GDBBM – Chapter 470

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Chapter 470: Consecutive Slaps – Second Form (4)

Fan Jin nodded and hurried scanned his eyes over the youth’s injuries. Perhaps it was the pain from the injuries that had made the youth grip his arm so tightly, and it was hurting him.

However, just as Fan Jin lowered his eyes to check on the youth’s injuries, murder flashed suddenly in the youth’s eyes. The other disciples who had been lying on the ground moaning in pain suddenly all jumped up and pulled out their hidden daggers, rushing at Fan Jin all at once!

Fan Jin suddenly sensed danger and wanted to jump out of harm’s way but he found his limbs tightly held down by the youth he had been holding. He looked up at the youth and saw that those eyes no longer showed fear and despair, but were filled with venomous murder.

“Senior Fan, the very same day next year will be the anniversary of your death, so do rest in peace!” The youth’s body leaned back slightly as he gave out a loud chilling laugh, which revealed his blood covered hands. On those hands, were a pair of open fingers gloves, and they were glowing slightly with spirit energy.

Fan Jin gasped in surprise. The youth was obviously a user of a weapon spirit and those gloves must be his ring spirit. Caught completely unawares,he found himself held down forcibly and Fan Jin suddenly realised that he wasn’t able to break free!

Meanwhile, the attackers were closing in on him from all directions quick and coordinated. The youth who had been Fan Jin locked down in a death grip suddenly felt his hands grasping at air. When he realised it, he suddenly saw that Fan Jin had disappeared from his sight and all the fingers on his hands had been cut off cleanly! Bright red blood suddenly spurted out from those wounds on his fingerless hands!

“AARGH!” A deafening loud howl erupted from the youth’s throat as he held out his hands, and fell heavily onto the ground.

A silver bolt of lightning flashed to come stand beside Jun Wu Xie and as the blur of movement stopped, the face of a grinning Fei Yan appeared, and his hands were still holding on to a completely stunned Fan Jin.

Fan Jin’s face showed nothing but utter shock and his mind still had not recovered from all that had happened in a short blink of an eye.

The youth who had all his fingers cut off was still howling in pain and the rest who had rushed in to attack Fan Jin were now standing in the clearing in confusion. Those twenty odd disciples who had been writhing on the ground and moaning in pain just moments earlier were now all standing upright, all their faces wary, as they stared at Fan Jin standing behind Jun Xie.

“What….. what is going on here?” Fan Jin asked as he stared at the youths in perfect health. However dense he might be, he could still see that all the disciples were not injured. All the blood on them had been deliberately smeared onto their bodies.

“It’s clear to see, this had been a trap.” Qiao Chu swayed as he moved to come beside stand Fan Jin, patting him comfortingly on the shoulder. “I had thought that you had already realised it and was just playing along. It seems you were really not aware?”

“What….. should I be aware of?” Fan Jin’s mind was in a hopeless state of confusion and he was still not able to fully comprehend the whole situation.

“These people were never in need of rescue. The reason that they are all gathered here, was to take your life.” Qiao Chu explained it to him readily.

“What !?” Fan Jin’s face paled immediately and he realised at that moment that the twenty odd youths were moving in towards them and all their ring spirits had been summoned, and their fangs were bared right at him.

“Fan Jin, don’t dream of walking out of the Battle Spirits Forest alive today. If you do not want to drag your companions down with you, just give up and surrender yourself to us.” The leader of the youths said, his eyes staring with undisguised malevolence at Fan Jin.

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