GDBBM – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Fourth Slap (1)

Qin Yu Yan’s guess was that the youth was probably external help that Jun Wu Xie had employed from foreign powers.

But she was thinking what Jun Wu Xie, a mere Young Miss of a miserly Lin Palace, had to offer to those foreign powers? Whatever Jun Wu Xie could offer, the Qing Yun Clan can easily double the offer.

There were no such thing such as unshakable alliances. When people stick to so called loyalty and determination, it was just that the offer was not tempting enough.

Qin Yu Yan strongly believed, that if it was a choice between the Lin Palace and the Qing Yun Clan, any dolt would know to choose the latter.

Drunk Lotus gave a look of disdain as he turned to the pretentious woman before him, clicking his mouth in disgust.

“Are you done with your drivel? If you are done, sit down, shut your trap and await your death! Qing Yun Clan? You’re not even fit to carry my shoes!” Using a clan of humans to bait a ring spirit!? Was she of unsound mind?

Qin Yu Yan’s face froze in an expression of shock. Nobody had ever rejected the favour of the almighty Qing Yun Clan. Ever. Qin Yu Yan fumed and sputtered, but did not manage to get a word out in her rage.

Qing Yun Clan, these three words had never failed to impress before. This was the first time they were spurned so completely, and it felt just like a big slap on her face!

“Drunk Lotus.” Jun Wu Xie called out.


“Cut the chatter, obliterate.” Jun Wu Xie frowned. She had neither interest nor the patience for conversation with the Qing Yun Clan. When they had made their move against the Jun Family father and son, they had their fates sealed, and were destined to die.

Why should she listen to people who are dead, and their senseless pratter?

“Yes, Miss!” Drunk Lotus’ mouth curled up at the corners when Jun Wu Xie gave her orders. The murder in his eyes shone unbridled and the bloodied figure rushed, a blur of movements, right at Jiang Chen Qing.

“Little Black.”


“Fetch him.” Jun Wu Xie ordered calmly.

The black beast’s mind was linked to her mistress and naturally knew what Jun Wu Xie meant. It could be none other than Mo Qian Yuan who was at death’s door!

The black beast zoomed towards the middle of the hall, making a beeline towards Mo Qian Yuan.

Qin Yu Yan could only watch on in amazement as the tide radically changed against her. She did not expect the powerful youth to submit to Jun Wu Xie’s instructions so eagerly and Jun Wu Xie had taken her by surprise further when she had not tried to negotiate and went right for the kill immediately!

Her domineering methods were not sparing the Qing Yun Clan the tiniest bit of deference to the reverence of their name!

“Utter brazen insolence! Jun Wu Xie! Do not be too arrogant! You dare show such contempt to the Qing Yun Clan! Everyone! I hereby lay my terms to you. Anyone who takes the heads of Jun Wu Xie and Drunk Lotus in this hall shall have Qing Yun Clan owe them a debt of gratitude, and we will fulfill a request of yours in the future. I will endorse this agreement on behalf of my father here now!” QIn Yu Yan was livid and filled with so much rage that she threw out an irrefusable and tempting offer!

There were only a few Qing Yun Clan disciples present, and the remaining people consisted of more than ten expert exponents who were here by Qing Yun Clan’s invitation and have of them had accepted due to their various urgent needs for Qing Yun Clan’s assistance. With Qin Yu Yan’s commitment and promise, all of them did not hesitate to jump into the fray!

In a flash, more than ten of the invited exponents who had remained seated all this time made their move. All of them possessed at least a blue spirit but one. He was the same and Wen Xin Han, who broke through to the indigo level!

Qin Yu Yan continued to stare at Jun Wu Xie with her jaw tightly clenched. When she had thrown out her offer of the bounty, she had consciously excluded the gorgeous man standing behind Jun Wu Xie.

He had remained silent throughout, and she did not have a clue on his identity. If he knew what was good for him, she would bring him back to the Qing Yun Clan after Jun Wu Xie was taken down. If he was oblivious to his good fortune…..

Qin Yu Yan’s eyes gleamed coldly, she had many medicinal urns waiting for him in her backyard!



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