GDBBM – Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: “Enrollment (2)”

Jun Wu Xie closed her eyes and pushed her spiritual power into the crystal.

A blindingly bright orange glow exploded at that moment and the light attracted the attention of all the youths who had come for the enrollment before the academy’s gates!

Qiao Chu and the others who were making their way over to come find Jun Xie after they had completed their enrollment were shocked when they saw the explosion of orange light!

That bright light had drawn everyone’s attention and all their eyes were staring at Jun Xie in surprise.


The spirit stone was glowing orange!?

That would mean that small kid’s spiritual powers had reached the the orange level?

Among everyone there, they could find no one of a smaller size. His looks showed that he was still at a very tender age and he was so tiny and skinny. It was obvious he was one of the youngest there and if not for the fact that ring spirits awaken only at the age of fourteen, with the way he looked, everyone would think he was still maybe twelve or thirteen!

But the fact that the youngest looking one among them had achieved the orange level slapped them across their faces!

A murmur of voices guessing his actual age broke out among the crowd.

Fei Yan who had been walking in that direction slapped his hand on his forehead when he saw the orange light.

“It’s over! This time, it’s all over!”

The Zephyr Academy’s enrollment usually only called for a check on the ring spirits, and it was only when the applicant himself declared that he had achieved a breakthrough that the academy would conduct another test. As people who were able to achieve a breakthrough in their spiritual power at ages between fourteen to sixteen were extremely rare, no one hid that fact if they had achieved such a feat.

Qiao Chu and the others had decided to start their search from the branch division as they were confident that they were able to advance into the main division easily with their abilities when they chose, they had therefore kept silent on their spiritual powers.

But they had not expected for Jun Xie to meet with this unexpected turn of events.

Why had the Zephyr Academy suddenly asked to test the level of Jun Xie’s spiritual power?

A fourteen year old achieving the orange level in his spiritual power. Needless to say, he would be admitted into the main division without question!

However, the other four had completed their enrollments and they had already received their emblems for the branch division, it was already too late for them to change!

In the end, the man who had conducted the tests for Jun Xie gave him a thoughtful glance and finally turned to whisper to his fellow staff of the academy before that staff ran off quickly.

After awhile, an attractive looking man dressed in a light blue brocaded robe walked slowly to the main gates. He followed the direction that the orange light was coming from and walked towards Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie was nevertheless composed while her eyes were cold and clear.

The blue robed man raised an eyebrow when he saw Jun Wu Xie and he reached out his hand to hold Jun Wu Xie’s wrist just above the hand that held the spirit stone.

Qiao Chu and the others readied themselves as they watched hidden among the many other youths.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes but did not react any further.

The man only held on to Jun Wu Xie’s wrist and did not do anything else. After a moment, he smiled and said: “A orange spirit at fourteen, a rather amazing seedling I must say.”

At that man’s words, the crowd erupted into an uproar!

Achieving the orange level at sixteen years old was already uncommon but would not be that shocking, but achieving orange at fourteen…..

It was just absolutely insane!

At fourteen years, what were most people doing?

With their ring spirits just awoken, they would just be learning how to train and develop their powers and trying to understand the capabilities of their ring spirits, taking no less than half a year to do that. And after they were ready to embark on the actual training, they would require a long period of time to adapt and adjust before they take the first step into their brand new journey to power.

For a fourteen year old to achieve the orange level was monstrous…..

And they had never encountered anything like this before!

Who would have thought that such an unimpressive looking brat would achieve such Heaven forbidding speed in the development of his spiritual powers!?





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