GDBBM – Chapter 616

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Chapter 616: “Finally Missing Me? (4)”

His little darling had really not been idle during this period.

Being under Jun Wu Yao’s gaze, Hua Yao and the others could feel an unseen pressure envelope their bodies, an oppressive aura that almost suffocated them, which immediately made their backs wet with sweat!

This man, was extremely dangerous!

The jet black eyes brewed with murder and a dark violet shade gradually appeared over the pure black eyes.


A tiny snowy white hand suddenly covered Jun Wu Yao’s eyes.

“Eyes.” Jun Wu Xie’s voice was extremely soft.

Jun Wu Yao froze, and suddenly broke out in a laugh. He raised his hand and gently removed the tiny hand covering his eyes. The dangerous glint had disappeared from those eyes of his as he turned to Qiao Chu and the others to say: “I’m grateful to all of you for taking care of Little Xie all this time.”

The oppressive pressure on their bodies immediately disappeared without a trace.

Qiao Chu and the others gasped heavily for air. Just a moment ago, they had all thought they would be killed!

In the brief moment they had realized their lives had been hanging by a thread, they came to realize that this brother of Jun Wu Xie’s, was in no way a simple man!

But they were still baffled why he had suddenly wanted to take their lives!

The intensity of that oppressive pressure, was something Hua Yao and Qiao Chu were most acutely aware of. The brief moment of oppression that Jun Wu Yao had released, was so much more powerful than what they had felt from those two men from the Flame Demons Palace they had met back at the Cloudy Peaks before!

[This is on a completely different level!]

“That’s not true. It was Little Xie who was taking care of us instead.” Hua Yao was the first to regain his breath.

Qiao Chu was just smiling awkwardly at the side, obviously still rather shaken.

Jun Wu Xie smiled and nodded. Showing he had no intentions of continuing the conversation with Hua Yao and the others, Jun Wu Yao carried Jun Wu Xie and walked a distance away before sitting down together to rest. He carried out the actions so easily it seemed as if Jun Wu Xie was completely weightless.

“Was little Xie worrying about me earlier?” Jun Wu Yao asked, holding Jun Wu Xie’s small hand. That was the same hand that had covered his eyes earlier, when they were about to change in colour.

“Just afraid you will frighten them.” Jun Wu Xie replied nonchalantly.

It wasn’t intentional, it was just be reflex.

Jun Wu Yao’s identity had always been a mystery. Ever since Jun Wu Xie was reborn, she had never heard of anyone who possessed violet eyes. When she thought of the kind of trouble the rarity of owning a plant ring spirit had brought her, she had moved to cover up Jun Wu Yao’s peculiarity without thinking.

It wasn’t that she did not trust Qiao Chu and the others, but she just didn’t want any unnecessary trouble.

Jun Wu Yao smiled as he lifted Jun Wu Xie’s little hand, and planted a light kiss on it.

His little darling was beginning to want to protect him, and that pleased him greatly.

“This is for you.” Jun Wu Yao clasped Jun Wu Xie’s hand in his and spread open her palm, with his other hand, he took out a tiny golden bean and put it in her hand.

The tiny golden bean was dropped into Jun Wu Xie’s palm, and a warmth began to spread. Although she was just touching it lightly, she could feel the warmth spreading out from the skin that was contact with the bean, and reaching throughout her body. That warmth brought her comfort and even seemed to soothe her soul.

“This is?” Jun Wu Xie asked, raising her head to look at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao smiled and replied: “This can help you restore your soul. Although you will not immediately recover, but it will restore you little by little.”

Jun Wu Xie stared silently at Jun Wu Yao. Ye Sha had mentioned that Jun Wu Yao was not in the Lower Realm during this period, his disappearance must have had something to do with this golden bean.

[Did he seek this out specially for her?]

“Eat?” Jun Wu Xie asked after awhile.

Jun Wu Yao, however, shook his head.

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