GDBBM – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: “Thank You Present (1)”

Jun Qing and Jun Xian were silently thoughtful, never had it crossed their minds that things would come to this.

At that time, Jun Wu Xie did not even step out of Lin Palace, how could she even begin to harbour such intentions?

The father and son kept Jun Wu Xie back with more questions, and only after being overwhelmed by the intricacy of her plans, did they allow her to leave.

A room was arranged for Mo Qian Yuan in the annex, and he wondered if it was intentional that it was extremely far away from Jun Wu Xie’s room!

After coming out from Jun Xian’s room, Jun Wu Xie heaved a long breath. The stench from her blood covered clothes was overpowering. The black beast who laid by the door clamoured to its feet when it saw Jun Wu Xie and rubbed itself against her.


[My mistress was so heroic today!]

“Knock it off, I’m filthy.” Jun Wu Xie wrinkled her nose as she looked down her dress and walked hurriedly towards her room.

The black beast shimmered, and transformed itself back into a tiny black cat, and hopped onto Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder.

They arrived back at her courtyard, though the bodies of the assassins had been disposed at the Imperial Palace‘s gates, the blood still covered the ground. The suffocating stench hung heavily over the courtyard and several servants were brushing and washing down the blood with water. But there was too much blood and they will not get it cleaned for awhile.

The servants bowed in greeting when they saw Jun Wu Xie, “The steward has prepared hot water for your bath. It is ready for use.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. Uncle Fu was so thoughtful, the stench from her clothes was driving her crazy.

The smell swirled around her body, bringing to mind the scene when she was reborn. Those repressed memories, came back to her as the scent of blood permeated her nostrils.

She went straight to her room, and flung the cat in the hall while she proceeded to the bath. Warm water filled the wooden bath tub, the air steamy from the heat of the water.

Jun Wu Xie undressed, her snowy white skin exposed to the chill air. Trembling slightly, she hopped quickly into the bathtub, the warm water relaxing her tense body, her pores in jubilation of comfort.

The warm water wrapped her in comfort and she relaxed as she soaked, her eyes drooping to close in sleep.

Having fallen into a deep sleep, she awoke only when the water started to lose its warmth.

The moment she opened her eyes, she froze!

A beautiful handsome face rested on the edge of the tub, the corners of his mouth just ever so slightly curled, smiling. His violet eyes staring at her.

“……………” Jun Wu Xie stared at Jun Wu Yao, not knowing when he arrived.

“I was thinking, this would be the moment, you should be screaming.” Jun Wu Yao rested his chin in his palm and playfully ran his fingers along the rim of the tub before gently rippling the water. The playful twinkle in his eyes pierced through the fog fell upon the face of Jun Wu Xie, seemingly staring at her eyebrows.

“Why are you here?” Jun Wu Xie asked, furrowing her brows, the flower petals on the water covering her.

“If not here, where should I be?” Jun Wu Yao questioned in return, laughing.

“You left earlier.” Jun Wu Xie did not see Jun Wu Yao on the way back, and has gotten used to his long periods of absence.

Jun Wu Yao smiled, his slender fingers dancing upon the warm water, “The stench of blood was too strong and I had to clean myself up. How could I allow you to see me in that state?”

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