GDBBM – Chapter 481

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Chapter 481: An Opportunist (4)

Ning Xin replied with a laugh: “Whether we can successfully win them over would depend largely on whether they are willing. If the men show themselves to be friendly and accepting of us, I would naturally reject any form of repayment when we get to the Spirit Moon Lake. Wouldn’t that leave a much deeper impression than if we were to have just agreed to lead them to their destination for nothing?”

To entice and to win someone over, one must never start off from a lowered stance. Ning Xin knew she had to raise her status and worth before those men.

Lu Wei Jie did not fully understand what Ning Xin meant, but felt that what Ning Xin said must be right.

As the team progressed forward, a black shadow stood within the tall trees. He released a tiny black snake onto the layer of dried leaves that covered the ground under the tree and the tiny black snake quickly slid under the leaves and the tiny body quickly disappeared without a trace.  


Jun Wu Xie and her team found a water source and Qiao Chu and the others washed the blood off their bodies and sat on the tree stumps to nibble at their rations.

After a while, Ye Sha suddenly appeared before them. Qiao Chu and the others who had been waiting immediately stood up.

“Your subordinate has successfully tracked down the target.” Ya Sha reported, his head lowered and kneeling on one knee.

“How many people in total?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“Twenty seven, and on top of that, they just joined up with a team not of the Zephyr Academy and are proceeding towards the Spirit Moon Lake.” Ya Sha replied.

Moving together with a team of people not from the Zephyr Academy?

The news that Ye Sha brought back to them was rather shocking for them.

“Do they still have something up their sleeves? Or have they enlisted outside help?” Qiao Chu rubbed at his chin. He had never met Ning Xin and Yin Yan but in his mind, he had projected an image of two sinister looking villains colluding with each other rubbing their hands in glee.

Fan Jin had been about to speak but after Qiao Chu’s quick accusations, he just remained silent, and his body slumped.

Fei Yan noticed Fan Jin’s low spirits and gave Qiao Chu a light punch. Qiao Chu stuck his tongue out and looked apologetically at Fei Yan, waving his hand in awkwardness.

“Spirit Moon Lake? What for?” Jun Wu Xie ignored Qiao Chu’s opinions and asked.

“The team seems to need to get to the Spirit Moon Lake to find some herbs. Ning Xin agreed to lead the way and the team would give her the spirit stones from high grade Spirit Beasts in return.” Ye Sha reported plainly.

“Five high grade Spirit Beasts! ? That little vixen called Ning Xin is really merciless with her terms!” Qiao Chu was shocked. To the others just like him, before they met Jun Xie, they had been living in abject poverty and they knew only too well the fee asked to just lead the way was incredibly atrocious.

Fan Jin’s head lowered and he did not even want to look at any of them.

“Did you find out the identities of those men?” Jun Wu Xie asked, as she stroked at the little black cat’s fur while deep in thought. She has promised Fan Jin to spare Ning Xin and Yin Yan and if they did not come provoke her, she would not care whether they lived or died.

Ye Sha hesitated a moment before he spoke: “Several of the men in the team coincides with people in the memories Master Wu Yao gave me.”

“Gave you memories?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes narrowed.

“Ye Sha’s memories.” Ye Sha said.

“………..” Qiao Chu and the others heard Ye Sha and Jun Xie’s conversation and were finding it rather frightening.

“Which are they?” Jun Wu Xie had a rough idea what Ye Sha meant. The memories of the previous Ye Sha had been passed onto the current Ye Sha through some unusual method by Jun Wu Yao.

Ye Sha raised his head to reply: “One of them is from the Rui Lin Army, General Long Qi, and the other one is Rong Heng, from the Cloud Treading Peak. As for the others, your subordinate only knows that they belonged to the Rui Lin Army and Cloud Treading Peak, but I do not know their individual names.”

At the moment that Ye Sha’s words ended, Jun Wu Xie’s hand that was stroking the little black cat suddenly froze!  

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