GDBBM – Chapter 334

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Chapter 334: “Sixth Slap (6)”

The plot was impossibly deep! And absolutely indefensible!

Qin Yue was left speechless and helpless. Three young youths had left the Sovereign of the mighty Qing Yun Clan completely defeated and the humiliation crushed Qin Yue’s dignity to tiny little pieces.

The one fatal move that made it possible for them to plant all the seeds of destruction was allowed to be carried out by no one else but himself.

The other Elders’ rage directed at him however strongly did not matter anymore. What frustrated him and made him feel like tearing his own hair out the most was his own stupidity and the reality hurt the most.

He had prided himself to be more intelligent than most people all his life, and one single mistake had cost him everything he held dear. He lost even his most prized Qin Yun Clan, to three young youths!

Within the hour, all would be lost and all the Qing Yun Clan’s Inner House disciples would be dead. The only survivor would be Mu Chen and his Cloud Treading Peak. Rampaging with the main hall now, were three overpowering ring spirits, blocking all routes of escape for them.

In the end, when the Qing Yun Clan was left with a lone Mu Chen as an Elder, he would call the shots within the Qing Yun Clan, and would stand as the last and only witness to all that had happened here at the Blue Cloud Peak’s summit. The truth would remain buried forever and the Qing Yun Clan would cease to exist henceforth.

Qin Yue could already feel the claws of death creeping into the Cloudy Peaks!

An Elder suddenly stood up, his face terror stricken.

“I hereby absolve myself completely of all ties from the Qing Yun Clan! I don’t want to be an Elder anymore! Spare me! I will not say anything against you!” The Elder pleaded pitifully as he fell down to his knees.

Power and authority did not matter anymore, not at the cost of one’s life. At the end of the road, all that did not mean anything anymore.

“Count me in!”

More of the Elders started to state their willingness to relinquish their positions of leadership and powers and retain their lives.

Qin Yue’s face darkened and his face started to twitch.

He raised a foot in anger and kicked out at the Elder who had first opened his mouth in plea and said angrily: “You think they will let you off just because you say you will have nothing more to do with the Qing Yun Clan? That’s being too naive! Did all your brains suddenly become addled? They will not stop till every single one of us are killed!”

Their other Elders turned to Jun Wu Xie with pleading eyes but all that they saw was the radiant smile on Jun Wu Xie, with dark vicious murder in her eyes.

At that moment, all their hopes were completely dashed, and the Elders could only wail and howl, lamenting at self perceived injustice in futility.

It was set in stone….. they were to die that day.

“That’s right, none of you can hope to leave this place alive. Enemies must be completely rooted out, I think all of you must at least understand that.” Jun Wu Xie’s words only reaffirmed that all hope was lost and the Elders fell into deadly silence.

Qin Yue stared hard at Jun Wu Xie, but unable to recall ever seeing that face. Why was the petite youth so bent on killing him? And unwavering in his quest to annihilate all in the Qing Yun Clan?

“Who are you? What do you have against the Qing Yun Clan!? What made you so determined to exterminate the Qing Yun Clan!?”

Jun Wu Xie replied softly, but those words quaked Qin Yue violently. “Qi Kingdom, Jun Family.”

Qin Yue felt as though a bolt of lightning struck him. He could not speak, and a cold chill run through him.

“It’s you! You killed my daughter!” Qi Kingdom, Jun Family….. The murderers of Qin Yu Yan!

Jun Wu Xie shrugged, “The Qin Yun Clan did not allow me any other alternatives and I had to strike first. You have only yourself to blame for seeking your own doom.”

Jun Wu Xie had nothing against the Qing Yun Clan before. If the Qin Yun Clan had not pushed her into a corner, she wouldn’t have needed to leave home and come to this faraway mountains to plot their demise.

Everything that she did here was to protect her family from harm.

If only the Qing Yun Clan had not fallen into the hands of Qin Yue, the clan might not have turned to such oppression of the people throughout the lands, and all this would not have even begun.

Alas, they planted the seed of evil, and the poisonous fruit born from their own actions was about to be swallowed by their own selves.  


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  1. potato999 says:

    Hahaha They reap what they sow!

  2. Chicken lover says:

    I still do not understand how the thing with the pills works. After all, they were planted DAYS before, shouldn’t they have melted long ago? How come they precisly release the poison at exactly the same time?

    • potato999 says:

      I was thinking that it might take a few days for the pill to fully melt and by the time they realize that the pills melted it would already be too late. Though, this is my personla opinion so it might be wrong.

      • Chicken lover says:

        It would make sense if it was a slow acting poison, but she clearly stated that it was an extremly fast acting one.
        I am also thining about different wax thickness or something, but that would be really really hard to calculate and still have a huge random factor to it

    • ComeOnBunny says:

      It doesn’t make sense, but a lot of the poisons in this novel doesn’t make sense. Which I accept as this being a fictional world that uses different rules than ours.

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