GDBBM – Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: “Sixth Slap (7)”

Qin Yue fell back into his chair, his head abuzz.

Who would have thought, the mighty Qing Yun Clan famed throughout the lands, on one of its expeditions to the tiny Kingdom of Qi, come across the harbinger of death?

The sleepy inconspicuous kingdom, actually hid a demon capable of obliterating the whole Qing Yun Clan!

If he had known, Qin Yue would have given up on the Soul Jade, and wished he had never met Jun Xie!

But, it was too late for regrets and there was no way he could turn things around.

“Hua Yao, you have less than an hour.” Jun Wu Xie turned to look at the beautiful youth standing beside her. Qin Yue’s and the Qing Yun Clan’s upcoming demise had become a fact that would not change, but she had not forgotten her deal with Hua Yao and Qiao Chu.

Hua Yao nodded and with a wave of his hand, the double headed bone snake slid speedily to charge at Qin Yue. The Elders who were cowering close to the Sovereign screamed and fled in all directions. Qin Yue’s face was already white as a sheet and when his eyes saw the massive double headed bone snake, the totally defeated Qin Yue did not even want to run.

With Qin Yue’s skills, if he gave it all that he had and put up a fight, he would be able to cause quite a bit of nuisance for Jun Wu Xie and her allies.

But with all that had happened, it had whittled down his will and crushed any hope that he had initially held.

The chaos that wrecked havoc within the Qing Yun Clan, the Elders’ protest, and his impending doom. All this were part of the plot of a young Jun Xie, who maneuvered and controlled everything in hs hand. All these events, had hammered mercilessly and driven out all the fight that had previously driven the proud Sovereign all his life.

Just killing her enemies would be easy for Jun Wu Xie, but if her enemies had all died with a single slash, it would be letting them off too easy.

So, Jun Wu Xie had made Mu Chen and Hua Yao put up an act, to incite the chaos to continue to play out till the last moment, chipping away at everyone’s will. Jun Wu Xie wanted the whole Qing Yun Clan to feel the dejection, even till their moment of death.

The double headed bone snake wrapped its tail around Qin Yue, the blade like bones slicing into Qin Yue’s flesh. The heartrending pain filled Qin Yue’s mind and a pair of red eyes stared at him as though they had been soaked in blood. Qin Yue was living in a nightmare and his blood flowed out from his wounds, drenching his lavish clothes in a bright shade of red. The double headed bone snake brought Qin Yue and held him before Hua Yao. The once lofty and unreachable Sovereign of the Qing Yun Clan had been brought down from his seat and he looked a wretched sight. No sign of the usual haughtiness and arrogance was present, his ashen face and dejected eyes showed no signs of emotion.

“Where is the map that Ke Cang Ju gave you?” Hua Yao asked directly after shredding his disguise.

The resigned and dejected Qin Yue heard Hua Yao’s query and his eyes flashed briefly in shock. Qin Yue quickly recovered and his eyes became expressionless once again before he replied weakly: “I do not know what you are talking about.”

Hua Yao frowned in annoyance and gestured slightly with his hand. The bones coiled around Qin Yue began to tighten, and the bone blades cut deep, buried halfway into Qin Yue’s flesh!

A pitiable wail escaped from Qin Yue, and the veins on his neck and face bulged. His face was flushed a deep red and sweat ran down his face profusely. His head was arched back as he howled in pain.

Bright red blood dripped splattering on the floor, the pool widening in a dark crimson shade.

“Where is it?” Hua Yao asked chillingly again.

Qin Yue was losing consciousness from the pain and spasms started to wreck his body, and Qin Yue could not even speak. He could only shake his head weakly.

Louder and louder screams followed, the shrill tone piercing right into the hearts of the other Elders. They had been hopelessly terrified and had not moved at all from their spots, cowering in horror as they saw Qin Yue tormented, praying they would not be the next one to meet the same fate.

Time continued to run, unstoppable. One third of the hour had passed, and Qin Yue’s breaths were getting weaker, but he still refused to reveal a single word on the map.



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