GDBBM – Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: “Beast Spirit Faculty (2)”

“Certain things that I have talked about earlier this morning, was supposed to have been finished and done with. But as we have new disciples who have just joined us for the afternoon class, I have no choice but to speak a bit more on it. When you are in the Beast Spirit faculty, we have rules that you have to adhere to. As a disciple of the Beast Spirit faculty, all of you will have to work hard to fight for the glory of the Beast Spirit faculty, and not go around stirring up controversies, or I will not hold myself back against those culprits. And, I am only a Teacher here that will provide you with guidance and am not your Master. In the Zephyr Academy, only the person who is willing to give you perpetual guidance till the day you leave the Zephyr Academy will be your Master.” Qian Yuan He’s eyes drifted to look at Jun Xie in the corner a few times as he spoke.

When he saw that Jun Xie was still expressionless like before, his frown grew deeper.

“I do not care if there are any disciples among you who have close relations with other Teachers, as once you are here in the Beast Spirit faculty, you are a disciple of the Beast Spirit faculty. If you think otherwise, it’s better you leave now, and not waste everybody else’s time. The Beast Spirit faculty has no need for such wastrels. If anyone intends to gain any advantages through any dishonest means, I can tell you now it would just be your own wishful thinking.”

Qian Yuan He might not have mentioned any names, but his words had been directed straight at Jun Xie, insinuating his lack of morals.

When the other youths heard Qian Yuan He, they cheered for their Teacher in their hearts.

This Teacher of theirs, had been known to be righteous and unbending, and he absolutely despised people who resorted to underhanded means.

It seemed that Jun Xie had started on the wrong foot with the Teacher here, and had been blacklisted right from the start.

Being ostracised by the other disciples and earning the dislike of the Teacher, Jun Wu Xie’s life in the academy was at its lowest. If it had been anyone else, they would not have been able to bear up under the swirling rumours and left this place of calamity. But Jun Wu Xie had not shown any reaction and just sat in the corner quietly.

Whatever people like these said, held no meaning to her. It could even be said that, besides the words that imparted to her knowledge of what she wanted to learn, Jun Wu Xie had totally shut out all these voices from her ears.

She would encase herself in her own little world.

After Qian Yuan He decided that he had given Jun Xie fair warning, his formal instruction on the way to train beast ring spirits started officially.

As someone who possessed a plant ring spirit, the method being taught that was meant for beast ring spirits was totally unsuitable to Jun Wu Xie’s needs. She sat in the corner the whole afternoon and listened to Qian Yuan He’s leisurely lecture before she realised it.

Between the different species of ring spirits, there were no areas that coincided with each other. She had initially intended to pick up some pointers and knowledge in the Zephyr Academy on ring spirits and spiritual power, but the result had greatly disappointed her.

All the things they were teaching, were of no use to her.

Having endured Qian Yuan He for the whole afternoon, Jun Wu Xie stood up and left immediately, paying no heed to Qian Yuan He’s darkened face with thick green veins showing visibly at his temples as his rage rose.

He saw before his eyes his most disliked disciple, suddenly walk out of the room, showing scant respect for him. Qian Yuan He could not do anything but leave the room with his face plastered with a sour expression. He made a mental note to remember to teach the tiny brat some basic manners and how to respect his teachers the next day.


With the exception of the very first day, Jun Wu Xie had never set foot into the Beast Spirit faculty again!

Jun Wu Xie went to Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo that very night and asked to borrow the use of one of the dwellings by the small quaint yard within the bamboo forest. She finally moved everything she had in the dormitory over and lived there completely.

Jun Wu Xie’s soundless and swift actions shocked many people greatly. Besides having stunned those disciples and Teachers who had been waiting in the Beast Spirit faculty to give Jun Xie “a hard time”, even Yin Yan found himself at a total loss for words for a long while as he stared at the completely empty bed space in the dormitory room.

The masses of people who had planned and plotted to make things difficult for Jun Xie suddenly found themselves without a target, their schemes completely foiled by one quick action from Jun Wu Xie.


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