GDBBM – Chapter 232

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Chapter  232:”Torture (4)”

Mo Qian Yuan’s voice was barely a whisper but the faint sound had burned into her ears when he had looked up at the figure of Jun Wu Xie standing at the entrance to the main hall.

‘Wu Xie?’

‘If her memory served her correctly, the Eldest Miss of the Jun Family seemed to have been named Jun Wu Xie.’

‘But they had sent their men to the Lin Palace, why would Jun Wu Xie be here?’

However, when Qin Yu Yan noticed the fabulously good looking Jun Wu Yao who stood behind Jun Wu Xie, her smile had widened and she could not take her eyes off him.

‘What a unbelievably handsome man!’

She had not known that such a attractive man existed in this world.

“I shall teach that mouth of yours some manners! If you choose to seek death, I am only too glad to grant you your wish!” Jiang Chen Qing did not care who she was, and what she looked like. He only knew that whoever dared to mock the Qing Yun Clan like that must die to atone for the unforgivable affront!

Jiang Chen Qing leaped directly at Jun Wu Xie, choosing to ignore Drunk Lotus completely to be beneath his notice. Among the three people and a beast that had suddenly appeared, only the black beast seemed to possess a little ability to battle. They three humans were too young, with the oldest among them to be just over twenty years of age. No matter how prodigious they might be, they were not a match for him!

However, before Jiang Chen Qing could even touch a corner of Jun Wu Xie’s robe, a blood coloured streaked flashed to appear right before his eyes.

The dashing youth threw a lightning quick punch at the face of Jiang Chen Qing. His speedy movements had surprised Jiang Chen Qing and he raised his arms hurriedly to block off the blow, and Drunk Lotus’ punch hit him squarely on his forearms. A searing pain tore through his arms that shot throughout his entire body with its impact!

In a blink, Jiang Chen Qing had been driven back. The arm that blocked the blow from Drunk Lotus had blood running freely down its length, and its bone broken and sticking out of his flesh, visibly exposed.

‘What kind of a monstrous strength was that!?’

Jiang Chen Qing stared at Drunk Lotus, his mouth agape, his mind reeling in shock.

He, a respectably powerful blue spirit user, just had his arm broken by a fledging young youth in his teens, with a single punch? If word of this got around, nobody would have believed it!

Drunk Lotus’ domineering attack, had not only shocked Jiang Chen Qing himself, but had made all the others from the Qing Yun Clan stand up in surprise!

They knew very well, the prowess Jiang Chen Qing possessed. Even if the kid had successfully sneaked an attack on him, it was impossible that Jiang Chen Qing would lose so horribly in a single pass!

Drunk Lotus raised his fists up to his chest and his knuckles made a crackling sound as he clenched his fists. The fresh blood that had just smeared his fist dripped from his fingers. He might be extremely arrogant, but there was one common aspect among all contractual ring spirits. They were fiercely protective of their masters. That obnoxious old man dared to attack Jun Wu Xie before his eyes!? He must have lived too long and was getting tired of living!

“Who in the world are you?” Jiang Chen Qing asked as he gripped his blood covered arm and stared at Drunk Lotus. He could not believe the young teenager before him possessed such power!

“You are not fit to know that.” Drunk Lotus spurned, with a laugh filled with scorn.

Qin Yu Yan watched from atop the throne with her eyes narrowed after she averted her eyes away from Jun Wu Yao’s good looks. Jiang Chen Qing had attained a blue leveled spirit and ordinary people were not a match for him. Moreover, he was skilled in poison as well. Unless the opponent was an indigo spirit user, no one should be able to dominate over Jiang Chen Qing like this.

But the youth was obviously very young, how did a single punch from him reduce an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan to such a state!?

Qin Yu Yan changed her tact and stood up suddenly. She smiled gently at the annoyingly arrogant Drunk Lotus and said: “I ponder for a reason why a respected individual such as you would grace us with your presence here today. Could it be that some sort of a misunderstanding had  mistakenly been formed with the Qing Yun Clan? The Qing Yun Clan are currently handling some private matters and I would humbly request for you gracious acquiescence to make way for us to conclude them, and the Qing Yun Clan will not forget the favour shown to us today.”

No matter who this youth was, Qin Yu Yan did not want to make an enemy of him. She brought up Qing Yun Clan’s name into this to lend her credibility to encourage the youth to accede to her request. As for Mo Qian Yuan and Jun Wu Xie, she will bide her time to decide on their punishments.   


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