GDBBM – Chapter 469

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Chapter 469: Consecutive Slaps – Second Form (3)

Executing a rescue mission was like saving a fire and Fan Jin did not dare delay a moment longer. He moved immediately with Jun Xie and his team towards the region fraught with unknown dangers.

After Fei Yan went pass the injured disciple, he stopped for just a brief moment, and turned his eyes back to look at the exhausted youth panting heavily as he laid heavily against a tree. The youth noticed Fei Yan staring at him and his expression froze.

“What a coincidence, you are from the branch division as well.” Fei Yan exclaimed with a smile and pointed at the jade emblem before the disciple’s chest, and he saw the youth suddenly relax, and smiled weakly while he nodded.

Fei Yan did not say anything more and picked up his pace to catch up with Hua Yao and the others.

“What is Little Xie planning to play at this time?” Fei Yan quietly leapt to appear beside Rong Ruo and Rong Ruo turned to look at him, putting a finger to her lips. Fei Yan’s lips suddenly curved into a smile.

After seeing Jun Xie and his team enter the forest, the disciple who had been leaning against the tree pushed himself to stand up and the terror stricken face suddenly reverted to normal and he threw the two distress signal flares Fan Jin gave him into the thick grass that grew thickly in the area.

Upon entering that part of the forest, the scent of blood that reached their noses grew thick and pungent, and Fan Jin’s expression became anxious.

The surroundings looked completely different from all the places they had travelled through in the days past within the Battle Spirit Forest. The trees grew much closer to each other and it was difficult for them to move around inside, even more so for a massive ring spirit like Rolly. Left with no other choice, Jun Wu Xie slipped off Rolly’s shoulder and had Qiao Chu send Rolly back to the Spirit World.

Following the thickening scent of blood, Jun Wu Xie and her teammates went deeper into the forest. The roars of Spirit Beasts sounded from all directions and the thick canopies overhead blocked out the sun’s rays. Even though it was day, under the thick leaves of the innumerable trees, it was nevertheless very dim. Twisted vines entrenched themselves in abundance all over the path that laid before them and Fan Jin took out his trusty short sword he carried with him, cutting and slashing his way through them, blazing a new trail ahead for his teammates.

Jun Wu Xie and the others followed patiently behind him.

After bashing through layers and layers of prickly and thorny bramble, the team finally came before a little open clearing. The thickets and bushes in the area were in a state of disarray and broken branches littered the ground. Trees lay broken upon the ground, the area a tiny little clearing of light, torn open within the dense and immense forest. On the leaves and grass that covered the ground in that little clearing, trails of blood could be seen. As their eyes followed the trails of blood to their source, they saw over twenty disciples dressed in uniforms of the Zephyr Academy, lying scattered upon the ground moaning in pain. Wounds big and small covered their bodies and they were all covered in blood.

Fan Jin’s heart jumped and he rushed out, running into the clearing over to them.

Qiao Chu and the others were just about to follow when Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised a hand, stopping them in their tracks.

“Wait and see.” Jun Wu Xie’s cold eyes surveyed the disciples lying across the clearing and took a deep breath, almost tasting the heavy scent of blood in the air, and her eyes darkened, suddenly replaced by a chill.

Qiao Chu and the others held their steps and stood beside Jun Wu Xie, looking on as Fan Jin sped towards the injured disciples alone.

Fan Jin came beside a blood covered youth and lifted him up slightly, propping him up. The disciple’s face was covered in blood and Fan Jin was not able to see his face clearly.

“What kind of Spirit Beast did you meet? What happened here?” Fan Jin looked worriedly at the youth. All twenty odd of them were injured, what kind of Spirit Beast could inflict such damage?

“I….. I don’t know….. It….. it was moving too fast, we could not react in time, and were all taken down the next moment. Senior Fan, you must save us.” The youth said, his hand holding Fan Jin’s arm in a vice like grip.

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