Adorable Consort – Chapter 208

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Chapter 208 – If you don’t enter the den, where will you find tiger cubs?

When the two had just left where they were standing, several people appeared who were dressed in servant attire. One only saw them scratching their heads, looking in all directions.

“Where are the people? We clearly saw them here ah. How come in the blink of an eye they disappeared ah. Really seen a ghost ah.” Servant A rubbed his head as he said in puzzlement.

“That’s right ah, our master is really strange. Why ask us to seize these two back?” Servant B asked.

When servent C heard this, he laughed somewhat vulgarly. “Do you guys not know? This is our master trying to win favor with someone else’s property. Who doesn’t know of our master’s relationship with governor Liu? The rumor is that governor Liu likes men. Just now it was governor Liu who took a fancy to these two little brothers. So you guys now understand….”

“So it was like this, but we lost the people, what to do?” Servant A said anxiously.

“Look again, otherwise if we can’t complete the mission, then we’ll have to take the consequences!” Servant B immediately said.

“Right, right, right, let’s go quickly to search. Even if we have to turn over the entire Ping Yang city, we must find the people.” Servant C rolled up his sleeves and said to the person at his side.

As a result, the group of people walked far away.

Only then did the two people standing behind the tree trunk walk out.

“Didn’t expect we have just walked a bit and we have already become someone’s target.” Chu Qing-Yan scoffed to say. It was simply inconceivable. This governor Liu was actually a metamorphosis that ate both young and old.

Clearly Xiao Xu was also somewhat surprised. Right now, his complexion was very ugly. He was preparing to go forward and scout around but he didn’t feel assured letting the little fellow remain behind by herself.

However when he was carefully pondering this, a tone that couldn’t suppress its curiosity came from his side. “Big Block of Ice, how about we follow those people?”

Xiao Xu lowered his eyes, in a rather helpless tone he said. “What ghostly idea did you think of?”

“If you don’t enter the den, where will you find tiger cubs! How about it?” She winked her eyes at him, it was impossible to hide her current excitement.

“Let’s go!” In fact he was also planning to do this, only that he was apprehensive about the little fellow. Now seeing her full of interest, he nodded.

“Hey, where did the people go? How come we can’t find them no matter what!” Servant A looked all around awkwardly.

“That’s right, in a while how are we to report to master? Wait, wait, are those two people them?” Servant C pointed in a direction, excitedly pulling at the person by his side.

The several people immediately looked over, they saw up ahead a tall and small figure just about to walk toward a small alley up ahead. The servants exchanged mutual glances. Really, even the Heavens were helping them! As a result, they rapidly ran over.

When the two of them unhurriedly entered the alley, they saw two servants harboring malicious intentions walking head on towards them. They wanted to turn around and walk away when they saw three to four similarly dressed servants behind them.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled proudly in her heart, sure enough they fell into the trap. Immediately, she pretended to be alarmed and calm at the same time as she asked. “These several people, do you have some matters?”

“Two young masters, my family’s master wants to invite you two to be guests in our manor. Don’t know what the two of you think about this?” Diplomacy before violence, servant C smilingly said. Only, it was hard to conceal the vagueness of his words.

Chu Qing-Yan immediately waved her hand with a startled expression. “We are just newcomers to the city and don’t know your master. Moreover, my mom said when traveling outside I must be careful. I shouldn’t leave with strangers for it wouldn’t be safe.”

Servant A spat. “F*ck, do you know who our family’s master is? He is the richest person in Ping Yang city, called boss Zhao. Under him are more than ten stores, his businesses are all over the country. You guys don’t want to drink a toast, then be forced to drink in forfeit!”

Hearing this, Xiao Xu glanced at these several servants, those servants saw this utterly silent, extremely good looking man suddenly lift his head to glance at them with cold indifference. Suddenly they felt cold from head to toe, several of them shivered.

But very quickly Xiao Xu retracted his gaze, then these people recalled they had safety in numbers and suddenly became lively again.

“One sentence. Are you guys going to walk on your own or have us help you walk! Even if you don’t want to go, you still need to go!” Servant B revealed two wrist-thick hemp ropes and swayed it in front of the two people.

Chu Qing-Yan originally wanted to talk back a bit more but the hand holding hers suddenly pinched her palm. She understood and instantly changed to a panicked appearance and weakly said. “You guys don’t grab us, we’ll go on our own, on our own!”

“This terrified appearance, when you guys land in that honorable sir’s hands, sneer, sneer, simply can’t imagine, hahaha!” Servant A pointed at Chu Qing-Yan and laughed out loud. Hearing this, everyone revealed a meaningful and hard to describe ridicule.

Once Servant A finished speaking, he felt a frosty gaze land on his body. Immediately, he stopped laughing and looked in Xiao Xu’s direction. When he saw his eyes were lowered and that he never looked at him, he immediately lifted his hand. “In order to avoid the many dreams in a long night, let us go!”

Then all of them surrounded the two people in the middle. Afraid they would seize the opportunity to slip away, they shoved the two people to leave quickly.

Sensing the cold intent being suddenly given off by the person at her side, Chu Qing-Yan laughed in a low tone, these people laughed so happily, she reckoned that when the time came for them to cry, they would look really ugly ah!

The two didn’t say a word and left with them.

Servant B glanced at the two people they captured. One was calm with a leisurely expression. The other one’s eyes were spinning around, full of curiosity. In his heart, he felt this was somewhat strange. “I say, how come these two don’t look as if they are being abducted? Don’t they look as if they are going on a scenic tour to stroll around and sightsee?”

“What do you want to control so much for? The master wants us to bring back the people, completing our mission is enough. You just need to think about where we should we go to spend the money in a while when we are bestowed money as reward by master!” Servant C rolled his eyes at him. Felt that him being so long-winded was too troublesome!

Servant A impatiently said. “Stop worrying for no purpose. Once these two people arrive in master’s hand, then their matter will have nothing to do with us. Being played to death or disabled is their luck.

“Played to death or disabled?” Servant B was immediately scared and he opened his eyes wide.

Servant A laughed haha. “You have just entered the manor not long ago. Naturally you don’t know some of the secrets. Our master and that Honorable Sir have known each other for a long time. Our manor’s servants more or less know that Honorable Sir’s interest. Do you know what happened before you were able to enter the manor?”

“Wh-what?” Servant B suddenly had a bad premonition.

“That’s because several days ago, that little six who was in your position was fancied by that Honorable Sir. He was directly taken away. Our master turned a blind eye and did not look into it.” Servant A spat out a mouthful of saliva and continued to say. “I heard that yesterday, a bundled person was thrown outside from the back door of that Honorable Sir’s home. There were some busybodies that went to have a look, discovered that person had already been played with until he was breathing his last. It was that servant from our manor, little six.”

Servant B sucked in a breath of cold air. This was too horrible!

Servant C aimed a glance at Chu Qing-Yan and Xiao Xu, and regretfully said. “Really a pity, maybe in two days we’ll see them being tossed out.”

“Don’t get involved. We are about to arrive at the manor’s courtyard.”

The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth twitched. These several furtive people were afraid they would hear them. But their voices were so loud, even people who didn’t want to hear had to hear it.

This Liu Ying was really dirty and erred too much. Oppressing male and female, doing such inhuman things!

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