GDBBM – Chapter 482

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Chapter 482: “The Most Ferocious Strike Force (1)”

“The Rui Lin Army?” Fan Jin raised his head suddenly and he looked at Ye Sha with a look of disbelief on his face.

“What is this Rui Lin Army?” Qiao Chu’s face was puzzled, not understanding why Fan Jin had such a strong reaction.

Fan Jin stared at Qiao Chu and saw that Hua Yao and the others were all similarly seemingly clueless and he asked incredulous: “You have not heard of the Rui Lin Army?”

Qiao Chu nodded.

“The Rui Lin Army is an incredibly ferocious strike force of the Qi Kingdom’s. The Qi Kingdom is just an extremely small power standing among various powerful states and the lands they occupied were considered just a trifling speck and their insignificantly small population were in no way comparable with any of the other states surrounding it. But the Qi Kingdom was still able to build itself up amongst all the individually stronger forces that ringed them based on just one lone reason, the widely feared and most ferocious strike force, the Rui Lin Army. The army wasn’t really big, and it is rumoured that they numbered merely one hundred thousand. But each and every single soldier in there possessed extraordinary might and power and no matter which force or power that had ever met them on the battlefield, every single one of the survivors eventually found themselves all haunted by frightening dreams after it.” Fan Jin had always admired the strength of the strict regimental military, and he had heard a lot about the widely famous Rui Lin Army.

It could be said that the fame of the Rui Lin Army shone much brighter outside than inside the Qi Kingdom itself.

“Extraordinary skills and power? Are all their ring spirits of exceptionally high grade?” Qiao Chu asked, deeply curious.

Fan Jin shook his head.

“The Rui Lin Army’s soldiers are famous not for their extraordinary spiritual power or exemplary ring spirits. What really earned them the fame of being known as the most ferocious strike force is the spirit when they stepped onto a battlefield. They do not know retreat or surrender and everybody says their soldiers possessed souls that fought to the death and not a single one of them would fear and would stare at Death straight into his eyes. In a war between states and countries, one single man’s strength limited what he could achieve, but when put together into a force where all the men were bound tightly in flawless cohesion and who did not fear death, they become a supreme ferocious strike force, the ultimate weapon. Did you know when the Qi Kingdom was just newly founded, in their first battle against an opposing kingdom, the Rui Lin Army took the vanguard. The Rui Lin Army numbered three hundred thousand then! And after that battle, the Rui Lin Army had only about eighty thousand men left! All of those two hundred over soldiers had not taken a single step backwards in that battle, they resolutely used their flesh and blood to resist the enemy, to protect every square inch of their lands!” Fan Jin was narrating all this in a fervour, almost as though he had witnessed that dreadful and terrible battle with his own eyes.

“You must realise that the enemy soldiers that the Rui Lin Army were up against numbered a grand million! An army a million strong! Outnumbered by more than three men to one, but they nevertheless dug in and frightened the enemy into retreat, and they never dared approach the Qi Kingdom’s borders ever again! That resolute and unwavering strength of spirit cowered the enemy and the unparalleled deterrence the Qi Kingdom gained was bought with the blood of those two hundred over thousand soldiers of the Rui Lin Army!”

Qiao Chu and the others listened, eyes wide in rapture. They did not know much about anything in the Lower Realm. Things like the different states and countries and their armies were all things they were not familiar with as well. They had only focused on making themselves get stronger  and to find the Dark Emperor’s tomb, that would gain them sufficient strength to rival the Twelve Palaces, for them to exact their revenge.

They had not known that in these lands that they had lived in for so many years, had actually contained such a group of valiant men whose blood burned so fiercely, who dared spit in Death’s eye, and choose to die than turn from the enemy, just to protect their lands and their people!

The teammates were all at an age when they were all brimming over with youthful exuberance and they were all caught up in the fervour, greatly inspired with the tale of valiant heroes.

At that moment, before any of them had even seen the men from the Rui Lin Army, they already held great reverence in their hearts for the widely famed, most ferocious strike force in the whole Lower Realm.

Only Jun Wu Xie was the lone exception, who had quietly listened to Fan Jin’s narration, and lowered her eyes.

Everyone only knew that the Rui Lin Army were brave and strong, but they did not know that the Rui Lin Army held the highest death toll for its commanders. As in every battle, the commanders of the Rui Lin Army were always leading their men in their charges, always at the vanguard.

The Qi Kingdom was too small, and its citizens weak, hence, they could not afford to lose.

As the moment they lost, it would mean the kingdom is lost!

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