GDBBM – Chapter 1152

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Chapter 1152: “Mob Slap – First Form (1)”

The Prosper Country’s Chief Commander almost cracked his head thinking but he could not come up with a plausible reason why the Fire Country’s army would suddenly appear within the Qi Kingdom’s borders, and with such a huge number at that.


Another soldier rushed into the tent in a flurry!

The Chief Commander’s face was deathly pale as he asked: “What….. What is it this time…..”

“The Fire Country’s army is moving swiftly, and approaching straight towards our encampment!”

A crash sounded. The Chief Commander suddenly lost his balance from the seat and fell straight off his chair to crash heavily to the ground. His face had turned frighteningly pale as cold sweat burst out from his forehead continuously.

“What does the Fire Country want….. What do they really want! !” The Chief Commander was in a complete fluster and he wished so much that the Fire Country was only passing through this place coincidentally. But now that they were fast heading straight for their camp, it was obvious they had come for them!

“Chief Commander, do not panic! Our Prosper Country and the Fire Country have always steered clear of each other and our country has religiously offered up tributes to them for many years. Maybe….. maybe they did not come here to fight but for something else altogether. Why don’t the Chief Commander first go see what the situation is and if there is any incident or misunderstanding between us, it will be better to clear it up first to prevent anything untoward from happening.” The officer in the Commander’s tent quickly said.

The Chief Commander gulped loudly and struggled to get back on his feet. The earlier glee he had exhibited earlier had completely disappeared and his whole face was bathed in cold sweat.

“Hurry! Bring me out there to go take a look, and I hope it is just a misunderstanding.” The Chief Commander stood up falteringly and his hands started to shake.

Outside the camp, the majestically heroic looking army of a million lions could already be seen. Fluttering in the wind high above the closely packed ranks of soldiers, the Fire Country’s ensign was unfurled. There was still a distance between the two armies but the soldiers standing within the Prosper Country’s military camp could already feel the tremor in the earth under their feet!

Within the Prosper Country’s military camp, all the soldiers were watching nervously as the Fire Country’s army pushed on continuously. The Fire Country’s reputation as the mightiest country under the Heavens hung over their heads like a bank of dark ominous clouds, pressing down heavily upon them and suffocating them. Those soldiers who had been arguing on the splitting the spoils of war had gone completely quiet, and the deadly silent camp only had the sound of marching steps brought in by the wind, the rhythmic thump treading upon all their hearts.

The Prosper Country’s Chief Commander rushed in a hurry to stand at the front of the camp, as he stared at the Fire Country’s soldiers spread over the hills and plains before him, and his heart shot right up to lodge in his throat, all colour draining out from his face.

Before the battle even began, just by seeing the Fire Country’s formation of soldiers, it had already completely unnerved him. The several hundred thousand soldiers he held in his hands, were not able to inspire the slightest bit of confidence in him, and standing before the Fire Country’s armoured cavalry, he could not help himself but his knees began to shake!

Watching the Fire Country’s army coming closer and closer, the Chief Commander’s entire body shook like a leaf as he fought to quell the terror that crept into his heart. He gathered his spirit power into his throat and he opened his mouth to say: “I wonder for what reason has our esteemed guests from the Fire Country come here? We were just passing through here and if that has caused you any disturbance, I would implore for you to tell us clearly so that we are at least aware of what is happening.”

With the amplification of spirit power, the Chief Commander’s voice spread throughout the vast expanse, reverberating within the people’s ears.


The Fire Country’s army did not slow in the slightest, but continued to advance quickly towards them, without giving a word of response.

The Prosper Country’s Chief Commander waited but did not manage to get a reply and the terror in his heart quickly intensified. He could not help it but to open his mouth to ask again, and this time, his voice was tinged with traces of trembling.

“Friends from the Fire Country, can we discuss about this! ? We are the Prosper Country’s army and the Prosper Country had always deeply respected and deferred ourselves to the Fire Country, could it possibly be that there’s a misunderstanding here? I implore for the Fire Country’s army to say a word! The Prosper Country would never do anything to show the Fire Country any disrespect! If our esteemed friends need to pass through, I will immediately strike camp, to give way to you!”


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