, in the blink of an eye it was Liu Ying’s birthday feast.

The servants in Zhao family carried out the unconcious Xiao Xu and Chu Qing-Yan and placed each of them into a wooden box. There were several holes on the wooden box, to avoid suffocating the people inside to death.

Zhao Qing looked at the red silk on the wooden box with the kidnapped people inside, full of satisfaction. According to the accumulation of the drugs that was added these two days, they had already lost consciousness. Zhao Qing laughed treacherously, then ordered. “Go, to Liu Manor!”

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