Adorable Consort – Chapter 171

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Chapter 171- Harboring unfathomable motives, the beautiful person was a snake

It was not that she wasn’t suspicious of the real face under that mask.

She subconsciously thought that Big Block of Ice’s face shouldn’t be disfigured. When she had free time in college she would read a few novels on crossing over. Quite a few male leads used being disfigured to hide their appearance. She felt maybe Big Block of Ice was also like this.

Before, she pestered Big Block of Ice alot wanting him to take of the mask and let her have a look. But everytime, he either ignored her or just walked away by himself, causing her to not dare ask again.

Now he was drunk and lacking strength, if she took the opportunity to take off his mask, then place it back in its original position, no one would know and she would have solved her many days of suspicions, wouldn’t that be perfect?

She licked the corner of her mouth, slowly stretched out her hand, her heart jumped with thump, thump sounds. It felt as if she was opening her eighteen year old coming of age gift from her parents, curious, expectant, and apprehensive.

When her hand was about to reach that mask, that thick curled up long eyelashes moved. She thought he was about to wake up, startling her to quickly withdraw her hand.

But the result was that he was still sleeping soundly.

So it turned out to be a false alarm, Chu Qing-Yan softy let out a breath of air. How come she felt somewhat guilty like a thief!

After a short period of time, her hand extended out once again. This time it went very smoothly, when her finger touched that ice cold mask, Big Block of Ice didn’t react at all. She smiled craftily, her fingers moving lightly as she started to pick up the mask.

But as that mask was slowly separated from Big Block of Ice’s face, her heart was suddenly at a loss.

What’s the difference of knowing or not knowing what Big Block of Ice looked like?

If his face was intact and not disfigured, what would she do?

If his face was disfigured, changed beyond recognition, again what would she do?

Was his real appearance really that important?

If his face was intact, Big Block of Ice must have his reason for not taking off the mask for ten years. Why should she break this balance because of her own selfishness?

If his face was already destroyed, then what qualification did she have to go open up his old scars? Wasn’t that like sprinkling salt on his wounds?

Chu Qing-Yan ah Chu Qing-Yan, handing over a person and a heart had nothing to do with his looks or his status.

Aren’t you a person who disdain people that pry into other people’s secrets?

Why become the kind of person you loathed before?

She slowly withdrew her hand eyes suddenly become bright it was no longer fogged over.

She must respect Big Block of Ice’s wishes, unless he is conscious and awake and willing to let her know. Otherwise, she absolutely won’t do something sneaky like this while he was unconscious!

Having made this decision in her heart, she felt carefree from head to toe!

A burst of footstep sounds could be heard, Xi Ning had already returned.

“Master, isn’t it time for you to rest? Tomorrow, we’ll be leaving on a long journey out of the capital. This servant is worried that tomorrow you won’t have vitality.” Xi Ning opened wide her almond shaped eyes and said with deep concern.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan smiled. “I’ll sit here for a little bit, the strength of this wine still surges. Sometimes when it surges, people will feel unwell. Once that period passes, I’ll return to my room.”

Xi Ning nodded. “What master said makes sense.” Seeing her master gaze steadily at his highness, she felt this was somewhat funny. “Master, do you know that in so many years, this is the first time this servant has seen His Highness get drunk.”

This topic aroused her interest. “Was it possible that before, His Highness rarely drank wine?”

“Not that he rarely drank, it’s better to say that normally, he never touches a drop of alcohol. The servants in the manor have never seen His Highness get drunk. Occasionally when he returned from a palace feast, he would have the smell of wine, but that couldn’t be considered much.”

Ever since her master had gradually gained a foothold in the prince’s manor, Xi Ning felt that being master’s number one confident at her side, it was necessary she seize all the news in the manor. Moreover, the most important ones were the news around His Highness, so when master needed it, at that time it would come in handy. See, now she can chat about His Highness’s matters and accompany master to relieve the boredom.

Chu Qing-Yan nodded as her eyes turned towards the person laying on the bed. A tenderness slipped through her eyes, that person that rarely touched wine, why would he drink until he was drunk today?

Was it because he was about to leave the capital and his heart was unwilling?

Or was it because a lot of emotions had piled up for a long time and it burst out now?

Big Block of Ice was a person with extremely harsh demands on himself, very self-disciplined. Able to make his mood fall apart, then how much sorrow must he have endured before it all broke out?

It was hard for her to imagine.

In fact, only a single rice straw could crush a camel to death.

This time’s trip to Fu Li mountain range, with regards to Big Block of Ice it wasn’t as simple as digging for a mine. But the things she knew was limited, she couldn’t analyze the reasons. As a result, right now she didn’t have a lead.

Maybe she could ask Fire Spirit and the others.

The night was already dark, she couldn’t stay up. Seeing Big Block of Ice sleeping soundly, she felt assured. She brought Xi Ning and returned to her own room.

When the door was closed and after the master and servant left.

The person hiding in the corner slowly walked out. A trace of being pleased with herself flashed through her eyes. She waited until Chu Qing-Yan finally left.

After looking around and finding nobody around, the orange colored dress slipped by the wall. Step by step, she approached Xiao Xu’s room noiselessly.

Long jade like fingers were placed on the door as she softly pushed it open. A crack that could allow only one person to pass was opened immediately and she went inside. Afterwards, she swiftly closed the door.

Because when Chu Qing-Yan left she blew out the candle on the table, inside the room was now pitch-black.

But that bright moonlight went through the window pane and cast it’s light on the floor, reflecting off a weak light.

When that person got used to the dim light inside, this weak light was enough for seeing everything inside the room.

She held her breath and sensed the person in the room’s breathing was even and he was already asleep. Her heart was delighted as she slowly walked towards the bed with slow footsteps.

Everyday she had to come to this room several times. All the arrangement, she knew thoroughly by heart. Therefore, she strolled easily and familiarly to arrive in front of Xiao Xu’s bed.

The clear weak moonlight draped over the body of the person on the bed, giving off a sacred and holy aura.

Loose long hair was spread out on the bed, forming a distinct contrast with his bright and pure skin. It seemed to give off a suppressed desire. And that tightly closed eyes had the thick, curly long eyelashes that woman were jealous off.

Without seeing his face, she was already toppled over by the magnificence given off by his body.

The person in front of the bed had become silly from looking.

If it was normally, she wouldn’t have the courage to use such straight forward gaze to size up her master.

Because that would be offending one’s superior.

But now, no one would know. And His Highness had already fallen asleep, so no one would come disturb him.

All of a sudden, she gave a sinister laugh in a low tone. Tonight, she must change to become one of His Highness’s people. Otherwise this trip, don’t know when his Highness will return. If she waited until she became a old woman, then she would lose her value. On Concubine Yue’s side, she was merely a chess piece that could be tossed away.

Originally, she had no hope, but tonight, His Highness became drunk, giving her a trace of hope.

In order to continue living, for high position and great wealth, she could only use this dangerous trick.

And the person on the bed was the Highness she had admired for a long time. The heart that wanted to take what rightfully belongs to another was crazy and long as grass.

As a result, she impatiently reached for Xiao Xu’s belt.

The moonlight was cold and cheerless, but it illuminated her pair of greedy eyes.

She was Cheng Yi.

The Cheng Yi that sought riches and honor among danger.

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