GDBBM – Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: “This is Just the Beginning (5)”

Jun Xian took a deep breath, getting the full picture, and was amazed at the intricately laid out plans of Jun Wu Xie.

How old was she?

It was terrifying, even though this was his own granddaughter.

The little girl who kept herself holed up at home, was much more decisive, and capable than many men he knew, how deep was this girl?

Jun Wu Xie did not kill with her own hands, but her orders had caused a sea of bloodshed in the Imperial City.

Not just Jun Xian, bothe Jun Qing and Mo Qian Yuan were both shocked by Jun Wu Xie’s control of all that happened.

Mo Qian Yuan looked at Jun Wu Xie in awe, feeling a deep sense of relief.

Fortunately for him, he had been allied with Jun Wu Xie. Otherwise, he would have died under her hands sooner or later.

“You….. wanted me here, not just to hear all this, but to protect me. Am I right?” Mo Qian Yuan suddenly realised.

Jun Wu Xie just looked at him in silent consent.

“You knew, after all that happened tonight, he will be resentful. He will not dare to retaliate against the Lin Palace, but will try to get rid of me if I had remained at the Crown Prince Residence seeing that we have shown ourselves to be allied. I am now targeted and you invited me here on the pretext of discussion of future plans to protect me from him! Right?” Mo Qian Yuan persisted.

The Lin Palace had torn all bridges in their relations with the Imperial Family, and the Emperor had never shown Mo Qian Yuan any favours. Moreover, Mo Qian Yuan had been seeing Jun Wu Xie frequently, he would definitely act to rid himself of the thorn in his side.

“You are not that dumb after all.” Jun Wu Xie replied dismissively.

Mo Qian Yuan slumped further in his seat, stunned by the fact that the Emperor would have him killed without consideration and by the astute mind of Jun Wu Xie who saw all this coming before anyone did.

“Cough….. Wu Xie.” Jun Xian cleared his throat, glancing at Mo Qian Yuan awkwardly.

His granddaughter was being rather brash to the Crown Prince.

“It’s alright, she is doing it for my safety. She has become my benefactor, for without her, I would have died an ignoble death.” Mo Qian Yuan said in self mocking jest, when his biological father wanted him dead, and he was saved by an outsider, what a joke.

Jun Xian sighed. He had heard about things happening within the Imperial Family.

“It seems this was discussed before?” Jun Qing had observed Jun Wu Xie and Mo Qian Yuan quietly from the side. He had previously thought that romance was blooming between them since noticing Jun Wu Xie’s frequent trips to the Crown Prince Residence. Looking at them now, it seems he might have been mistaken.

“Yes it was. But it is happening earlier than we thought.” Jun Wu Xie replied calmly, oblivious to the funny look her uncle had in his eyes.

Instead, Mo Qian Yuan caught it. His face flushed red and he lowered his head, bashful.

Jun Qing saw the differing reactions of the two of them but brushed the matter aside for the moment in the face of the important tasks at hand.

“Wu Xie, when did you start to have these intentions?” Jun Qing did not understand how a little girl who stayed holed up at home, can even dream up such a grand scheme to change the Emperor!

“A few months ago.” Since she returned to the Lin Palace, she had toyed with the idea. Initially, it was for herself, now, it was for the whole Jun Family.

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