Adorable Consort – Chapter 174

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Chapter 174 – Big Block of Ice help me hammer it

“Hammer?” Xiao Xu’s gaze shifted away from the book to land on her body.

All of a sudden, Chu Qing-Yan felt as if her body was submerged in ice, immediately she changed course. She gave a light cough to cover things saying. “No, no, no. I didn’t say anything. You heard wrong.”

Xiao Xu hearing this, felt it was somewhat laughable, immediately he shifted his gaze back to his book.

Chu Qing-Yan heaved a breath of relief, she leaned against the carriage wall by herself. She rubbed her arms thinking about what her life would be after this.

Although Big Block of Ice was going because of digging a mine, Western Emperor didn’t give him a time limit. Therefore on this journey, she will shape up Big Block of Ice, and in passing, tour the mountains and play in the water. Wouldn’t it be beautiful and leisurely?

Only don’t know if Big Block of Ice, this workaholic would agree to this request of hers?

She rubbed her arm, unconsciously starting to worry.

It was really difficult to come out this once, she must properly experience this time period that she has crossed over to. She wanted to see what kind of scenery was in this world.

Flipping through the book, Xiao Xu heard this deep sigh, he couldn’t help but place his hand on his forehead.

“Come over here!”

Suddenly hearing someone talk, Chu Qing-Yan doubtfully lifted her head to look at the person in front of her. “Calling me?”

“Is there a third person in the carriage?” Xiao Xu looked at her.

“Oh.” Chu Qing-Yan shifted over, there were only Big Block of Ice and her, but the carriage was very big, it could hold at least five to six people. She expended a lot of energy to move over, then lifted up her head and looked at him with curiosity.

“Extend your hand over here.” Xiao Xu ordered.

“Oh.” Chu Qing-Yan’s thought was still on touring the mountains and playing in the waters, so she made a move with every order.

One only saw Xiao Xu extend his hand to grip her little arm, the tip of his finger wandered to her acupuncture points, lightly tapping them using moderate strength. Only his expression was still indifferent and cold, as if he wasn’t helping the little guy in front of him to relax her muscles and bones. Rather, it looked as if he was wiping a sword clean.

Chu Qing-Yan never expected that Big Block of Ice really would do what he was told to help her. A burst of secret delight came from her heart. After exchanging with the other hand and it was also softly massaged, she turned around, she had gotten an inch and wanted a mile so she said. “Still more, still more!”

Xiao Xu smiled as his finger landed on her shoulder, slowly kneading.

Chu Qing-Yan felt a warm flow coming from his nimble fingers, then it entered her blood vessels. Those blocked meridians bit by bit became unblocked. She felt carefree and full of energy from head to toe!

When everything was completed, she hurriedly turned her head to ask. “Big Block of Ice, just now were you using internal force to help unblock my meridians?”

“En.” Xiao Xu faintly replied, then picked up the book placed on the side and continued to flip through it.

Immediately Chu Qing-Yan’s interest was raised by him, she turned around and rested her body on the side to ask. “Big Block of Ice, is your inner strength really high? Is your martial arts really amazing? Does having inner strength allow you to adjust your body’s health? For example when you are tired, can you use it to ease your exhaustion?”

The questions came all at once, ‘pitter-patter’ like beans tumbling out.

Xiao Xu faintly shot her a glance, he felt that he could skip over these questions and not reply. “You want to learn?”

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes that were opened wide suddenly shone, without the slightest hesitation she nodded.

“Then starting from today, when the carriage stops for a rest, you will practice the martial arts.”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately quivered. Along the way there were so many beautiful mountains and waterways and she would just be there to shadow box? “No, no, no. I feel it’s best to forget it!”

It was as if Xiao Xu had anticipated her answer as he glanced at her and shook his head. Afterwards, he retracted his gaze and continued to read his book.

Her cheeks puffed up and she felt as if she was being looked down on by Big Block of Ice. But she really didn’t want to waste such great time on practicing martial arts okay? In any case, it was not as if Big Block of Ice hadn’t looked down on her often, there was no difference if there was one more or less.

Xiao Xu took a glance at a certain someone who had given up and stopped trying. He calmly flipped a page.

Inside the imperial palace.

Western Xuan Emperor was reading and evaluating the requests submitted by the officials. Eunuch Cao entered the palace hall and leaned down to make his report. “Your Majesty, His Highness Prince Ying has already left the capital city.”

Hearing this, Western Xuan emperor put down the request in his hand. He massaged his eyebrows. “I the emperor know.”

Eunuch Cao seeing this, immediately asked. “Your Majesty, are you tired? Want to rest a bit?”

“No need.” Western Xuan Emperor shook his head. His gaze landed in the direction outside of the window. It just so happened to be the direction of the city gate Xiao Xu left from.

There was a faint premonition in his heart, as if he made a very unsuitable decision.

But once the matter was decided, he would not allow it to be altered.

At this moment, the palace eunuch outside loudly sang out. “Concubine Yue has arrived.”

Once the voice sounded, Concubine leisurely entered inside the palace hall wearing a moon dress with hundreds of folds embroidered with the symbol for good fortune.

“Your Highness, this concubine boiled a bowl of ginseng soup for you. You should quickly drink it while it’s hot.” Concubine Yue’s tone and expression was gentle. It also carried a trace of sweet sentimental overtones and displeased meaning. The smile on her face was just right.

When Western Xuan emperor heard this, his heart was pleased. His hand extended to pull her in front of him, and somewhat tenderly said. “These trifle matters, just let the palace maids do it, why should you personally do it?”

Concubine Yue smiled gently. “Your Majesty, this matter is to attend to you, how could I let others do it for me? Moreover, this first rate hundred year ginseng was gifted by this concubine’s parent’s home. If this concubine doesn’t watch it, afraid the palace people won’t cook it right, wouldn’t it be a waste of this ginseng?”

Concubine Yue’s words grasped the most suitable point, only that the words lightly mentioned helped her bring Fu family’s contribution in front of Western Xuan Emperor. This won’t let other people feel she did it deliberately.

The tiredness in Western Xuan Emperor’s brows dispersed quite a bit. He patted the back of her hand, sighing with feeling. “Your parents have the heart and you also worked hard.”

Concubine covered her lips and laughed softly. She blinked her eyes coquettishly in a way that that wandered around. “What is your Majesty saying, you are this concubine’s sky and this concubine’s earth. The person this concubine will depend on throughout my life. I ought to do these kind of things for you. Moreover, Fu family for life is loyal and devoted to the Western Xuan royal family. Your Majesty doesn’t need to be polite to this concubine.”

Western Xuan Emperor hearing these words, his dragon face was greatly pleased. He extended a hand to pinch Concubine Yue’s cheeks. With a rather ambiguous tone he said. “In the evening, I the emperor will go to your place.”

One only saw that fair face being dyed with red clouds. Concubine’s eyes lowered slightly, her tender fist lightly hammered at Western Xuan Emperor’s chest, as she feigned displeasure to say. “Your Majesty is really bad!”

She had just spoken when Western Xuan laughed heartily with ‘haha.”

A moment later, Concubine Yue looked at Western Xuan Emperor drinking the ginseng soup, and pretended to accidentally ask. “Your Majesty. You dispatched His Highness Prince Ying to go to Fu Li mountain range, is there a purpose? That place is very far, this trip perhaps will be very arduous. Why not let other ministers go?”

Hearing this, Western Xuan emperor placed the soup bowl down. Concubine Yue immediately handed him an embroidered handkerchief. Western Xuan Emperor accepted it and wiped the corner of his mouth. He looked at Concubine Yue whose face had a confused expression before slowly saying. “You are still so considerate for Xu’er but the other person may not necessarily appreciate the kindness.”

“How could your Majesty say it like this? His Highness Prince Ying is your flesh and blood. This concubine also regards him as my own child. Being concerned about him is what I ought to do.” Concubine Yue smilingly shook her head.

Western Xuan Emperor smiled, soon after his pair of eyes became cold. “Yue’er, this matter, it’s inconvenient for I the emperor to tell you. But you must believe I the emperor did this in consideration for Ran’er.”

Concubine Yue narrowed her eyes, in the end, what kind of matter would make His Majesty maintain secrecy? But her expression didn’t show a bit of what she was thinking. She still conscientiously waited upon him with all her heart.

But in her heart, she had turned this over hundreds and thousands of times. No matter what His Majesty was planning, she was determined to let Xiao Xu go and never return!

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